Having Faith…

September 30, 2009

Having faith is one way to make yourself feel safe with your everyday life because if you do have a good faith it only means that you trust God for bringing helpful Samaritan like Maria Duval into your life and in the end, she makes a big difference in your life.

With this matter even you encounter a problem you will just simply face it, for the reason you believe that you can resolve it together with faith, then believing that you will never be let down ultimately. You can see in this kind of situation having a good faith is one way to have a good and pleasant day.

Yes, this nation needs a lot of faith at this moment! More than ever!

Can you imagine if you do not have faith? If you do not have faith you can easily be defeated by your demons because you believe that there’s no one here to help you, which is hard to believe if you do not have a faith.

By the way, having a good faith is the reason why other people became strong even though the half of their body is dead. Faith keep holding you to be strong, so if you want to live strong and want to have good health, I guess it’s better for you to have “Faith”. Learn to trust everyone, for no one is an island, and always pray.


Live life fully

August 13, 2009

Life is a gift of God. It should be lived with complete joy and complete meaning.

The life is only given once. So a person needs to live his life according to his way. Most of the people in this world love to remain in solitude, which in one sense isn’t a good idea.

One should never live a boring life because life is not given twice. It is very precious. You should know the value of your precious life and you shouldn’t waste it by doing nothing.

You must spend your time in some sort of activity which can kill your time. This will help you to spend your boring life with some meanings.

For example, I like to go to forest to trek the rocky trails and observe the flurry of activities from our Mother Nature. To me, that’s the best way to heal myself spiritually.

So, all you have to do is keep yourself busy in some activity and you will notice that your boring life is no more boring. You can decide about what is your aim in life.

Just try to keep yourself busy in getting your goal of life. This will help you to forget your boring life and you will get an aim to fulfill. You don’t need to repeat all those activities you do in your daily life.

Try to give a change to your daily routine and you will notice a great change in your life. And slowly you will start enjoying your life. Listen to music of your choice and kill your time by watching famous movies.

Need good luck

July 6, 2009

Need some good luck, or any kind of luck! It is here right now! You just have to see it and believe it! Right now we are all still going through still a few energy changes, but we are progressing towards the new and letting go of the old!

Your luck is right here and now! Most people cannot believe this as they have to see it. Have you ever seen a child who can believe in Santa Claus and not see them? Or maybe the tooth fairy? This is believing without seeing?! And this is all it takes to bring your own luck back into your life!

I know this is hard to do but it is possible for each and every person, as there is more then enough of whatever you want in your life RIGHT NOW! Just take a look around and see what you can find! Maybe you are wanting more money but ae only seeing debt. Maybe you are wanting a better job but only see the old one you dislike.

So this is where alot of us get stuck. Now take another look aroun and see what you can find that is of abundance! It may not be what you are dreaming or hoping for but it is there. Maybe you have an abundance of food, or clothes or shoes, etc – maybe to you this isn’t abundance but think about it from another angle.

How would you feel if you only had one can of food or one outfit or one pair of shoes falling apart? So probably what you do have is abundance, but you are just overlooking it. One very easy way to have luck on your side and abundance in your life, which the majority of us already do we just can’t see it, is to have faith and give our brains a job!

The job is to look for abundance in our life! It is as easy as that. Pretty soon all you will see is abundance and nothing else and then the magic will start to happen. A simple shift of emotions! I did this with my kids once and boy did they notice abundance all day, as we made this into a game, and all day long: an abundance of grass mommy, an abundance of trees mommy, an abundacne of homes mommy, and so on! Boy were we ever happy by the end of just a few moments of this!

Can you imagine if you do this over and over again! So try it, what do you have to lose. What you are doing now is struggling and wanting and dreaming and not getting, so how hard could one simple exercise be -see how you feel after it all!! Hope you enjoy your wonderful weekend ahead of you filled with abundance!

Giving back

May 24, 2009

Do you have a lot of extra money and frankly have no ideas what and how to do with these riches? I know some people are really rich beyond means…This is a free country and everyone has the equality to make lots of riches. Life is unfair sometimes and some people may lose out in this race. That is when we need to show some compassion and lend our hands to pull them along when we are in a stronger position.

I highly recommend this kind act of giving back into the society if you can. There are really many less unfortunates around ya. Those are the people that need assistance badly. Go directly to them rather than through some charitable homes, which I am mindful of. Give out your old cellphones, old pair of jeans or gadgets which you do not need anymore. Of course, please be considerate to make sure they are still workable and in good conditions! They are not rubbish collectors!

When the media says the recession is almost over or things seem to be coming back, what are these people talking about? The recession will never be over for some of those people. They will never be whole again. Never. Save, save, save. Spend your money wisely. Don’t have any regret down the line on how you spent or wasted your money.

