The third eye chakra (located between the eye brows) is the energy center that shares the most intimate relationship with your psychic ability. This chakra is the gateway to improve your psychic ability. This is where you should truly focus your attention and energy.

Let me explain a little more. The third eye chakra has the ability to see beyond the obvious. Through it, we gain access to the realm of intuition and clairvoyance.

For someone with psychic ability, it only means that they are able to access the realm of intuition more readily than others. The more freely you are able to access this realm, the easier you are able to invoke your physic ability.

In other words, to improve or develop your psychic is all about accessing your intuition realm via your third eye chakra. The more freely you can access this realm, the better is you physic power.


Since so many of us would love to have a peek into what may happen in our future life, psychic business in this country (in fact in almost every civilized corners of the planet) has flourished as we humans are spiritual animals and that means we cannot detach ourselves from the spiritual roots despite the advances in technology.

Hence I shall write something based on my own knowledge about getting a good psychic reading. So before you make that appointment, read on with what I have to share.

First of all, psychics are not always right. I would say the good ones like Sylvia Brown or Maria Duval get it right only around 70% to 80%. It really depends on their intuition level on that time of your visit. And what they tell you is just for your own reference. If the psychic tells you will be very wealthy in next few years, it does not mean you can just idle through the days waiting for the wealth to come to you. A lot still depends on your own hardwork and dedication to make that forecast happens.

Secondly see if anyone you know had been advised by the psychic or you have made some research beforehand. There are really many masquerades around so be careful. Visit their websites to know more about their works and testimonials.

Next, be specific on what you want to ask. Don’t let it run around the circles so that the psychic can narrow down to what you want and they can be more focused in that sense hence giving far more accurate readings. Also, do be open of course as you may be shocked to hear what is being told to you, whether good or bad. Sometimes it may get days before you can fully understand the meaning of the psychic.

Lastly have fun. Psychics are normal humans too except their intuition and discerning levels are above normal people. Treat what they tell you just for reference. You must continue to strive and do well in life on your own no matter what messages psychics are telling you. Use the information from your session to empower your life, not a crutch to wait for the inevitable outcomes.

Psychic readings can be a powerful tool to transform your life. They offer a chance gain insights, heal old wounds, to begin to live your best life today. May it be so.