Testimonies of Maria

February 8, 2010

Hi friends, it has been coming to three months since the last update. Time flies and it is now 2010. I was away and totally lost the mood to update this blog. Recently I stumbled across this blog Maria Duvalthat displays many testimonies about the goodness of Maria Duval in transforming their lives. Obviously, Maria Duval does influence a lot of people positively. I am aware of some negative publicity Maria is having all the time. I hope people who feel they are short changed can seek redress by requesting for a money back.


maria duval golfWow, this one is interesting. I actually receive a message from a very ecstatic golfer Avery M. about Maria Duval’s talisman blessing him that day in the golf course and he hit an unforgettable hole-in-one! I’m not a golfer nor do I ever swing a club before but I can truly understand the feeling of hitting a hole-in-one. Its like striking the big prize in a lottery.

In answer to your request, I, Avery M. played golf at Meadowbrook Country Club. On January 17, I had a hole in one. The 5th hole at Meadowbrook Country Club, is a 3 par, 130 yards. I used a 7 wood. I belong to the ‘‘Hole in One’’ club and 130 members each paid me $5.00 in trade at The Golf Shop, total $650.00. I always keep my Talismans with me.

A Maria Duval testimony

January 13, 2008

It is glad to see S.C. sending to me her own testimonial of how psychic Maria Duval had been in her life. It had been many months since I receive such testimonies and if you have, do inform me by dropping a comment at any blog post.

Dear Maria Duval,
maria duval testimonyThis is to let you know how the seances went. I had started to say the prayer and on the 13 of November I started feeling different, more confidence, relax, calm, more happy enjoying my work, noticing people were much friendlier. My friend Anne make me bought the book ‘‘Secret’’. It’s all about what you are telling me to be more positive and the universe will help you etc… I had read something like that before but didn’t keep up the practice but now I see what I have to do to be happy.

Anyway while I was at work I could feel this tingling in my feet & legs and felt warm inside I thought of you working your magic on me. I felt great. Too on 26 of November, I had took the day off so I could attend our seance at 14:01. That morning I had a phone call, a man calling me about my (CPP) he said I would get more money if I fill out another form and that I deserved to get the money coming to me, I was shock he said I am not suppose to tell you this, so say nothing and I will send you the right form far epen to send me. We told far awhile and I thank him. (He was angel looking up for me). I still haven’t work the past with my angels yet but soon will but one night the same day that I received the book I dream that I had two angels next to me and I ask one of them to send me lone and I remember putting my hands around his face and he kiss me on the chin – I woke-up – thinking what was that all above. I am laughing while I write this, but like you said they are there.

Another strange thing happen on November 26. (afternoon) I started getting ready for our schedule seance 14:01. Anyway I was in a deep relaxing stage when I notice that it was 13:30 I knew that I had started too early but during that time I remember seeing this dark looking man with a mustache marin who was that! So than I got ready again for your séance and notice that it was you working on me this time. Stange (Could it be that Greek guy just kidding.

Maria, I just done reading your letters they are so professional written. You seem to be a hard working woman.

I love my cross and all the other talismans I try to have them with me at all time. I won about $80 so far with tickets. But I know it will be more soon the way you are working on me.

I am going out more I love music and dancing I had toir gines & cha-cha and other dance. So I might meet the man of my life soon it’s funny but before I didn’t care if I had someone or not and now I would like to have someone, it’s more fun I love to travel so I want to share my trip with someone. It will be possible soon. Thank you so much.

P.S. I will let you know more of what’s happening.

Well done, thanks for for your testimonial, S.C! I’m sure your life will be very blessed.

Dear Maria Duval, I want to thank you for my precise guide for 2005/2006, everything you said in there was true and did happen. The “lucky charm talisman” you included worked for the first 3 months. I won $200, $300, $400, jackpot of $840, jackpot of $500, then there on several occasions of $100, $200 and $300 amounts totalling $7000 over that period. When my luck was in, I could literally feel my luck was turning for a time. Then just as you warned bad influences were interfering and I started to be dogged by these influences and still I am today. Maria Duval, as my friend, I indeed and definitely need your help to change those negatives energies, and bad luck out of my life for good. So I decided to purchase your gifts.

Maria Duval, I have done my homework according to what you have instructed. In the end, I do feel that I have more wisdom too. I am more cheerful and relaxed too, and not as nervy when talking to strangers. Overall, everything in life just seems rosier and now I aim to focus on positive areas in life rather than dwelling on the bad pasts. I know that is the way riches will come to me.

I am so thankful for all these Maria Duval. Praise the Universe and the gifts you sent to me.

May joy and peace be with every one of us all the time.