There can be another way…

September 29, 2008

It can be another way.

I don’t think you came into this world to work day and night for small wages, to suffer ill health, and to be lonely. I don’t think you came here to lose, over and over again.

I think you came here because you have a dream.

And this dream represents the best version of you.

All around you are people fulfilling their dreams, but their numbers are small. It’s hard to meet them and draw inspiration from them.

Instead you are surrounded by those who do not have time for dreams and who are silent about what is buried in their hearts. They are afraid to speak and to know themselves.

And yet somehow-you know it can be another way.

Listen, here is what you must do.

First, you must craft a vision. It is your template for success.

Then you must educate yourself and learn what the new thing requires of you. You must study and practice in the still, small hours of the morning. You must persist past your own self-doubts and fatigue.

And this vision has to be planted upon the ground of your old reality, for the world will not move aside while you struggle to create anew.

You have to take your subconscious mind aside as you whisper to it the new version of you. It will resist. It likes the old. It likes the familiar. But if you persist, the inertia, the procrastination, the sudden, low moods with which it guards the old paradigm will begin to weaken and your messages of hope will take root in fertile soil.

Slowly, imperceptibly, things will change. Each day as you invent yourself anew while laboring with the old, you will move forward.

And one day, despite the outer and inner critics, you will prevail.

You will look upon riches and a life of ease, robust health, and an enduring relationship based on mutual affection and respect. You will do work that helps the world. You will act in a way that is pleasing to your soul.

Create a vision. Hold on to it. Study and practice. Overcome your hesitations. Things will change.

It can be another way.


All of us have needs and wants. The funny thing is that they arise no matter how hard you try to be self-sufficient. Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball when you least expect it.

While you may ask, you may not always receive-even if you really need it and the other person has the power to give it to you without much personal loss.

However, there are two simple ways to receive what you want in life when you need it.

One way is to ask within, “ask and ye shall receive.” What you want will simply show up in your life.

The other way is to give freely and generously when you can.

Once you become a giver than your receiving is on autopilot. When you need something, it will show up in your life.

Here is an amusing anecdote. A friend of mine once gave shelter to a stray cat. Years later, he had room-mate problems and needed to find a place to stay. A friend gave him shelter in her home until he could sort out his affairs.

When you give, you set in motion the process of receiving. And when you give with love, simply because your heart is open, the receiving comes back multiplied, pressed over, and overflowing.

As another friend once said to me, “You can’t out give the universe.”

Sometimes, it may seem that neither of these ways of receiving work.

When this happens, the solution is to go within and remove the resistance. Simply sit down and ask, “Wherein am I resisting abundance?”

Hold the question in consciousness and an answer will appear. At some point, you chose the belief that you are not open to receiving. Once the thought emerges, make a new decision. “I now choose to receive. I am open to receiving.”

Once you have cleared the subconscious block, you have also cleared the way for your abundance to come to you.

The universe is always giving. It is, in fact, an abundant universe.

If you are not receiving, it is either because you are not aware of the two cosmic laws I have outlined or because you have a subconscious error that needs to be corrected.

In summary, then: Ask within and be open to receiving. Give generously and be open to receiving. And, if you’re not receiving, go within and remove those limiting thoughts that cause you to be living in lack.

The flow of life is based on giving and receiving, step into the flow by keeping your consciousness open to both ends.

All about NOW

September 26, 2008

This is the oneness that is common to all human beings. It is the infinite unity beneath the surface of phenomena. You realize your intimate relationship with everything.

Something resides within us, an expansive loveliness, a growing lovingness, an indispensable sense of what is happening now.

Things change in our lives. We see phenomena pass before us and it appears to change us. But beneath it all is a constancy of consciousness.

From this quantum field, consciousness encounters the fullness of life. This timeless factor, this being, knows only the now. Past and future are fictions, blips of memory, but underneath it all is the continuum of the now.

Everything happens to this fundamental sense of identity. Despite the shifting matrix in your life, you remain yourself, and you remain the timeless observer.

This subtle observer is silent, never speaking, yet unbelievably alive.

This core of who you are has been called many names: consciousness, the field of infinite potentiality, the quantum dimension, the self, the soul, or your being.

This energy of precious awareness stays within you before and after your experience of being in a body and thinking about the world through the mind.

Mentally, we divide the now into past and future, but the only factor in which consciousness happens is now. Without now, nothing else exists.

What holds the now in place is you. While the mind flits here and there, mapping out phenomena, the vast power of consciousness holds everything together, and makes everything coherent.

The one factor that remains constant in your life is the present moment. And it is held by the field of consciousness. All phenomena arise from now in consciousness, and it’s you in your deepest sense.

What is the meaning of “charismatic”?

It means having a lot of presence and energy that exuded naturally from the person. A charismatic person immediately attracts audience attention the moment he or she walks up to the stage. Why is that so?

According to the universal law, for every action, there’s an equally opposite reaction. Anything can be an action, be it word, thought, or feeling. Our own energy comes together in these actions. The stronger the energies, the strong the reaction will be. So the more we give, the more is returned to us.

Maria Duval puts it that people with high energy will attract more opportunities to themselves than people with low energy. Hence high energy people are usually more successful…just think of your company’s boss. Do they take life for granted or being a couch potato most of the time? No, right? They put things to work as ideas come and they are perpetually in motion.

People that possess a lot of energy don’t wait for success to come to them; they pursue it with perseverance, determination and fortitude. They decide what they want and go after it; they don’t settle for what comes to them.

Maria Duval also rightly suggests we should give ourselves something to look forward to in order to maintain that fresh and uplifting energy each day. Be it solving a challenging work issue, planning a party for your kid, setting up a new garden, or planning for the next holiday trip. These are all positive influences which give us right impetus to look forward to. To keep that energy level flowing at high levels, we need to look forward to something.

