Maria in Japan?

November 5, 2009

I have found a few new photos of Maria Duval at Picasaweb at Apparently Maria was in Japan recently October 2009 and this will refute the claims that she is not real. This comes as a surprise as I find her information rather limited and I hope she will step up her public appearance, but I understand she must be a very busy lady as she needs to help so many people to improve their lives.

Maria Duval


Doing what is right is not always going to be the easiest thing to do. For the majority of events in our lives I believe we will find that doing what is right is usually the more difficult route to take. Most relationships require a type of honesty no one wants to use and most businesses require integrity rarely seen.

Is doing the right thing impossible today? Most certainly not it is the only real way to have a well developed and fulfilled life. Doing the right thing is by far the greatest single antidote for greatest illnesses, setbacks, and challenges in life. There is no better way to get the most out of life than to seize integrity in all personal dealings.

The mind is the center of the life within the human body and is responsible for controlling all health, action, thought, and dreams. What the mind requires is simple it was designed to receive programming from its surroundings and develop accordingly. However with all of the negativity in our world the mind has to be bombarded with unintended material and try to maintain a positive environment. The human mind flourishes while in a positive environment and disintegrates in a negative one.

I don’t want to talk about the power of positive thinking just the power of right thinking. Our world is so focused on greed, violence, and lust that right thinking is very difficult to do with out the right motivation. I truly believe the only way to think correctly is to connect with the eternal and step outside of the world into the unknowable. In the presence of such vastness our lives can come into focus as a miracle. It doesn’t matter what we believe spiritually at this point matter because life on Earth is a miracle, both theists and atheists must agree our very lives are a rare and beautiful thing in the Universe. We are higher than all life forms on this planet and what put us there was our gift of intelligence and our belief in something greater than ourselves.

We can question everything that is the nature of our minds. We can take action on those thoughts that is the nature of our will. It is my hope that my will would transform towards a better tomorrow, a will that is unaffected by the rampant negativity and destructive thinking so prevalent today. Imagine if all people demanded more out of themselves and refused to be half asleep while the world is in crisis. Doing what is right is never lazy, weak, greedy, violent, impatient, or a host of other descriptions it can all be summed up with one word and that is LOVE.

Maria Duval says everyone is born spiritual because we are spirit and soul by nature and that is indisputable..what exactly does it mean by that? As you probably agree, we are always doing our best to work hard to survive in this world. Most of us are educated in schools and we are told to obey how it should be and we believed them and pass the grades.

We are also born spiritual beings and some people do vehemently disagree and try to justify to us we are not. The difference is, if one is spiritual then he does not have to think about it, otherwise he or she believes it is not….The more we think about being spiritual the further we move away from the experience of being spiritual.

I have come across people who regard being religious is being spiritual. The truth is, it is not. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual.

So what is the advantage of being spiritually aware, and what is the nature of spirit and spirituality? The spirit is the servant of the ego and what the mind can perceive the spirit will conceive. When people ask me what’s so special of being spiritual, I always reply it makes our lives simpler, we decide for better choices and we have the chances to live in abundance which is not restricted to just physical abundance.

In being spiritually aware we move in harmony with our destiny or purpose in life. And as we move with spirit we lose our fear of death and of the afterlife. Death becomes a welcomed and earned new beginning. Peace of mind is our reality not a goal. And being spiritually aware makes our physical life more desirable…

Maria Duval teaches purposefully if you allow spirit into your life awareness, then your life will no longer be a hardship but it comes naturally within your ability to accept and let go of what you have experienced and been taught.

I think everyone needs to be spiritual in order for us to see a peaceful and harmonious world.

maria duval golfWow, this one is interesting. I actually receive a message from a very ecstatic golfer Avery M. about Maria Duval’s talisman blessing him that day in the golf course and he hit an unforgettable hole-in-one! I’m not a golfer nor do I ever swing a club before but I can truly understand the feeling of hitting a hole-in-one. Its like striking the big prize in a lottery.

