A noble act of forgiveness..

March 23, 2008

My ex boss used to tell us “forgive them who wronged you, but forget not what they did!” It was his verbal signature tune. Being young that time, I was quite sold to this constant form of reminder which was repeated at least 3 times during the fortnightly sales meetings. I spent 4 years in that company and that message got so strong into my head unconsciously that I couldn’t even be sure when I started practising that as well.

Somehow, I will superficially agree to understand and forgive people who offended me or made me very angry but deep inside, I once harbored insidious thought to get over them one day till the day I am not around. That was a difficult feeling I can tell you. I felt burdened like carrying a haversack with me all the time. It tired me easily.

Later on I began to totally understand. Maria Duval reinforces this idea to me through her teachings. To forgive means to 100% totally agree to wipe out the wrongs that person has done to you from your mind. In short, erase from your memory what the unhappy thing a person could have inflicted on you. It is not easy! I can tell you that. Not everyone can have that stomach to forgive. That is why Maria Duval says forgiveness is such a noble and out-of-this-world virtue a human can exhibit.

It is very difficult for anyone to admit that they have forgotten. But that is the sweetest revenge! Imagine the person’s face when he/she is told that you have forgotten what happened in the past, all his/her effort was wasted for nothing!!

These days, I practice forgiving and forgetting the past. I learn to forget the events and eventually the people as well. So, now I live as happily as I want.

Don’t be angry if I don’t recognize you one day!


One Response to “A noble act of forgiveness..”

  1. It definitely isn’t easy. I searched the word “forgive” on Google blogs and came up with close to 3 million hits! Yours was one of them – I don’t think I’ll be getting to all of the others!

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