Money principle

May 28, 2009

I don’t feel need money.

But in practical terms I do need it, just like everyone does.

In fact, my circumstances have gotten to this point precisely because of too lax an attitude about money and not being worried about money. This is bad. I was told to treat money with respect.

In the past, I have really believed that there will always be money, so I don’t have to try for it. I just need what is needed to survive. Not the best attitude I guess. While people are getting richer, I am sitting there thinking they are greedy for ill-gotten gains. It’s just self-destructive kind of attitude a person can have.

People who are most often successful, strive for it, and take action.

Anyways, so I don’t feel desperate about it because I’m so irresponsible and delusional. However, I do relate to feeling the injustice and the principle of it.

Even if I had all the money I could ever want, I would still want these people to do what is right, because I can’t stand the idea of them trying to cheat people. I don’t feel that way about all of them, some of them are completely nice.

As far as I understand, you still need and should apply action behind your intentions and vibrations, right? Still physically communicate with these people about the issue, not just visualize and mediate on it right?

Yet, when you are thinking about it, what do you dedicate to it? Like you visually visualize something specific like a specific amount of money coming to you from a specific source? And how long do you visualize that? How much time do you spend on it per day? Or do you just in general get in the state of feeling abundant and positive and grateful, with no specific requests or amounts?


Giving back

May 24, 2009

Do you have a lot of extra money and frankly have no ideas what and how to do with these riches? I know some people are really rich beyond means…This is a free country and everyone has the equality to make lots of riches. Life is unfair sometimes and some people may lose out in this race. That is when we need to show some compassion and lend our hands to pull them along when we are in a stronger position.

I highly recommend this kind act of giving back into the society if you can. There are really many less unfortunates around ya. Those are the people that need assistance badly. Go directly to them rather than through some charitable homes, which I am mindful of. Give out your old cellphones, old pair of jeans or gadgets which you do not need anymore. Of course, please be considerate to make sure they are still workable and in good conditions! They are not rubbish collectors!

When the media says the recession is almost over or things seem to be coming back, what are these people talking about? The recession will never be over for some of those people. They will never be whole again. Never. Save, save, save. Spend your money wisely. Don’t have any regret down the line on how you spent or wasted your money.

Maria Duval tells me to let the money flow….i feel giving out to the society is better than splurging irresponsibly.


May 21, 2009

This question always bucks me. Motivation and inspiration. Are they the same or do they have different meanings?

Maria Duval tells me that the will of creation has already occurred in the vibrational axis when there is inspiration.
When there is inspiration, most of the creation has taken place already, in the vibrational realm. Action is effortless, ideas flow easily.

What about motivation?

Motivation is based on goal or ambitions, which in turn, may be based on necessity want or desire. No one can deny that with good amount of motivation, you are like adjusting the pace to a higher gear. It gets you going, it helps to clarify within you the desire to make a change. It’s good to be motivated to improve yourself, to give your best, to wanting to see results.

Maria Duval says motivation takes place from within the physical realm. Action also takes place from within this physical dimension. The change produced by this combination, has to push its way forward from a lower leverage point.

Inspiration, on the other hand, comes from the non-physical dimension, it’s like the ignition spark that turbo charges your action in the physical world. When you are inspired, motivation and the call to action come automatically, and effortlessly.

That’s the difference, I presume! 🙂

I really like read my horoscope. One of the first things i do when i read magazines or papers is to flip to the zodiac or astrology page to check my readings out. It’s fun, I think. There are also many websites that provide you astrology readings. Just go to do a search and you’ll find some good ones.

It’s oddly reassuring to know that someone out there is thinking of me and what I should be aware as I go through the day or the days ahead.

Here are some horoscope readings for this month, May.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
As a team player, you will motivate others to far exceed their goals and feel a great sense of accomplishment! You show others how working together can accomplish great things!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You use your persistent nature to inspire others to stick with an unpleasant project. Everyone benefits and reaps the reward at the end! Accomplishment feels wonderful!

Gemini (May 21 -June 21) Your ability to move with a sense of speed and purpose will inspire those who procrastinate and put things off to the very end to move into action mode!

Cancer (June 22- July 22)
You decide to use part of your lunch hour to take a brisk 20 minute walk and ask others to join you! Rule #1: “no talking about work” inspires others to really take a lunch break! What a difference!

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)
Instead of being an observer, you take a risk and take action! Your assertive and even bold nature inspires others to take chance and take control!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)
You take action even though you feel apprehension and fear; this shows others how negative feelings don’t have to get in the way and inspires them to act in the face of their fear.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 23)
Being around negative people is too draining. You decide to clear out the pessimistic and negative people in your life and make room for peppy, upbeat and forward moving folks. It inspires others to do the same!

