We face some dilemmas at some stage of their lives. No matter whether you are working adult, a carefree teenager or a growing child. You are constantly finding yourself having a make a decision which you think at that stage of your life could be the defining moment of your future.

For example, as a teenager, you need to decide which college faculty you wish to get into, or what science project you need to submit in your final university year in order to get a top grade. Or if you are an adult, would he or she be the one that I wish to marry?

Everyday we are faced with questions. Who can we turn to in our solace? Probably you say God if you are a religious person. But God has also given us a powerful instrument called Subconscious Mind that can help us to navigate the course of our life if we know how to look at its compass.

Consult your subconscious in your every challenge, or if you have to make a really tough decision and you have no idea what it will turn out. I learn from Maria Duval most people decide using human logics which probably base more on experience and rational explanation. While this is possibly true in certain extend, I’ll prefer to advise people to learn how to use your personal guidance as it is always there to help and guide you, without any grumbling or annoyance.

As an example, you have two really good guys to choose from but you can only decide on one (don’t suggest two-timing, LOL), ask your personal companion – your subconscious – for help. Ask it this way, “Infinite wisdom of my subconscious mind, I ask for your help in deciding which guy shall be the one who I shall choose to marry and I ask for your help and guidance in making a decision that is best for me.”

Next you would have to LISTEN attentively for its answers. Close your eyes in a quiet place and relax, and be calm to any mental prompts that come your way. Sometimes the answer would be there so fast, and that’s normal too as the answer could come in a form of a sign or action.

And I assure you that answer will come, it has happened to me, and I’m delighted to have listen to its advice. Your subconscious could tell you next day or next week and you need to be attentive to pick up its message. If you miss it, take it on the chin and ask again, do it until you receive the answer. Your subconscious is a patient servant, and it won’t be annoyed at you for repeated questions!


Affirm in a positive tone

August 24, 2007

Reading through Maria Duval’s books, I realize that if you are making affirmations for your subconscious mind, one thing to note for you is that please affirm it in a positive tone, meaning do not say “I don’t want to drink anymore”, even though your intention is truly wanting to quit drinking. This is negative. Say it positively like “I WANT to be free from alcohols and I want my body to be healthy!” This is positive affirmation at work. Also in your daily conversation, do not use common negative phrases like “not bad”, “I don’t think so”, “It’s not uncommon”, and etc….

Besides this, its paramount to tune yourself to the light of the positive mental thoughts by saying “I’ll be lucky”, “I’m getting more wealthy”, “I’ll get a table at a restaurant”, “I’ll find a seat at the subway”, or “Things are always working out for me smoothly”. Just so not say “I’m probably unlucky”, “I’m a born loser”, which really harms you greatly subconsciously and spiritually. Yet that’s the way most people think!

Right, I shall write about a simple way to exercise your subconscious mind from what I learn from Maria Duval.

Let say you want to wake up early at 6am in the next morning and you do not wish to use an alarm clock for that. But you have that super tool in your – your SUBCONSCIOUS – to help you. Just before you go to sleep, affirm yourself very strongly and determinedly that you wish to wake up at 6am. So affirm this message to your subconscious, “I want to wake up at 6am for a early morning meeting with friends”. At the same time, paint a vivid picture of your alarm clock showing 6am. Once you affirm it, I can assure you will get up in time.

From this simple exercise, one can tell that using your subconscious is all about making vivid lifelike impressions through creative visualization – another topic discuss many times by Maria Duval. What you wish to attain you got to paint it well with a personal affirmation message and repeat it various times per day, preferably in the morning when you just wake up or just before you sleep. Make sure you mean what you say when you repeat the message or else it could defeat the purpose.

Our Powerful Tool

August 20, 2007

What is the most powerful tool ever in our possession? Is it that latest duo core computer? The latest speedster to roll off the production line? Or, the intricate equipment that can measure the subatomic particles?

NO! Not at all. Everyone sane human has a powerful tool! It’s just that you probably have not realized that. That tool is your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND! It can dictate how your life will be – whether you make it successful in life or remain anonymous as per the majority of the people.

