“Thought is a form of energy”, says Maria Duval.

Now, i am in the mood to share with you a good way to change your bad mood to something positive. It’s really a great way to tune your mind. The works on the Law of Attraction, which I guess you have heard of before.

This spiritual law implies that if you have a negative thought which makes you feel bad, the more you think of it and never let go, the more negative thoughts you would accumulate in your mind and soon, it will be flooded with a deluge of negativities. You will feel very downtrodden and sorry to yourself when this is happening.

For example, on the way to work on the freeway someone cuts into your lane and you get mad over it. Soon you start to think how many idiotic road users these days who never care about the other drivers. As you travel, the traffic gets slower and you realize you could be late. Now you think that the boss will not be happy, and you start to blame the state govt for not building more roads to relieve the traffic. Soon you heard a lot of blaring hones as each car tries to take advantage of the one next to him. You think the world is going crazy and why you are always so unlucky in life! And at the same time, you wonder why your wife treated you so badly last night over such a trivial issue…yeah, and soon enough, you’ll be a man in ignorant vengeance if this kind of escalating feeling is not properly curbed.

So, do you think you can change the driver’s mind when you react negatively? In fact, the only thing you have any control over and take responsibility for, is the direction of your thoughts. Yes. taking control of and changing a negative stream of bad feeling thoughts to a positive and good feeling stream of thoughts.

So maybe this is what you can do when it happens in you one day. “I can’t wait to get home tonight. My wife’s got a great evening planned with some friends coming over. What a great day – the weather is just fantastic. We had a great holiday this year, that was a wonderful hotel where we stayed. I couldn’t stop giggling to myself all morning over that comedy we watched on TV last night. The traffic is a little slow but my boss is a really great guy and will understand.”

Yeah, this is what i mean here. Give it a try.


“Cute little girl”

March 22, 2009

A couple of years ago, after a work seminar, a bunch of us were hanging out at the hotel bar chatting and exchanging namecards, or doing some causual networking. While we were sitting at the hotel lounge busily self-introducing to each one, one of the guys who attended the seminar told us he “chased ghosts.” Somehow, this opened up the can of bottled up encounters with the spooky kind. I think it was fun, and surprisingly, so many people seemed to have some sort of paranormal experiences in their lives.

I told them a story of a distant relative who stays at Ashland, MA where there was a very old restaurant formerly known as John Stone’s Inn. It is now called Stone’s Public House. It has been said to be haunted for some time.

About one decade or so ago, my aunt (mother’s elder sister) was having dinner there at the 2nd floor. I was told that my aunt looked across the table to one of the windows and saw a cute little girl looking into the windows from outside and laughing. She nudged her husband who was sitting next to her. But the little girl disappeared when both of them looked at the windows direction again.

Later that week, my aunt somehow felt uneasy of this encounter. She went back to the restaurant to take a look to see if someone could have been looking in from the window. Yes, there was indeed a balcony outside, but the strange thing was that at the ground floor, there was an old rickety metal gate which apparently had not been touched for a long time. There was no way a little kid could have climb over the window ledge from inside?! At any rate, I was related that one of the supposed ghosts at the inn was indeed a little girl who has been spotted laughing!

I had never encountered such spooky things before. My aunt told me years ago, she felt peace when she saw the little girl and never at all suspected anything haunted or unusual about her. As the windows ledge was quite high, she thought that she must be a “floating” spirit because she said the girl looked cute.

Do you have any spooky stories to share about?

Have a great week!

Most Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting a fabulous love life include regular visualization, collecting images or creating “vision boards” that reflect our desires, making space for someone new in our lives, scripting about our partner as if they’re already here, etc.

While these processes help bring our dreams of love to reality, there are other steps required to allow your ideal partner to appear. If you’re serious about getting the love life you want, follow these six tips:

1. Get clear about what you want. Before you can create the relationship of a lifetime, you need to know what that is for you. Sometimes people make the mistake of defining their ideal relationship as being with a specific person, rather than identifying the true essence of what they really want. Clarify the fundamental feelings, emotions, and experiences you want, and let the Universe fill in the face. (Otherwise you may play the game of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.)

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Dream and subsconscious

March 18, 2009

Lately I have been dreaming about someone. Not Maria Duval of course. Yeah, about my very first boyfriend, Ralph. That happen in my high school nearly 2 decades ago. We were the best of the best couples in my mind and i had no doubt that we would get married one day. Somehow he had a big psychological and emotional effect on me.

