Having Faith…

September 30, 2009

Having faith is one way to make yourself feel safe with your everyday life because if you do have a good faith it only means that you trust God for bringing helpful Samaritan like Maria Duval into your life and in the end, she makes a big difference in your life.

With this matter even you encounter a problem you will just simply face it, for the reason you believe that you can resolve it together with faith, then believing that you will never be let down ultimately. You can see in this kind of situation having a good faith is one way to have a good and pleasant day.

Yes, this nation needs a lot of faith at this moment! More than ever!

Can you imagine if you do not have faith? If you do not have faith you can easily be defeated by your demons because you believe that there’s no one here to help you, which is hard to believe if you do not have a faith.

By the way, having a good faith is the reason why other people became strong even though the half of their body is dead. Faith keep holding you to be strong, so if you want to live strong and want to have good health, I guess it’s better for you to have “Faith”. Learn to trust everyone, for no one is an island, and always pray.


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