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 21)
A morning pep talk gets the day started and creates enthusiasm and energy. An evening walk clears the ‘traffic noise’ out of your head! You share with others what makes a difference in your life!

Sagittarius(Nov 22-Dec 21)
Being passionate about your life and work inspires and motivates others to finally take action to find their life purpose and passion too!

Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19)
You’ve decided that rejection is no longer a part of your vocabulary! You motivate and inspire others by always having a ‘Plan B’ – another course of action, so nothing will stop you or get in the way! Giving up and giving in is no longer an option!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)
Being told you can never eat chocolate again is too difficult to swallow, but deciding you won’t eat chocolate this minute keeps you focused and on track to stay in the moment!

Pisces (Feb 19 – March 20)
You realize that holding a grudge and keeping resentment only breeds more anger and discontent. You decide to let it go and move forward. You inspire others to do the same!

One thing though. These astrological readings are only for references and only serves as a guide. If you have this mindset, astrology would be a fun topic for you.

Be well.

Love Spells

May 12, 2009

There are more love spells in the world than any type of spells. There are spells to find love, return love, get rid of love, heal love, force a person to love us, and ways to determine if we are loved by someone. So regardless of what you need in love, you will find a spell that will help you.

Here are some simple spells for you to try:

Aphrodite Oil – Mix essential oil of myrtle, essential oil of rose and sweet almond oil to create a magickal love oil. Massage this all over your body before you take a nice, long, warm bath. You can also use this to dress love candles while petitioning Goddess Aphrodite to bring you love.

Amber Love Charm – The Romany culture considered mirrors magickal. To make your own magickal mirror, get a piece of amber. It can be a small stone or part of a necklace or bracelet or any other jewelry. On a full moon day, look at the moon through the amber while holding it in your left hand. Focus on all your desires and visualize your future live filled with love and joy. At night, when you go to sleep, remember to keep the amber under your pillow. When you wake up, the amber would have turned into a potent love charm. You can now use it to draw love into your life. Replenish the power of the charm by repeating this ritual at every full moon day.

Botanicals Spell – Find dried herbs or flowers that grow around your house. You can choose herbs such as rose, rosemary, mint, basil or flowers such as crocus, dandelion, hibiscus, hyacinth, lily, tulip and violet. We will also need a candle. It can be a red or pink candle. If you don’t have either, you may use a yellow or orange candle. The candles have to be broad so that you can hollow out the base and pack the botanicals into it. Now burn the candle while visualizing the miracle of love entering you life.

Grow, Love Grow Spell – How can we make love grow? We can encourage love to grow by taking care of magickal plants that return their blessings to us. If you have a green thumb, try this spell: Get a basil plant of bleeding heart plant and grow it in a pot. Water while visualizing the plant as well as your love grows. You can also try growing any seed on which you have engraved the initials of your lover to make your lover go crazy over you!

Rose Ariadne has been practicing ancient forms of Witchcraft for over 25 years. Get more info about Wicca love spells here.

Change is good

May 11, 2009

Aren’t you happy that the spring is here? No matter how your life is, it ought to be the best time of the year when snow is melting and temperature gets really comfortable.

Nothing means me happier sitting at my balcony watching the birds and squirrels frolicking from branches to branches. It makes me feel the joy of life and being alive.

Next, I spent last Friday packing, shifting and unpacking my to my new sitting position. People congratulated me, saying i cream of the lot. As that’s a position that looks out to the lake and the forest at the far back of the building and is located at a corner which deems it as strategic to observe the office movement… Thanks Maria Duval for this blessings. You had said something good was coming to my life “next month” in your work. I guess that’s is it.

But that does not mean i’d have the time to sit there enjoying the view. Loads are getting heavier as there are some changes. I am simply happy for two things – my own cosy working position, and to continue my stint with a company who is growing.

Change is good. Change is inevitable. For now, change is security.

Wonders of intuition

May 7, 2009

Intuition is a direct way your higher spirit connects with you when you go about your daily life.

Your higher self inspires you through feeling and emotion, through intuition. Your intuition sends you energy impulses that offer inner guidance and clarity in the course of daily living.

Intuition communicates through feeling and emotion, not the mind or thoughts. Tuning into your intuition is a skill we can all learn and develop. Simply allow yourself to be in a state of relaxed allowing and see the miracles happen!

Intuition is intrinsic to who you are and to how you relate to the world. It never turns off and it will never leave you. Whether you choose to listen and respond to your intuition is another matter entirely.

Listen to your intuition and follow its gentle persuasion. Trust the intuitive information you get when it comes. Keep your connection to your inner spirit open and flowing; it is one of life’s greatest joys and deepest mysteries.