Have you been under too much stress lately? Or are constantly tired because of work and other commitments? Are you lethargic and need something to boost your energy? Then meditation is for you. Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. It is the art of relaxing your mind by turning the attention inward to a single point of reference.

Meditation is one of the oldest arts of India. Hindu religion lays greatest stress on Meditation. According to scriptures Meditation is the path to achieve godhood. Now days many forms of meditation have developed, but the aim is common. In normal practice Meditation is used for many other advantages for body mainly for stress relief, and other medicinal benefits.

What Meditation does-

Meditation is a great to distress or relax. It helps improve concentration. It helps keep an altered state of awareness. It is the suspension of logical thought processes which helps relax the mind. It helps the mind to maintain its self-observing attitude. It helps a lot to get in touch with your mind and soul, which is a rejuvenating experience. It refreshes the mind and soul and keeps it healthy. It helps promote positivism in our mind and get rid of negative thoughts.

There are various methods of meditation. Yoga, prayer, vipasana, sufism, etc. Each of these forms helps to meditate. Meditation is best done in early the morning and in a quiet place. To gain the maximum benefits of meditation, it is best to do it consistently at the same time, everyday. This helps create a pattern and makes it easier to concentrate. Meditation helps keep the mind and soul young and healthy. It is a healthy practice that helps distress and relaxes. Select a peaceful place and begin Meditation. If you can perform it at a set time everyday that will be better.

By: CD Mohatta

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Be a magnetic person

August 27, 2008

Do you think you are good in attracting things you desire? Or do you think you are just not a magnet to attract what you want in life? I think most people fall into the second category. Me included, but I think I am getting better and I have gradually seen positive changes last few months. Like I have attracted a higher paycheck, a guy mate, and some estate money from my father. I plan to donate some to charities as a give back to society and to practise the law of attraction.

Maria Duval tells me that the primary reason why people find it hard to attract things they want in life is because there is this invisible resistance to the things you want to attract. When there is resistance, there is a block, which is an obstruction to the life force current.

So, how do you know there is a resistance?

A good indicator is to gauge how you feel about your own desires. When you think of your desires how does your body feel? Do you become edgy and tense? If that’s the case, that is a probable sign that you disallow the flow of cosmic energy to move through you.

Also, do you feel fear? Worry? If that’s the case, a strong signal is being sent out and this is a clear signal to the Universe that blocks the flow into your life. You can only become more magnetic to your own desires and law of attraction when you understand when to release attachment to your desires.

A good method to practise is visualization which is a useful mental tool that supports the activation of law of attraction into your life. If you read the biographies of successful people, you will notice most of them have a vision of what they want to have. This vision is so poignant that they can see it happening one day. That is visualization.

Do you have a vision of what you want in your life?

Home, if not properly cared or managed, can become a nightmare of clutter and junks! Worse if you have a home office. Hence, proper organization tips have to be exercised if one were to triumph over the domestic debris.

Let say you have a lot of files and papers at your room, how are you going to manage them?

Generally, this is just chores to be managed and not that difficult, although it may be tiring. You have to get it started immediately and do not procrastinate.

Do not clutter, as what Maria Duval advises.

Let say you have a home office, with those piles of invoices and drawings, the best to get them organized is to start organizing how you file your papers, as this will really save you a lot of precious space and improve the overall tidiness.

Personally I like space to be neat and tidy. Files and papers are inevitable and I believe it is more about how i feel about the space than about how the space really looks. So when there are important letters, I will file them. If not, I will shred them. I just hate papers lying around aimlessly.

It is also helpful if you have a filing structure. For example I have several giant files sub divided into small folders for different categories of the papers, like bills, bank statements, letters, or receipts. Once you have set it up, remember to tell yourself not to throw the papers around after reading them. Use the files you have set up. In this way you will have a habit. If you have important notices that need action, I suggest you get a board and use stationary pins to pin them to the board. In this way you will not forget to follow up. After you have finished acting on it, then you file them.

