Everyone has natural talent and abilities

March 28, 2008

I have heard people blaming parents, environment, God and anything for their lack of successes. They will lament, “I just do not have any talents to achieve anything!” It saddens me when I hear that, isn’t it? A perfectly healthy guy having that down-trodden self-defeating attitude is the worse ever mental obstacle one can have and is one that can only be helped by oneself.

natural talentsThe point I trying to make here is that each one of us is blessed with some special natural talents; everyone is blessed, unless the person is seriously unfortunate with some birth defects. 😦 These natural gifts are what God has blessed you with and these gifts can be our life purposes that would help in fulfilling our beliefs about ourselves.

Some of these gifts could be: musical talents, athletic ability, ability with numbers, sense of humour, taste buds, artistic abilities, great voice, linguistics, mental agilities etc …… I say again, all perfectly normal human beings have a special gift. So if you think you do not have it, think of the times when you achieve something rewarding that a classmate or friend praised you, no matter how small incident could be. You can discover something hidden in you from that point.

For example, most of them said I was not humorous enough, but I think of an incident in college where a close buddy of me actually recommended me to the teacher for a stage play character that required a natural sense of humor! That incident make me sure I have the natural humor in me! In the end, I did not get selected, but that’s not the point.

Yet, during our growing up years and then the stresses of building our new lives and future, we seem to have lost touch of these abilities.

Let me rephrase …. these talents or special gifts are actually your signature in other people’s lives. These talents have made you unique. They give people some impressions about you. Most people remember us what what we did, or do. They do not really recognise us physically, but they recognise our talents.

Check yourself today. Take time to think about your talents or gifts.


2 Responses to “Everyone has natural talent and abilities”

  1. Hanane Says:

    Oh thank you! I found the link to this article on my post today! Incredible. Talents have to be nurtured and encouraged.


  2. We all have talent,It isn’t how much we have, it is what we do with it that is important.My goal is to bring something beautiful into this world that was not here before. I think it is more important to leave something behind,than to what we get out of this life! Your article covers that. Thank You. Kevin

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