Once you are constantly having to look forward to something and not appearing bored or soulless, you will naturally emit that x-factor called charisma. You will notice the difference around you.

Imagine how you feel when you first child is arriving, or you just make $5,000 in a business dealing. How will you feel? So to live life fully we should find ways of bringing more energy into your life if you want to have more energy, feel happier and be more successful.

That’s life suppose to be like, isn’t it?

We hear a lot about abundance and prosperity these days. We’re all talking about it, reading and watching movies on the subjects.

Abundance is great plenty, wealth, large supply. Prosperity comes from prosper.. to cause to succeed

Your life experience is whatever you are focused on, how you see and believe the world to be is how it appears to you. If you are Abundance and Prosperity minded you are partnered with the Universe to receive good all the time. If you are poverty and struggle minded you are partnered with the Universe to experience lack and hard times.

You are the key to what you are experiencing. It is not being done to you against your will, but totally in line with your beliefs, expectations, thoughts, words and feelings.

Abraham says, “there is only a stream of well being”. You decide whether or not to flow with this stream or like the salmon, to go against it. Being aware of the stream and going with it brings ease, certainty, peace and joy. Swimming against the stream is filled with doubt, hard work, lack, fear and stress.

Stop for just a moment and look around you at the evidence of abundance that surrounds you. You notice that there are more than enough trees, flowers, sky, sand, air, water. Nature is all about abundance and well being.

The principles of law of attraction, the abundance principle, works to bring into your life more of what you are focused on. Like a magnet attracting similar thoughts, feelings and experiences, your thoughts, words, feelings and actions bring more of the same energy into your life. The Law of Attraction doesn’t question what you are focused on, asking whether or not you really mean it, it just works, all the time, every time to deliver more of what you are asking for.

It’s about the energy of your feelings and beliefs. The stronger the energy, the feeling, the faster it appears in your life. This is why things feared often show up almost at once and why children excited about a new toy who are totally in line with receiving get it so fast.

Doing what is right is not always going to be the easiest thing to do. For the majority of events in our lives I believe we will find that doing what is right is usually the more difficult route to take. Most relationships require a type of honesty no one wants to use and most businesses require integrity rarely seen.

Is doing the right thing impossible today? Most certainly not it is the only real way to have a well developed and fulfilled life. Doing the right thing is by far the greatest single antidote for greatest illnesses, setbacks, and challenges in life. There is no better way to get the most out of life than to seize integrity in all personal dealings.

The mind is the center of the life within the human body and is responsible for controlling all health, action, thought, and dreams. What the mind requires is simple it was designed to receive programming from its surroundings and develop accordingly. However with all of the negativity in our world the mind has to be bombarded with unintended material and try to maintain a positive environment. The human mind flourishes while in a positive environment and disintegrates in a negative one.

I don’t want to talk about the power of positive thinking just the power of right thinking. Our world is so focused on greed, violence, and lust that right thinking is very difficult to do with out the right motivation. I truly believe the only way to think correctly is to connect with the eternal and step outside of the world into the unknowable. In the presence of such vastness our lives can come into focus as a miracle. It doesn’t matter what we believe spiritually at this point matter because life on Earth is a miracle, both theists and atheists must agree our very lives are a rare and beautiful thing in the Universe. We are higher than all life forms on this planet and what put us there was our gift of intelligence and our belief in something greater than ourselves.

We can question everything that is the nature of our minds. We can take action on those thoughts that is the nature of our will. It is my hope that my will would transform towards a better tomorrow, a will that is unaffected by the rampant negativity and destructive thinking so prevalent today. Imagine if all people demanded more out of themselves and refused to be half asleep while the world is in crisis. Doing what is right is never lazy, weak, greedy, violent, impatient, or a host of other descriptions it can all be summed up with one word and that is LOVE.

Find that motivation in you

September 23, 2008

Most probably you know about the meaning of motivation, or even read books in a light of becoming more motivated. In fact, motivation is not a trait you can develop fast. If you suffer long term depression, it becomes tougher to reverse the situation without seeking a mental physician. Well, that may be a rather extreme example. Yet, if you look for ways to become motivated and feel better, you will gain from the useful tips Maria Duval give you to get you on the right direction.

I think most important is that you need to know the actual reasons why there is no motivation in your life. This is a common issue for many people and nothing to be alarmed because most of us drift through our life passing day by day.

It could be cases resulted from friendship, money, family, your job or health. For one thing, people hoping to lose their weight fail to stick with a routine. They are not motivated, because they find the goal very difficult to archive. And soon they give up their diet plans and the weight is back to previous level. For such case, it is essential to put focus on a more feasible, short term goal where the target is easily achievable. Health is anyway one of the possible factors.

A good real life example is that a friend of mine who bought in earlier of the year a wii game called Wii Fit with the intention of exercising and slimming with fun. For the first month, she was diligently sticking to the exercise regime. Recently, I ask her how she has been doing on the high tech slimming game. She told me she has not touched that wii board for more than 4 months, and she wonders if she will ever touch that again. Clearly this is a case of lacking self motivation. And a classic case of having a high spirit that lasts less than one hour.

Definitely, there are external circumstances which stop you from achieving your goal. But it doesn’t have to imply negative thoughts or feelings. Try to think positively about things around you. Associate your situation with people of the same genre, and exchange your ideas with them. It is important not to face the situation alone. In daily life, avoid overwhelming your life with multiple tasks. Take your time and focus on one thing only. Break large projects into small chunks. When you get results with small tasks, your motivation will build gradually.

Short term goals are helpful to fill your life with a purpose. Set up one goal each day and focus on it. Life will become much easier to move on.