Unfortunately, external events happened and his whole family shifted to west coast and due to that we strayed apart gradually. I was devastated when he wrote a letter to me saying we should go separate ways as he had known a girl in his area.

After a couple of months of morning, i picked up and told myself to move it on. Since then I had dated a few guys too. However i know deep inside my subconscious, Ralph is always here like a shadow. I think about him from time to time but not all the time and I am just wondering why he is appearing in my dreams. I have not kept in contact with him and as far as I knew he was married shortly after that.

According to Maria Duval, she says that this is normal because the subconscious keeps energies which are released from the conscious mind. Thus even if the conscious mind decides to give up something or to remove it from the mind, the subconscious will, more than likely, keep that as a memory which will trigger dreams and related considerations in the future. Sometimes after days, weeks or years, such a memory comes up or a dream that is related is experienced.

That’s a great explanation to my dreams…

Wealthy Mindset

March 16, 2009

Mindset is the difference between wealthy people and poor (even average) people, not all the money that wealthy people have and the average don’t, nor the luxury, nor the lifestyle.

Why do i say that?

Some lucky people who strike it rich overnight with luck comes. Look at their wealth level shortly after. It is said that their prior financial condition returned soon too.

Why is that so? That is why Maria Duval says it is due down to the mindset of a person, not the kind of lavish lifestyle that makes someone richer. Real wealthy people act and think differently when it comes to money and possession. Yes. we have to ‘think’ like real wealthy people.

Most of us go shopping while holding on to this principle: Buy now, struggle later. When wealthy people go shopping they think: Delay it now, invest the money, and have all you want later on! They embrace delayed gratification. That is also why so many people are in debts nowadays as the amount of money they earn could not keep up with the outlay each month in paying off the card bills, loans and who knows what. Yes, being a slave of the debts is a tormenting affair. It is an ordeal that can crush many people’s will.

It is important to be debt free as this is a positive affair. The first step to rich is surely to get rid of your debts. By being debt-free, they have more money to save and invest. I do encounter people who dislike the word “invest”. They think that this word is more dangerous than swimming through a croc infested river, especially now at this economic crisis.

Maria Duval says that we need to love money, not to sneer at money. Yes there are really people who sneer at money and how will money really like them in return?

By having the right mindset, you will not only be able to have abundant riches, but also a great chance to live abundantly: do all the things that provide satisfaction, spend quality time with you family and friends, and have all the time and money to voluntarily help other people and make your part of the world a better place to live.

Maria Duval says we got to show right kind of appreciation to this friend called money – yes, no matter how much or little you may have in your pocket, because through this mindset, we are doing ourselves a good as it is a kind of attitude that pulls a vibration of prosperity.

With this mindset, it will go down deep into our subconscious mind, which is then pumped up to come out with ideas that can attract us prosperity and set those into motion.

Yes it is very easy for us to feel jealous over those who are better off, we all still need to feel appreciative over what we have presently, how we finance our lives. Yes, no matter how much or how low our funds, it never seems enough–because there is always more that we need and could use. Ironically, the less we have and the more we express thankfulness and appreciativeness for what we do have, the more we begin the process of prospering.

Maria Duval says when we show appreciation, this act opens up doors of opportunity as it is a a catalyst for further financial growth. Our sense of enjoying whatever wealth we possess invites us to venture boldly into more promising enterprises. Yes i understand when we bank digits are low and we worry about life and future. This is really no good to our long term prosperity. When the subconscious is stifled, we limit our imagination and harm our own inner power we need to transform outer circumstances.

Furthermore, what we are looking for is actually a blueprint to our financial success and how to improve your circumstances. If we limit ourselves, we are actually stopping us from seeing income-producing opportunities right in front. When you focus on high amount, then you’ll actively seek out income and you’ll see things that other people miss. Your imagination will be alive with the possibility of creative thinking. Maria Duval explains that when this happens, you’ll see money for what it is–a medium of exchange–and a way for you to create new products and services that are revenue generating.

There is a big difference. Poor people spend most of their time trying to prevent losses, while rich people spend most of their time thinking of how to grow the money. The big difference in their blueprints and how they filter information is based on their depth of gratitude for what they do have.

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