maria duval purpose in lifeIt is common to have such thoughts in our minds. Our mind is as capricious as the wind directions. One moment you are fully pumped up ready for any challenge but the next minute, you fall flat at the first hurdle. Only the strongest can do it!

Do such list of mindless thoughts sound familiar?

  • Life has no joy to me suddenly
  • I hate my present job, but I have other no options.
  • I want to experience the thrills of having a new relationship, but I’m very afraid of being hurt again.
  • Something is missing in my life!
  • I always compare myself to others.
  • I feel bad when I see others being more successful than I am.
  • I don’t know what to look for, although I know I lack something.
  • I’m not happy although I seem to have everything.

I guess that is just the mental weakness of the modern world. We are faced with so many stuff to go for and so many luxuries to pursue that we feel we are less accomplished than others when we can’t seem to reach these luxuries as compared to some “better” people. Not being happy and satisfied can cause stress and depression. If you know you need to do something about it, this is the time to slow down and review your life objectives again.


I have heard people blaming parents, environment, God and anything for their lack of successes. They will lament, “I just do not have any talents to achieve anything!” It saddens me when I hear that, isn’t it? A perfectly healthy guy having that down-trodden self-defeating attitude is the worse ever mental obstacle one can have and is one that can only be helped by oneself.

natural talentsThe point I trying to make here is that each one of us is blessed with some special natural talents; everyone is blessed, unless the person is seriously unfortunate with some birth defects. 😦 These natural gifts are what God has blessed you with and these gifts can be our life purposes that would help in fulfilling our beliefs about ourselves.

Some of these gifts could be: musical talents, athletic ability, ability with numbers, sense of humour, taste buds, artistic abilities, great voice, linguistics, mental agilities etc …… I say again, all perfectly normal human beings have a special gift. So if you think you do not have it, think of the times when you achieve something rewarding that a classmate or friend praised you, no matter how small incident could be. You can discover something hidden in you from that point.

For example, most of them said I was not humorous enough, but I think of an incident in college where a close buddy of me actually recommended me to the teacher for a stage play character that required a natural sense of humor! That incident make me sure I have the natural humor in me! In the end, I did not get selected, but that’s not the point.

Yet, during our growing up years and then the stresses of building our new lives and future, we seem to have lost touch of these abilities.

Let me rephrase …. these talents or special gifts are actually your signature in other people’s lives. These talents have made you unique. They give people some impressions about you. Most people remember us what what we did, or do. They do not really recognise us physically, but they recognise our talents.

Check yourself today. Take time to think about your talents or gifts.

maria duval says we need to live a life of purposePurpose. This is a word that makes people sit down and think when you see it printed in some motivational posters or books. Individually, each of us lives with many sets of purposes in one’s mind. The most common purpose is of course we need to survive each day and that is the main purpose of living at the most basic level. But in order to improve quality of life, we need to set ourselves more precise purposes.

Those who live thinking they do not have have a purpose in life really have to look into their lives intently and ask serious questions about themselves. Beyond the main purpose of living through each day, many people do waste their precious times without a real purpose. Somehow, I’m guilty of this too. So, is there something to look forward to today?

Each of us have some talents. It is up to us to make full use of them and bring us further up. Obstacles come and go in life too and too often we aren’t strong enough to recover fully after facing some obstacles. But our talents, and Soul are always with us, no matter what’s the situation, so ask your Soul for guidance and direction each time you are down and losing your purpose in life. Your talents will then take you from there. I believe this is what separating the strongs and the weaks.

Maria Duval says rightfully we should search our hearts and find our passion and purpose in life. Together with positive attitude and spiritual guidance, we will achieve something successful in life. It’s just that desire and ignite that spark.

Having a strong purpose is a compelling reason that creates an urgency in you that separates you from the rest. Purpose also allows you to live with a sense of passion! You will be truly alive!

Be renewed! Have new purposes to live!

