Maria in Japan?

November 5, 2009

I have found a few new photos of Maria Duval at Picasaweb at Apparently Maria was in Japan recently October 2009 and this will refute the claims that she is not real. This comes as a surprise as I find her information rather limited and I hope she will step up her public appearance, but I understand she must be a very busy lady as she needs to help so many people to improve their lives.

Maria Duval


2 Responses to “Maria in Japan?”

  1. JayandJudy Says:

    Hi Maria Duval I Got Your Latter in the mail.
    I did what you said and i cut 1/2 and yours is,
    in the mail. the other is under my mattress ,
    on my side. My had me to do this for us cause me being the head of the house hold.. God bless you…
    jayandjudy pasqusrille..

  2. adam butler Says:

    i did what you said by repeating the sentences you said in the letter.

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