Common sense, isn’t it? You will be shocked to know how many ppl throw their papers around!

Another home item that messes up the home tidiness is the electrical wires. What I do is I buy cable coils to arrange them together so that they can be placed snugly together. There is no solution to this unless everything is wireless!

The most important tip to make you home free from clutter is of course, do not bring home stuff that you do not need. I think many people just do not understand this and fall prey easily by buying stuff on a spur of a moment. After the emotion has cooled down, the item will be discarded to a corner and clutter builds up over time.

So remember to shop for things that you need. You save space, save money and save yourself from clutters too!

Let energy flow smoothly in your house.

As we learn and apply new principles we quickly learn that sometimes they work effortlessly and we feel like we are in life’s flow, and other times we feel like we are swimming against the current and we are frustrated with any attempt we make to progress. I have discovered that my motives and intentions play a huge role in my ability to manifest the desires of my heart. When Ego is the Motive, Ego takes us further away from our worthy goals and ideals. When my motives and intentions are based in ego, I find that I need to exert more effort, and and all efforts to reach my worthy goal are frustrating and stressful. Here are some of the ways we can discern if we are being motivated by ego (notice the “need” in most of these):

* We are in a competitive mode — we need others to lose so we can win.
* We need more than others to be happy.
* We need others to see us in a certain way.
* We need others to be wrong so we can be right.
* We need to impress others.
* We need to prove something to ourselves or others.
* We crave control, power, or attention.
* We need to stand out or be special.
* We need opposition and enemies — not realizing that we will likely become the very thing we are fighting against.
* We feel superior to others — because we have more than others we feel like we stand out and are important.
* We feel inferior to others — because we have less than others we feel we stand out, and we often feel like others owe us something because we are so unfortunate.
* We think of ourselves as victims — “poor me.”

When we are acting with ego as our intent and motive, we will experience doubt, fear and worry. As soon as doubt, fear and worry creep in we need to refine our motive and intent.

When Love is the Motive In the Bible we read, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear…” (1 John 4:18). Whenever we sense that we are taking actions based in ego, we already have the perfect remedy: Love. Love and ego cannot co-exist. When our motives and intentions are based in love, we feel like we are in the flow and connected to God. Here are some of the ways we can be sure we are being motivated by love:

* We feel connected to God, and know that with Him all things are possible.
* We seek to be an instrument in God’s hands to help others.
* We feel gratitude for all our blessings — knowledge, teachers, resources — everything!
* We recognize the greatness in ourselves, and in every person we meet.
* We value and care for other people.
* We feel a deep sense of peace and serenity, and how others view us becomes insignificant.
* We develop genuine relationships with others.

When our motives and intentions are based in love, we recognize in ourselves a unique and divine creation with unique talents and abilities we can share with others. We are not concerned whether these talents and abilities are superior or inferior to others, or worthy of use. We simply use them for the very purpose God gave them to us — to love, serve, and help others!

Love vs. Ego The ego can be very subtle. As a parent, I have had to examine my intention and motives. I have often believed my motives to be noble, especially when I am teaching my children values and helping them make correct decisions. I need to be sure I am teaching them correct principles because I love them and want what is in their highest good, and not because I want them to act a certain way so I will look good and others will think I am a great parent. Do we help others so that we will be seen as a caring person, or do we help others because we value and care about them as a person? We already are the person we need to be to help others. We just need to remember and believe who we are! When we know who we really are, we will take inspired actions that are based in faith, love, and gratitude.

Alisa is a certified life and purpose coach. Visit her website at http://www.coachalisa.com to discover how to live your life on purpose!

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Is your dog psychic?

August 24, 2008

I read from a website that someone conducted a study on the psychic ability of dogs. It was interesting.

Yes for sometime, I believe your pet dog is clairvoyant.