I am a person who firmly believes that skills we have are acquired through learning and practising, not born. It has always been my belief who I started to work.

maria duval learning

I remember a course in which a few of our friends signed up for that. Yeah, it was a beginner’s course to web design just last year. We were so enthusiastic about it and we paid the money for the 5 day course. However, at the actual day, only 2 of us turned up. One of them said her daughter was sicked, one of them said she wanted to pull out as she has “lost interest” but will try to “ask for refund”. The last one said her schedule was not convenient somehow. She was the richest among all so losing a bit of money was not a problem.

The two of us were flabbergasted but that was not the point. Of course I was proud to say I went through the course successfully and I felt that was the money very well-spent and I learned a lot.

So I believe you have good examples of people giving up even before it started. There are just too many examples. So what do you think of it?

My mom is an excellent cook, and she has that never stop learning attitude. Even today, at age 68, she’s still learning new recipes and improvising. She even has a wish, to publish her own cookbook!

There is never an end to all one can do ………

Start living again

My ex boss used to tell us “forgive them who wronged you, but forget not what they did!” It was his verbal signature tune. Being young that time, I was quite sold to this constant form of reminder which was repeated at least 3 times during the fortnightly sales meetings. I spent 4 years in that company and that message got so strong into my head unconsciously that I couldn’t even be sure when I started practising that as well.

Somehow, I will superficially agree to understand and forgive people who offended me or made me very angry but deep inside, I once harbored insidious thought to get over them one day till the day I am not around. That was a difficult feeling I can tell you. I felt burdened like carrying a haversack with me all the time. It tired me easily.

Later on I began to totally understand. Maria Duval reinforces this idea to me through her teachings. To forgive means to 100% totally agree to wipe out the wrongs that person has done to you from your mind. In short, erase from your memory what the unhappy thing a person could have inflicted on you. It is not easy! I can tell you that. Not everyone can have that stomach to forgive. That is why Maria Duval says forgiveness is such a noble and out-of-this-world virtue a human can exhibit.

It is very difficult for anyone to admit that they have forgotten. But that is the sweetest revenge! Imagine the person’s face when he/she is told that you have forgotten what happened in the past, all his/her effort was wasted for nothing!!

These days, I practice forgiving and forgetting the past. I learn to forget the events and eventually the people as well. So, now I live as happily as I want.

Don’t be angry if I don’t recognize you one day!

Happy Easter!

March 21, 2008

Today is Easter. Besides its religious background, Easter to me is also a day for own reflection and a milestone check on whether I am on track with my new year resolutions. Luckily I am a quite self-motivated and I managed to achieve what i set out to do which are to learn more about blogging and to control my weight. Pretty simple resolutions I should say.

Happy EasterI do not like chocolate a lot so that makes me quite a rarity because most women like it a lot. However, I do eat more than normal during the Easter as I like to buy some to give it to my mom and for myself. I’m a person very much into the traditions and I like the feel of Easter right in my life. So I went to the supermarkets to find those dark organic chocolate and Easter eggs. The up side is that dark chocolate, with a high cocoa content, is healthy for you, but the downside is that all chocolate is high in calories so should be eaten in moderation.

By the way, just to mumble a bit more, chocolate contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E, pantothenic acid, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese. It also contains polyphenols with antioxidant properties. It also contains moderate amount of caffeine.

The one reason people love chocolate is not only for its wonderful taste but because it releases endorphins in the brain, which give a wonderful feeling of well being. The theobromine content in chocolate is a very mild stimulant with a mild diuretic action.

Well, so much for choco info. It is good but I’m not into choco seriously. I don’t need it to power up my life.

Happy Easter everyone.

maria duval golfWow, this one is interesting. I actually receive a message from a very ecstatic golfer Avery M. about Maria Duval’s talisman blessing him that day in the golf course and he hit an unforgettable hole-in-one! I’m not a golfer nor do I ever swing a club before but I can truly understand the feeling of hitting a hole-in-one. Its like striking the big prize in a lottery.

In answer to your request, I, Avery M. played golf at Meadowbrook Country Club. On January 17, I had a hole in one. The 5th hole at Meadowbrook Country Club, is a 3 par, 130 yards. I used a 7 wood. I belong to the ‘‘Hole in One’’ club and 130 members each paid me $5.00 in trade at The Golf Shop, total $650.00. I always keep my Talismans with me.