Having Faith…

September 30, 2009

Having faith is one way to make yourself feel safe with your everyday life because if you do have a good faith it only means that you trust God for bringing helpful Samaritan like Maria Duval into your life and in the end, she makes a big difference in your life.

With this matter even you encounter a problem you will just simply face it, for the reason you believe that you can resolve it together with faith, then believing that you will never be let down ultimately. You can see in this kind of situation having a good faith is one way to have a good and pleasant day.

Yes, this nation needs a lot of faith at this moment! More than ever!

Can you imagine if you do not have faith? If you do not have faith you can easily be defeated by your demons because you believe that there’s no one here to help you, which is hard to believe if you do not have a faith.

By the way, having a good faith is the reason why other people became strong even though the half of their body is dead. Faith keep holding you to be strong, so if you want to live strong and want to have good health, I guess it’s better for you to have “Faith”. Learn to trust everyone, for no one is an island, and always pray.


On a healthy diet

September 24, 2009

Eating the right kind of food is essential as our bodies need the right kind of energy to embark on physical work as well as for mental acuity. There must have enough nutrition and lots of vitamins. Junk food while they are tasty, should be avoided as much as possible.

Challenge yourself to complete a week of healthy diet – lots of vegetable, nuts, fibers and proteins. Reduce on the amount of roasted or grilled meat as too much of it can result in cancerous substances in our bodies.

Having a healthy diet really gives a good effect to the person who perform it. One of the good effects of it is that it helps our body to avoid sickness. So when you eat good, you good great too!

Yes, it is a very disciplined process when you are on a healthy diet route. Taste may be bland and lack of that “full” feeling. It is totally understandable. However, after 1 or 2 weeks, you may feel a difference.

At this time when there is a controversial health care bill to be rubber stamped, why not we take own responsibility to keep ourselves healthier? I certainly do not want to be a burden to the rest of the nation.

Happy with life?

September 22, 2009

A simple question. Are you happy with your life and where you are at this stage of your life now?

Most people when asked about this question would say “No” and are just living for a “mere existence” wishing your life could be better but not knowing how to improve it.

Maria Duval tells me that major reason for bringing happiness is our mindset, which manifests what we are. Hence, if you want to change your life, the first thing you must do is to change your mind. You must also take action to create momentum

First of all, there is one good way of knowing why you have been attracting what you dislike in your life. Start to look at your own life, like life-style, habits and routine. For example, if you can start a personal exercise regime to tone up yourself so that you feel better.

To be happy, we need to be proactive to change our status of life. Simply waiting down there for changes is hoping for money to drop from the sky while you are sleeping, as it won’t happen!

Yeah, no more wishful thinking without putting in any actions. Read, ask people, get help. Remember the old saying “ God helps those who help themselves”?

Maria Duval adds that taking responsibility is important too as to achieve success in your life, you cannot continue blaming others. If you want to be a winner, you have to agree that it is you who attracted the things to your life.

Let me repeat. It is us who created the thoughts, feelings and made the choices to be where we are today!

Plan person

September 9, 2009

On Labor Day, a blaringly loud sound nearly pierced by eardrum while I was in deep slumber early morning. I jumped up from my cosy bed and stared at the picture hanged at my wall.

It’s already 9am. Time to get ready for the day’s activity. I got up, grab a shower, brush my teeth, and did a short meditation from Maria Duval’s guidebook. Felt so much better and composed after that.

Yes, that’s my routine almost everyday. It really makes some sense to my daily life. I like things to be ticking like clockwork, according to plans. I am a plan person.

Time is such a funny yet profound element in our life. Every passing second, what we are in become history, and we are living into the future. In a blink of an eye, we are approaching Thanksgiving soon.

Time is an illusion to me of what will happen and happened.

The Path to Spirituality

September 7, 2009

What got me into spirituality?

Hmmm… well I didn’t know what was real anymore. Moments kept changing, I as the body kept changing, my thoughts kept changing.

Everything kept changing!!!!

To be honest I object slightly to the term itself. “Spirituality” seems to imply that some kind of spirits are involved, which isn’t necessarily true.

This led me to spirituality. Then Maria Duval started to write to me with those psychic and spiritual letters and books. It got me deeper into this topic. I think this world needs a real awakening!

I’d call myself philosophical, though. I’m in complete awe of this remarkable reality we inhabit. Just looking at certain things, especially pictures of our galaxy or of our earth, can be a fascinating experience for me.

I remember some occassions when I was much younger when I would get some sort of peak experience like “WOW, what the heck is this? All this… stuff. All these feelings and colors, and thoughts!” and just be fascinated by all of it without really thinking very deeply what exactly I was fascinated by.

Recently I’ve taken an interest in Eckart Tolle too. His book on this topic is amazing!

I realized there was only one thing that never changed, yet it wasn’t even a thing. I asked myself how I knew I existed. It wasn’t a thought that told me. It was pure knowing, a feeling. I knew I existed because I was aware. Not aware of something, just aware.