Your subconscious mind has the answers you are looking for and the crutch is you need to know how to use its power. Most people don’t and the minority who knows can have a life of harmony, wealth, health, joy and abundance!

Why only minority knows about it?

As in the case of only 5% of the world population is rich, you were probably not taught how to use your subconscious mind if you were in the 95% majority. However, as long as we are alive, we should actively learn how to use its power as it’s always never too late to change your life.

Staying motivated…

August 19, 2007

I understand it needs a lot of self discipline if you want to stay motivated. We are emotional creatures that are easily affected by events happening around us. When the event you feel is against you, you feel your spirits crumbling down like a deck of card. When you experience something elated or against your expectation, you can leap from the mire of depression to the top of your own whole.

Just like one of my good friends who was expecting to pass the last paper of her exam and she was so confident and happy. But when she got the result, she felt like the world was against her and she even nearly fainted as what I heard. She cried and cried for some hours and now she is slowly recovering from her exam anguish. Maybe she needs to look into where she went wrong but now, she needs to stay motivated for her retake and not giving up.

If you want to stay motivated and get that elusive dream, probably you need to change what is your current way of doing it. A couple of failures is a clear sign that you need to change the system.

Once you do it the right way, your motivation really builds itself when you get some momentum. Perhaps there should be a to-do list that records what you are supposed to accompllish? When you’ve finished an item, put a line through it.

Keep all of the paper you’ve written to-dos on (preferably the same size-easier to catalog) This way, after a week you’ll see all of the things you’ve done to increase your profits, build your business etc… that will give you momentum.

If you try to go at this thing with your arms wide open and your eyes to the sky – you’re going to run into a wall. Take it one step at a time.

Some advice I read today… “You’ve got to have a clearly definded goal.” Make the goal, and don’t do anything that doesn’t bring you closer to it. If the goal is… “make more money” then you need to break it down further.

Then find a guru or method you have a fondness for… and buckle down. That’s it. And at that point, you’ll be so happy you made a breakthrough you may just be inclined to improve your efforts on that same method.

Hope all of your are feeling great as ever.

Recently, I have been chatting rather seriously with a couple of friends about human mentality and we came to the same conclusion that there is a general mentality among many of us here who dream being making it one day to be successful and rich, but in the end, nearly all of them are unable to achieve what they wish.

What’s really going on?

I myself have been in such conundrum before. I can perfectly understand the anguish of such state of mind and existence.

Exploring more, the idea of that we can be successful and rich is through the “chance”.

What do I mean exactly?

Have you been hoping from one opportunity to another opportunity, or changing from job to job hoping to strike the Holy Grail of your life? That is the meaning of chance. People attended seminar to seminar, buying one self-improvement book to another. And they say, this is going to be the ONE that changes my life FINALLY! Sadly, nothing has changed.

I regard this as positive actions that people want to eradicate their less than satisfactory level of life at the current moment, be it in health, prosperity or relationships. But the problem is that most people once having engaged gear one, they fail to take advantage of the gaining momentum to shift to gear two or more.

After the purchase of the “magic products”, they literally bring a grinding stop to their plans. They fail to learn or pick up right knowledge from their “magic products”, and they simply despair or move to the next one, hoping for the big CHANCE.

That is why there are so many failures around. Failures due to one’s inability to sustain the right momentum. Many times these bitter folk will harass the author, or seller of the system, yet they refuse to even read or apply it.

There is no lottery to win in the self improvement market. It literally takes a change inside akin to a spiritual conversion. It takes work, hard unrelenting, and sometimes painful work to succeed in your goals. For me personally, I learn it the hard way. I learn from the useful information in the books and services I purchase. I take my own responsibility and give credit to the authors where they are due.

I know I’m not in the best position to tell all these. I write what I know of and feel that most success is achieved through small incremental and purposeful changes in habit and the creation of new beneficial habits. Successes do not come by chance nor will they come once you pay for the “magic products”. Successes come from the change of the natural person inside.

You can read “Think and Grow Rich” 1000 times but if you are not going to apply what inside there, it is just as useless as running a marathon in a hot summer day. So if you are in this class of “self-hoping” people, before you are going to buy the next piece of magic, think hard do you really need it.

I guess the common answer would be a big “NO”.