When you look at most of the successful people everywhere from whatever country or culture, they all have a common trait. That is success does not come “by chance”. Anything that is successful originates from an idea. A seed of notion that germinates in the heart and mind of a human being.

dream and imagination

We all need a dream in life to complete our life. Without it, it is like an aimless boat in the open sea. I have been guilty of being aimless in the past so do many people out there. This means to say:

Your success
with a dream…

Ask yourself, do you have a dream in life?

It’s never too late to chase yourself a dream.

Have you ever recalled about your childhood life in which you said you wanted to be “someone extraordinary” when you grew up? Why does it that when we grow up, the passion in the belly just died down?

While we were young, we dreamed and imagined most of the times by seeing what the adults are doing and we wish to be like them or even better next time when we grow up. Somehow, this fire in the belly died down gradually as we are in the education system which focuses more on academic achievements and we are forced to “readjust” to the realities.

Hence our childhood dreams died. Only a minority will grow up and successful achieve their childhood dreams.

What clairvoyant reader and psychic Maria Duval is trying to say is that both childhood dreams and untenable constraints faced during adulthood all come from our own imagination.

If you believe that you can, you no doubt can.

If you believe you can’t, most probably you won’t achieve.

I know there carries a risk if we venture into something that is “unknown”. That is why most people are ordinary in life. However, let’s carry on dreaming our life and keep that passion burning. There has to have faith that what you do is worthwhile. Somehow you will find that right place and time to do it.


Nowadays things are going so fast that we hardly have time to pause a bit and experience anything as they are.

With the technologies converging in, personal space is going to be at a premium, that could be the reason why we like to complain so much too.

I should say, take a break and enjoy to the sound of silence where we will find answers to what we wish to now.

Intuitively we develop knowledge if we just listen to the silence.

Knowledge that is beyond the normal means of intellectual reasoning can be called intuitive knowledge and the good thing is all of us have such gift but we do not know of its existence as we are too busy.

It is why you can catch it when there is silence and it will answer what you have to ask.

In the silence of our thoughts lies the answer to every question that we have, the solution to our every perceived problem.

It a way of mind discipline and the result of it is we gain intuitive knowledge.

We should know that by doing so, you will gain peace in your hear when we have realized it we see that everything that we do, everything that we are, is flow, from one moment to the next, in a seamless sequence.

A ray of hope and attitude

December 2, 2007

Amidst the uncertain events that happen around the world, one can be forgiven to think of the future as doom and gloom. But there is still a ray of hope for each one of us and that will see us through difficult times, no matter how bad they may turn out to be.


That ray of hope is your personal attitude of life. It will guide you through thicks and thins of life. It’s a must have in order to have a successful and prosperous life. To me it’s the key that opens your mind and heart to better job performance, and an enriching career.

A positive attitude is important to your social status, your health, your work, the way you challenge obstacles, and the kind of people you attract to your life. A positive attitude will bring more positive opportunities into your life. In a world that revolves around who you know, a winning attitude can make you a star in your social network and net you the opportunity of a lifetime. It attracts successful people who share the same goals.

So what can a positive attitude get you? Positive opportunities which come from your social network, superior health, great success when challenged, and it can make you fun to be around so that more people want to be with you.

Whatever happens, be proactive and take charge of your belief and attitude. Only YOU have the power to make those changes within yourself.