Going Beyond The Normal

January 23, 2009

We often hear stories of people who believe that they are being haunted or tormented by spirits, ghosts, demons or other elements of the beyond. A large number of people believe in ghosts, and generally they agree that ghosts are spirits or souls of deceased persons.

Our every day mundane activities are considered normal. We use the five accepted senses (sight, taste, touch, hear and smell) to interact with our environment. Everything is find if nothing unusual happens, but we seem to have problems when something occurs that does not fit into what we believe is normal. Paranormal is an umbrella term used to describe happenings or events that do not occur within the realm of the five senses.

Most of us do not recognize a sixth sense, but many people believe that the human mind has the power to go beyond the realm of normal. Such abilities as telepathy, psycho kinesis and precognition are thought to be within the possibilities of each of us. In ancient times, the power of prophecy was considered normal, but people no longer believe that it happens to regular people. For whatever reason in modern times, prophecy has been added to the list of beyond the realm of normal. I do not know if it is fear or that the Clergy has simply convinced the public that God only talks to them. I do know that a large number of religious people have been taught to believe that they should fear God. Also, the Clergy are the only people that you hear about God talking to.

By definition, paranormal phenomena exist outside of what we consider normal. Paranormal research attempts to establish scientifically that the abilities mentioned above are actual capabilities of the human mind. Of course, they also study the weird occurrences in life (haunted houses, ghosts, communication with the dead…), but I personally have only been interested in the mind’s ability to go beyond the range of normal. I do not know if the people who try to debunk or disprove paranormal phenomena also consider themselves paranormal investigators, but obviously there are people working on both sides of the issues. Is either side winning? It may be too soon to tell, but I personally hope the side trying to prove that “we are only using one tenth of our brain” are correct. I think it would be pretty cool to easily take our mind beyond the normal.

Herman Wheeler

About the Author

Herman was educated in the field of psychology and has had a long time interest in things of a spiritual nature. Recently, his focus has been on the study of manifesting abundance through use of the laws of attraction. To learn more about the “laws of metaphysics” visit: http://www.spiritualmoneymaker.com


My first encounter with Tarot Cards was at a local fair. I was amazed, when I sat down with this reader and she dealt the cards, what she was able to reveal to me about my life.Not only what she told me, but the accuracy of the reading. I became instantly intrigued with how she was able to tell me so much accurate information about myself and was determined to find out the meaning of Tarot cards and the history surrounding them.

Tarot Cards will always tell you what you need to know. They are a great way to obtain advice and guidance in different areas of your life.They are unique and each shuffling of the cards will relate to you and only you.

Where did Tarot Cards originate?

It is believed that Tarot Cards originated in Italy in the 14th Century. They are comprised of a group of symbols. A deck of Tarot Cards is a collection of 78 images. Twenty two of these images are the Major Arcana while the remaining 56 are the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits each with fourteen cards. Arcana means secrets or mysteries. The early symbolism was deeply rooted in Medieval Europe. Numbering and titles were not used on the early tarot cards but has evolved over time.

Tarot Cards are a tool. The true power of the tarot is the reader who interprets what these images mean. They are an intermediary between the conscious and unconcious mind.

The early Tarot cards were used for a variety of purposes. They are sometimes used as an aid to meditation. Also they were a card game. This card game is similar to Whist. It is believed that the original Tarot Cards were conceived from the card game Tarochi. Since the 1700’s though Tarot Cards have mainly been used to let you know what is happening in your life and the path your life is taking.

There is nothing sinister in Tarot Cards.

Remember, though, that the reading of tarot cards is only as good as the reader. It is vitally important that the reader has a very good understanding of the meanings of the various cards. If the reader is not proficient in this then the reading will be flawed. This is the main cause of poor and incorrect readings.

It is not intended to delve into the meanings of individual cards in the Tarot Deck in this article but to give you a small insight into the history surrounding the development of Tarot Cards.

For a more detailed analysis of the meanings please ckeck out our Bio Box.

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Animal sixth sense at work

January 18, 2009

Do you think pets especially those who are warm to our hearts like dogs and cats really do have an extra set of sensational and psychic senses?

I wrote this because there are many reports from pet owners about an uncanny and often times ineffable connection with their pets that seemingly transcends the simple and obvious love that is obviously apparent. This connection is nearing the psychic spectrum!

For example, most pet owners will acknowledge that when it comes to a favorite activity, your dog will actually “sense” something special is about to happen, even when you offer no outward sign that this is upcoming.

Can your dog differentiate between you getting ready to go to work, rather than preparing for a walk with him? And how about the dogs, and cats I may add, that sense death? Sometime last year, there was a buzzing press report about a death cat that could sense death in a hospital with visit the room of someone whose death was near until the person went away!

How about animals like elephants, horse, cows, goats and birds that can foretell the coming of an enormous earthquake or volcanic eruption, or even tsunamis, while their human counterparts were blissfully unaware of what was upcoming, until disasters struck.

Finally, there are many interesting studies being conducted on pet owners, and dogs are actually filmed while owners are at work. The interesting things happen when the owners are on the way home, the dogs start to show strange and frantic behaviors. And this is time independent, meaning owners would deliberately come home at any time.

So from now on, maybe you can let your pet pick the winning lottery numbers!?

Wealth obeys some rules

January 16, 2009

Have you ever wondered why some people live in comfort and luxury while many others are staying in grave and depressing existence?