Why is that so? Cool, haven’t you noticed your pet dog always seems to wait for you by the gate when you reach home, no matter what is the time you get home? Even when you try to sneak in…

Experiments performed by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake of Cambridge University, showed that a dog spent 70% of the time by the gate when the owner was in the way home, and only 20% when the owner was not. Amazing isn’t it?

This phenomenon is not just observed in dogs. Our purring feline friends also exhibit such ability.

So are they really psychic and clairvoyant? Or is it because they have better sensory abilities than us?

No matter what it is, there are experiments one can find out.

Set Up Video Camera

Record your doggie and feline when you are away. Make notes what time you left and when you decide to come home. The result could be exhilarating and it would change the way how you think of your pet.

Work with a Friend

Ask a friend to watch your dog while you are away. Have that person call you at a random time on your excursion out, and “tell” you to come home and have your friend tells you the behavior of your pet….

Anyone who has done such experiments before? Please share?

If this is proven to be the case, it goes to say some animals could be spiritually linked, just like us. So it would be terribly bad if one were to mistreat or abuse them. You are just reaping your own bad karma.

Love animals!

What is the meaning of “sensitive” in the psychic world?

“Sensitive” here means easily receiving and detecting changes in energy, moods and feelings of people at a higher level than common people.

Example, perhaps you can readily tell a person’s mood is changing tempestuous when you see from their body language or expression, or you know who calls even before you pick up phone, or, you feel you will meet your old friend today in the supermarket and it happens! Even if you have the psychic sense to see those from “the other side” out of the corner of your eyes?

I understand it could be disturbing if you have this kind of ability. It will be frightening at times if you can predict events in the future or tell when someone is dying, like in the movie “Final Destination”.

Psychic Maria Duval advises that if you have such ability, congratulations! The correct way to handle this is not to evade from it, but to opening embrace it into your world and life this psychic side of you.
This is so you are then able to control your experiences.

Why is that so?

It is important to be able to control your psychic energy and steer it within the vicinity of your life. In other words, make good use of it rather than run away from it as this is a precious gift from God.

It is reported somewhere that an increase in psychic energy could give rise to an aura field that is strong enough to break small bulbs. This is actually something out of control. You want it to steer it and bring it under control, and that is by honing and developing it more. Like characters in the series Hero, who discover their out of the world ability and able to use it when needed to “save the world”.

Life will then come to a manageable level and you will begin to enjoy your improvement in ESP sensory skills. Your psychic gifts will when embraced, allowing you to learn more about your inner nature and self, and what’s imperative to your life mission.

Dream big

August 21, 2008

I am writing this hours after what sprinter Usain Bolt had done in the 200m sprint. Michael Johnson said he was not ready to break the world record, but he was proven wrong! Inside Bolt’s mind must be the word “I am the winner”. So strong is the desire to win in style that he had honed his mentality to one that is nearly impregnably confident.

He put in the effort in training, and coupled with his natural talent for sprinting, he has turned this Olympics to one that is representative of his feat in the track.

Yes, we can be ready yet still lose. However, that is not the point here. What i am trying to say is to be daring to DREAM BIG. Usain desperately wanted to have the 200m world record hence he put in his best in the final and he succeeded in doing so. He could have just slowed down in the last 20m meter if he wanted and still won the event at ease. But that was not what he wanted. In life, we should be like him in the track, dream big, aim high, and go for it, within the moral principles of course! Who knows, you have a fair chance of breaking your own world record too..

Yes, DREAM BIG, you have the ability to achieve what you dream for, no doubt about it. Dream and work for it and you will achieve it! While people may distract you or dismissing you totally, stand firm in the barrage of doubts and criticisms.

Do your best and even if you fall, you have no regrets about it because you have put in your best! By dreaming big then you are truly re-defining your life.

If you are not happy with your life, job, or anything, dream big and think outside the box, free your mind from the shackles. You will rediscover yourself surely…

People like Bolt who is now idolized by millions earned our respect by stepping out and going after their dream. So, what is your world record you are after? Define one that is within your sight today!