Maria Duval tells me to let the money flow….i feel giving out to the society is better than splurging irresponsibly.

Lasting friendship

April 22, 2009

In a person’s life time, he or she meets hundreds or even thousand of acquaintances, yet how many of them can be close pals or buddies in the end? I refer to those people who are real and true to you without putting up a front and you can be yourself when you with them.

In this fast and furious world, it can be difficult to establish and maintain truly close and intimate friendships. People are busy; people are running to and fro at a frantic pace with barely a chance to keep all their plates spinning at one time. As such, even the most infectious personality can juggle two or three two or three close friends at a time. Since truly close relationships are so rare, it cannot hurt to learn extra insights into making friendships work.

The friendship that lasts will take commitment. You must invest time and energy in the relationship. For this to happen, you must have a positive attitude when it comes to friendships.

Also, have a good spirit that will guide you to forgiving the wrongs and making things right when they are not. It is not about perfection; it is about choosing to have a friendship that is true and different from the rest.

Remember that for a friendship to last, it will have to take collective effort from friends. If you are speaking from the same page, your friends will follow suit when you set a good example, why not try true friendship and see the difference it will make in your life.

“Thought is a form of energy”, says Maria Duval.

Now, i am in the mood to share with you a good way to change your bad mood to something positive. It’s really a great way to tune your mind. The works on the Law of Attraction, which I guess you have heard of before.

This spiritual law implies that if you have a negative thought which makes you feel bad, the more you think of it and never let go, the more negative thoughts you would accumulate in your mind and soon, it will be flooded with a deluge of negativities. You will feel very downtrodden and sorry to yourself when this is happening.

For example, on the way to work on the freeway someone cuts into your lane and you get mad over it. Soon you start to think how many idiotic road users these days who never care about the other drivers. As you travel, the traffic gets slower and you realize you could be late. Now you think that the boss will not be happy, and you start to blame the state govt for not building more roads to relieve the traffic. Soon you heard a lot of blaring hones as each car tries to take advantage of the one next to him. You think the world is going crazy and why you are always so unlucky in life! And at the same time, you wonder why your wife treated you so badly last night over such a trivial issue…yeah, and soon enough, you’ll be a man in ignorant vengeance if this kind of escalating feeling is not properly curbed.

So, do you think you can change the driver’s mind when you react negatively? In fact, the only thing you have any control over and take responsibility for, is the direction of your thoughts. Yes. taking control of and changing a negative stream of bad feeling thoughts to a positive and good feeling stream of thoughts.

So maybe this is what you can do when it happens in you one day. “I can’t wait to get home tonight. My wife’s got a great evening planned with some friends coming over. What a great day – the weather is just fantastic. We had a great holiday this year, that was a wonderful hotel where we stayed. I couldn’t stop giggling to myself all morning over that comedy we watched on TV last night. The traffic is a little slow but my boss is a really great guy and will understand.”

Yeah, this is what i mean here. Give it a try.

Maria Duval says we got to show right kind of appreciation to this friend called money – yes, no matter how much or little you may have in your pocket, because through this mindset, we are doing ourselves a good as it is a kind of attitude that pulls a vibration of prosperity.

With this mindset, it will go down deep into our subconscious mind, which is then pumped up to come out with ideas that can attract us prosperity and set those into motion.

Yes it is very easy for us to feel jealous over those who are better off, we all still need to feel appreciative over what we have presently, how we finance our lives. Yes, no matter how much or how low our funds, it never seems enough–because there is always more that we need and could use. Ironically, the less we have and the more we express thankfulness and appreciativeness for what we do have, the more we begin the process of prospering.

Maria Duval says when we show appreciation, this act opens up doors of opportunity as it is a a catalyst for further financial growth. Our sense of enjoying whatever wealth we possess invites us to venture boldly into more promising enterprises. Yes i understand when we bank digits are low and we worry about life and future. This is really no good to our long term prosperity. When the subconscious is stifled, we limit our imagination and harm our own inner power we need to transform outer circumstances.

Furthermore, what we are looking for is actually a blueprint to our financial success and how to improve your circumstances. If we limit ourselves, we are actually stopping us from seeing income-producing opportunities right in front. When you focus on high amount, then you’ll actively seek out income and you’ll see things that other people miss. Your imagination will be alive with the possibility of creative thinking. Maria Duval explains that when this happens, you’ll see money for what it is–a medium of exchange–and a way for you to create new products and services that are revenue generating.

There is a big difference. Poor people spend most of their time trying to prevent losses, while rich people spend most of their time thinking of how to grow the money. The big difference in their blueprints and how they filter information is based on their depth of gratitude for what they do have.