In answer to your request, I, Avery M. played golf at Meadowbrook Country Club. On January 17, I had a hole in one. The 5th hole at Meadowbrook Country Club, is a 3 par, 130 yards. I used a 7 wood. I belong to the ‘‘Hole in One’’ club and 130 members each paid me $5.00 in trade at The Golf Shop, total $650.00. I always keep my Talismans with me.

I’m not Maria Duval

March 16, 2008

Having a blog that receives comments is one of the happiest things a blogger could ever have. Those good and suggestive comments can help the blogger to improve while those encouraging comments keep the blogger going when the wave is rough. This blog does receive some interesting comments all the while. Not a lot, but just enough coming in to know I’m not alone there. 🙂 Thank you for all your comments!

Unfortunately, some friends have thought I’m Mdm Maria Duval, and I would like to point out that I’m NOT Maria Duval. My name is Jackie Rodgers and I, like you, am just another common person who has found Maria Duval’s psychic and clairvoyant services to be beneficial in my life so far. That’s why I blog about her as well as to share what I have learned from her.

Some of the comments I received include those customer service issues which I’m not really able to assist you friends. We can discuss general topics like spirituality and life development but I can’t forward any of your feedback to Maria Duval.

So sorry…

Yesterday I posted about mindful living I learned from psychic Maria Duval, so today I continue to write about three ways in which you can do to improve mindful living. It is interesting if you wish to have a more spiritual and contented life, against the mad rush for forever-not-enough materialistic gains of this world. You need to take a break sometimes, folks:

Slow the pace

Don’t you think our lives are moving too fast nowadays? We rush through everything we do and there is this firm belief that we have to achieve more and gain more in the shortest time in order to gain a fruitful life. There is science evidence that points out that those people who are happier and healthier are more contented and they are appreciate of things have already have. Personally I think buying a little new toy to pamper yourself is recommendable, but I’m totally against the idea of owning the latest and most lavish items as the better way of living. Put more heart and soul into the life and relationships concerning you. Slow down. Reflect more. Contemplate. Be mindful. Be thoughtful. By slowing down, it makes it easier for you to be mindful. You will discover that it is the simple things in life that truly mean a lot.

Writing, or blogging

Writing is a good way to self contemplate as you need to ponder about the words and ideas you are trying to put down into the record. It makes you more aware of your inner thoughts and feelings. I find that blogging is a great way of writing. Instead of writing you just typing. Just like what I’m doing now. I need to think how I’m trying to expressing. That’s how I learn and grow mindfully too. Hence writing or blogging does help to increase your daily mindfulness so that it becomes easier for you to be more mindful in daily life.


Lastly, I learn from Maria Duval that meditation is one of the most sacred and spiritual ways one can do to enlighten yourself spiritually and intuitively. I realize that more people are turning to meditation to calm themselves down as form of de-stress mentally. It’s glad to know that as there is still this idea of meditation being for religious fanatics or for monks. The truth is meditation is a mental exercise that greatly sharpens our mindfulness and is most useful for our daily lives.

If you can adopt what I mention above into your life, I’m sure there will be an increased mindfulness and great personal transformation in your life. This also gives you a sense of empowerment that immediately boosts your self esteem, increases joy and a positive attitude towards life.

Most of my friends are grown up adults with family and kids to take care. Whenever we talk, one of the biggest topics is about the lifestyle and finances. We are pouring our hearts out about the stresses in life, the credits we owned or how to gain better credit ratings so we can borrow more from banks and lenders much more easily in order to sustain the lifestyle.

I think these are really dangerous. But it seems like most of us are doing that. It makes this country a country of debts. All these are made worse by the weaker dollar and higher gas prices. That is why there is a need for a drastic change in how this great country is administered. So, 2008 is the year! I just wonder what’s Maria Duval’s forecast and prediction for this country in the next few years?

Stressful lifestyle is unhealthy for the body, for relationships and for the spirits. There is also a urgent need for each of us to take charge well of our lives again! If we are to regain control over our lives, we must slow down, re-focus and contemplate so that there is a balance of lifestyle that is good for the body, the emotion, the spirit and relationships. This is the essence of which is mindful living, not the blindness rush for financial powers.

In the next post, I’ll share my humble knowledge I learn from Maria Duval about 3 ways to lead a mindful living.