I like music. I think this is something I’ve never mentioned here before. I’m still a rather private person when it comes to blogging. I just don’t feel comfortable “stripping bare” my life to show it here. Music has always been part of my life and I love it since young and I learned music theory in my college days. I have a flute in my room but I have not played it for a long time. Usually I’m on my classical CD’s and I love to set it to replay mode. The music increases my creativity and its notes stimulate my thinking level.

Among so many types, my favorite are “Masques et Bergamasques” by French composer Faure. It gives you a deep mood of peace, calmness and transquility.

“Valse Triste” by Finnish legend Sibelius and Chopin’s “Tristesse” are really great as accompaniments to my meditation sessions. They are transcendental.

But if I need inspirations, particularly on a sleepy morning, I turn on Dvorak’s 4th movement from the “New World Symphony”, his 9th symphony, which was inspired by his visit to America. Youtube below. Isn’t it majestic?

If I need some bright cheerful and lifting moments, there are “The Three-conerned Hat” by Falla and the Farandole in “L’Arlésienne Suite Number 2” by Bizet.

I hope you like my music recommendation.


1. You are unsure of your relationship.
2. You are looking for your love of your life.
3. You love someone and wonder if your love is reciprocated.
4. You are not sure who to turn to because you have some grave worries of your life.
5. You always have fears in your mind about your future.
6. You are finding it hard to contain your fears and heart aches.

So you really need someone who is wise enough to offer you advices and inject some sense pf positivity into your life without the fear of privacy, who can you approach?

After thinking for sometime, I feel you can approach a psychic. Experienced psychics have great sensory powers and they can really gaze into your mind deeper than what you can understand yourself. They offer you new insights into your life in a professional way through their supersensitive intuition and psychic tools such as numerology, tarot reading, crystal gazing and so on. They can use any tool to accurately divine your future.

They answer to you the following kinds of doubts in your mind:

1. What brought you and your love together.
2. What can make each of you happy?
3. What role you need to play in your relationship?
4. What are your emotional needs?
5. What you should do to bring your failed relationship back on its right course.
6. Have you finally found the right person whom you can live the rest of your life?
7. How to strengthen the areas of your compatibility?
8. How to bridge the gaps in your relationship?
9. How to see your problems in new perspective?
10. How can you convert the difficulties in your relationships into opportunities to further strengthen your emotional bond with your partner?

I have been doing sessions of telepathic seances with Maria Duval for the last couple of months during the evening time. I really enjoy the sessions so much so that I think my stress is washed out everytime it ends. I know Maria Duval is working her psychic magic over at her side for people like me who believes in her.

With Maria’s talismans for luck and money, love and friendship, my life certain improve as what she says. I’m not gaining unending riches but I do feel I have the “rich” mentality all inside me and this is the most important I feel. Think and visualize what you want to be.

Just to update my mom who I introduced to Maria Duval is feeling great spiritually too. She’s smiling and feeling cheerful not like previous times when she would feel depressed over her life events easily. She’d even won jackpot in the casino a couple of times!

Psychic chat online for you

January 15, 2008

If you are into spirituality practice as a hobby or as a passion, or simply wants to find out more about life, you will notice there are quite a number of people who claim to develop or acquire this gift from Heaven which is clairvoyance. I’m not just talking about Maria Duval. There are many others who are clairvoyant enough to give fairly accurate clairvoyant readings. I think these people are valuable assets and they are in a very competitive market of free online phone psychic chat.

Among such a big gifted field of clairvoyant psychic to choose from, I personally think it is still best if you can get someone to refer via word of mouth advertising. This is the most effective way to spread your name in this competitive niche market. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to establish yourself in the field of phone psychic jobs, which also includes psychic chat online as well.

For those who are keen to be in this line of online psychic job, there are several tests to go through as there is a need to withhold the professionalism in this line as there are a lot of stories regarding dishonest acts. Talk to American Association of Psychics, American Association of Professional Psychics, Association of Certified Psychics, and the Association of Spiritualists and Healers. You can also approach non-profit association such as Parapsychology Association.

