Live a fruitful life

October 7, 2009

Life can be stagnant and boring at times. Energy could be low and life may seem listless.

Don’t you envy some people’s rich and colorful life? Compared to you, they seem to get better returns as they explore new activities, travel to exotic countries for holiday or trying out the new bar in town.

That’s right. I guess things won’t happen on its own. You as the master of your destiny needs to make it change. One has to make their life change by doing something to sort it out and put it more in line with what they really want. Maria Duval tells me it is never too late for me to expand my knowledge and experiences.

A friend of mine who is happily married for around 5 years and is now a stay home mom to take care of her 3 year old kid recently told me that she is not happy at all, despite what people perceive her to be.

There is nothing wrong with looking after the home and children, but the mind and what one wants out of life cannot be ignored forever. A time will ultimately come when she will decide how she wants more out of life.
Maria says it is important for all in this situation to remember that it is never too late to live one’s life.


One Response to “Live a fruitful life”

  1. jerry trujillo Says:

    change is a big part of life , one must make changes or life will make changes for knows when ones had enough

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