People always say words like “if I strike lottery this weekend and win $100,000”, “if only I was born in a rich family, or “if only I could have the ability to do that….then I’d be the happiest person in the world.”

Right, it’s true that with right mentalities and qualities. Maria Duva says that the Law of Attraction will shower you with rewards you richly deserve as long as you also share with the Universe your own resources and have a positive mindset to view the world. But, all of us need to put in our firm foundation to prepare for the arrival of these riches from Universe. Plan and assess what you can do to help yourself, rather than hoping or wishing that something external to you will change.

As we grow, we view events around us differently and we are also shaped by the environments around us. Due to this shaping or molding to fit in with what we see, we begin to lose touch with our own essence. Like a child being born in a violent family may grow up to be a violent person, firmly believing that violence is the only way to solve to problems, and the docile society just do not fit him or do not trust him. So he may begin to commit heinous crimes to justify his belief. No matter how, that violence will always be lurking in the background and comes out in anger, frustration or hurt from time to time.

The bottom line is that no matter what circumstance you’re born into, we all form an identity/ego so that we can function in the world.

A larger percentage of people than you’d think carry the childhood fears, doubts and uncertainty into their adult life, and this creates great pain when certain events or interactions trigger that insecurity.

Having said all this, if you consider for a moment what it takes to create a human, you’ll understand that each and every one of us is a miracle born with amazing abilities (that most of us take for granted of course).

And yet, equally with doubt, we find ourselves living in a period where most people in developed countries have more materials items and modern conveniences than in any other generation in the past and still there is disharmony. With the constant looking to the future to attain a certain goal combined with wanting everything now, it’s a recipe for unhappiness!

I believe that future is present….. Everything will be the same, except replicated in different circumstances. How you feel now is the same well you will feel in the future. If we want our future to be better, we HAVE to do something and take some steps to improve our situations now, if not, it will be the same as NOW five years or twenty years into the future. We always hope the future will be better, or simply tomorrow will be better, but do you know the being better is all within your own control? We have a destiny to choose and pursue, no matter what families you were born in.

To perceive future will be better is actually a positive state of mind I so strongly encourage you to adopt immediately.I really do not wish to hear anyone perceiving future as bad and then start to abuse themselves behaviorally. So, let us go out and find the key to the good news so that in the future you will still have this goodness with you!


There is a movie called “The Sixth Sense“. It was quite a famous movie some years back and you might have watched it then. This movie is about ESP, or extra sensory perception. Simply it means sensory information received without inputs from our normal five senses.

Some people like Maria Duval were born with natural ESP ability that allow them to sense more than what we could see, hear and feel. Their intuition levels are higher too and it is as if their were supernatural. But too often, societies view them as outcasts, or freaks and shun them, as we relate the world only to our five innate senses.

Despite of this rejection, we continue to learn a lot of things from people with ESP talents. We discover that all of us are actually psychic in nature, meaning this talent can be learned by embarking to a journey that travels inward into our deepest spiritual self to discover that long lost ability in us.

There are many kinds of ESP psychic classes like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairempathy, psychometry, psychokinesis, intuition, telepathy, mental influence, psychic healing and auric sight. Each of these special abilities is a mystery even in today’s advanced sciences and scientists still cannot understand why there is such thing as ESP in us. But one thing is for sure, each of this ESP ability makes a really good script for the next blockbuster movie!