A Maria Duval testimony

January 13, 2008

It is glad to see S.C. sending to me her own testimonial of how psychic Maria Duval had been in her life. It had been many months since I receive such testimonies and if you have, do inform me by dropping a comment at any blog post.

Dear Maria Duval,
maria duval testimonyThis is to let you know how the seances went. I had started to say the prayer and on the 13 of November I started feeling different, more confidence, relax, calm, more happy enjoying my work, noticing people were much friendlier. My friend Anne make me bought the book ‘‘Secret’’. It’s all about what you are telling me to be more positive and the universe will help you etc… I had read something like that before but didn’t keep up the practice but now I see what I have to do to be happy.

Anyway while I was at work I could feel this tingling in my feet & legs and felt warm inside I thought of you working your magic on me. I felt great. Too on 26 of November, I had took the day off so I could attend our seance at 14:01. That morning I had a phone call, a man calling me about my (CPP) he said I would get more money if I fill out another form and that I deserved to get the money coming to me, I was shock he said I am not suppose to tell you this, so say nothing and I will send you the right form far epen to send me. We told far awhile and I thank him. (He was angel looking up for me). I still haven’t work the past with my angels yet but soon will but one night the same day that I received the book I dream that I had two angels next to me and I ask one of them to send me lone and I remember putting my hands around his face and he kiss me on the chin – I woke-up – thinking what was that all above. I am laughing while I write this, but like you said they are there.

Another strange thing happen on November 26. (afternoon) I started getting ready for our schedule seance 14:01. Anyway I was in a deep relaxing stage when I notice that it was 13:30 I knew that I had started too early but during that time I remember seeing this dark looking man with a mustache marin who was that! So than I got ready again for your séance and notice that it was you working on me this time. Stange (Could it be that Greek guy just kidding.

Maria, I just done reading your letters they are so professional written. You seem to be a hard working woman.

I love my cross and all the other talismans I try to have them with me at all time. I won about $80 so far with tickets. But I know it will be more soon the way you are working on me.

I am going out more I love music and dancing I had toir gines & cha-cha and other dance. So I might meet the man of my life soon it’s funny but before I didn’t care if I had someone or not and now I would like to have someone, it’s more fun I love to travel so I want to share my trip with someone. It will be possible soon. Thank you so much.

P.S. I will let you know more of what’s happening.

Well done, thanks for for your testimonial, S.C! I’m sure your life will be very blessed.

The much sought after recipe for a pomade from ancient egypt. Enjoy!! 😛

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Oh my gosh!! That’s what I need now!

psychic chat online

January 7, 2008

Right, realize that psychic chat online is a big activity nowadays and it is fascinating.

I use to disbelieve in such thing like psychic advice until I personally one of my former working buddy’s life being changed by a psychic! She grew out of her rather depressed life and faced the world now with renewed vigor and optimism. I think I’m right to say it’s kind of a psychology effect. People just need a “bridge” in between to transform their gloom of life to passion for life.


She was the one who made me interested in such thing as psychics and clairvoyance and Maria Duval, of course. It’s a very odd topic, and most people regard it as fantasy.

Furthermore, one needs to throw away rational thinkings in terms of numbers and scientific proofs before one can seriously understand it. But at the same time more people are disillusioned by the modern life that they begin to believe in psychic and clairvoyant consultations.

Whether out of curiosity, belief, or human nature, people seem drawn to the possibility of supernatural answers despite the belief systems ingrained in them since birth. Is their some mystical power that draws these people towards mediums in order to glean answers about their future?

Yes, these questions are unexplained from scientific theories hence psychic chats and advices fill in this gap. Psychic chat online business can then be regarded as a way out to relieve life anxieties through people with supernatural abilities.

I assure you talking or sessions with a psychic can be an effective tool for dealing with stress and anxiety. It may also expand your mind to new concepts and allow you to break out of the preordained mold that you may be trapped in.

Lastly, I wish you have a great and happy 2008! 🙂