In fact, if these people don’t have a pleasant life it is because they are not aware of these principles and mostly how to put them into practice in order to transform them into tangible riches.

From Maria Duval’s teachings, I understand that wealth does obey some rules if you wish to be favored by the Universe.

The point is, do you think you really love money? Do you want money to love you?

Some people think that morally this is not right to love money. I beg to say, this is not equivalent to greedy.
Lots of people lack money because they bear a grudge to grind against money in general and also against those who, in their view, are too wealthy. Maria Duval says this is a mistake which you cannot make. It’s like asking your loved one to leave you and then complain then you are lonely later on. Once you do that, your loved one will never return, won’t it?

So, one thing is for sure, there is not such thing as dirty money but rather, the wicked minds who handle it and dirty it.

From now on, look at money with respect and love 🙂

What is the single most important thing that brings success. From I Know , success is a combination and integration of multiple things. But , what the key that triggers all other things?

Success comes from belief and belief is the mother of expectation. Even notice how some people consistently run into roadblocks, barriers and walls? These people will go on about how all the opportunities are gone and how the world is so unfair and how the government should level the playing field and on and on and on…

Then there are people who consistently go out and simply get things done. For the most part, they’re positive and don’t dwell on failure because to them, there is no failure, only learning.

Both of these types harvest results according to their expectations, beliefs and attitudes. And it all begins with their thinking.

Some would say that we’re wired a certain way and that we can’t change who we are. And that simply isn’t accurate. It’s true that if a person comes from a positive and nurturing environment it’s probably easier to be positive in his or her daily activities and reap the benefits of their positive attitude. But what about those who came from dysfunctional environments? Do they even have a chance? Of course.

But first they must recognize that their thoughts create their reality. Then they must want to change that reality. Finally, they must take action to change it.

They might start with their self talk. People who are successful engage themselves in positive dialog most of the time. People who manage to find little more than obstacles in life, either consciously or unconsciously, are consistently telling themselves, in a number of non-nurturing ways, I can’t, it won’t, it never will, etc.

The key to change is to recognize these patterns and immediately stop the pattern once recognized. Some wear a loose rubber band around one wrist. When they notice a non-productive thought, they snap the band to the underside of the wrist (where is really smarts) and interrupt the thought. This helps to break the pattern. After a while the brain realizes that non-productive thoughts are uncomfortable. Easy, huh?

But that’s not enough. Stopping the non-productive thinking is only half the challenge. They then have to fill the void where the untoward thoughts once lived. This is where they can repeat a positive affirmation. A good start would be to simply say, “I am worthy, I am successful, I am love, I am abundance.” These are all good starts.

Balancing on a tightrope

January 12, 2009

Feel like tightrope
The feeling of spirituality is surreal. It feels like dashing to and from two separate worlds. We become ungrounded and loose touch with the physical side of life. When our spiritual mission becomes clear, it is even truer.

I feel that trying to learn how to breathe and how to walk between these two ends of experiences until they combine is quite a tedious act of balance. It’s simple to select and gets confused in the new experience because it feels so nice and right. Regular aspects in the physical world seem less important and get set aside, many times incomplete.

This tightrope doesn’t have the same thinness as the rope we think of in the circus. A spiritual path is actually on the ground and wider even though it feels like walking on air at times. If you step to one side, you engulf yourself totally in the awe of spirituality. The other, the physical world. And because of its alluring influence, it is easy to understand why we prefer to be there.

A little journal
In this age of blogs and websites, you may think journals are useless junkies. I do not think so. Have a little separate journal devoted strictly to people, places and things, that you love, is great to keep your mind sharp and poignant. It is your personal chest of your mind. You might be thinking, “How can I fill up a whole book?” I
shared this sentiment for years. It is easy. Just write a few lines before you sleep. You re done in five mins. It can be a twitter-like kid of journals to keep your mind imaginative when you jot that down. it
became easy. A richer life began emerging because of it over time.

I think love horoscope and romance horoscope are popular. I receive a lot of traffic searching for this term.
I guess this is because love is primitive drive for us, the emotion to find a partner to accompany us. So it’s no surprise how popular the romance horoscope has become, and we all want to know or have love no matter what’s your successes in other aspects of life. Ya, it is intriguing.

As such, I have a strong belief that astrological sign plays a part between lovers. What love horoscope does is that it will map each person’s astrological sign – including the details surrounding their birth – and compare it to their partner’s – or prospective partner’s – same information.

By now most should know that in western belief, the date of our birth is linked with one of the twelve zodiac signs. These signs are said to determine our personality. A romance horoscope pairs Zodiac signs according to compatibility. Each sign clearly will have more than one astrological match; that’s where love comes in to play.

Ye, there is a physical attraction at first. It is not depended on the zodiacs. However, it is good to go further to give prospective couples inside information regarding what personality conflicts may arise in possible relationships because i have seen great difference in personality say between a Cancer and a Sagittarius.

A fully charted romance horoscope can tell what effect their Zodiac sign will have on their romantic life by detailing their specific information and the signs with whom they will be most compatible.

Therefore, a horoscope can give you great insight into yourself. However, Maria Duval advises that such information is really only a framework, or a reference, within which real life happens. A compatible reading from love horoscope can only do more goods to the overall relation in a couple, as we are most often drawn to those people with whom we are more compatible with.