Live a life of passion and purpose

March 26, 2008

maria duval says we need to live a life of purposePurpose. This is a word that makes people sit down and think when you see it printed in some motivational posters or books. Individually, each of us lives with many sets of purposes in one’s mind. The most common purpose is of course we need to survive each day and that is the main purpose of living at the most basic level. But in order to improve quality of life, we need to set ourselves more precise purposes.

Those who live thinking they do not have have a purpose in life really have to look into their lives intently and ask serious questions about themselves. Beyond the main purpose of living through each day, many people do waste their precious times without a real purpose. Somehow, I’m guilty of this too. So, is there something to look forward to today?

Each of us have some talents. It is up to us to make full use of them and bring us further up. Obstacles come and go in life too and too often we aren’t strong enough to recover fully after facing some obstacles. But our talents, and Soul are always with us, no matter what’s the situation, so ask your Soul for guidance and direction each time you are down and losing your purpose in life. Your talents will then take you from there. I believe this is what separating the strongs and the weaks.

Maria Duval says rightfully we should search our hearts and find our passion and purpose in life. Together with positive attitude and spiritual guidance, we will achieve something successful in life. It’s just that desire and ignite that spark.

Having a strong purpose is a compelling reason that creates an urgency in you that separates you from the rest. Purpose also allows you to live with a sense of passion! You will be truly alive!

Be renewed! Have new purposes to live!


One Response to “Live a life of passion and purpose”

  1. cassidy Says:

    There’s a website you should definitely check out, its called The One Question ( Its just about this – finding purpose in life and has a free life purpose test too.

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