Thoughts are energies

January 31, 2007

Every matter in the universe possesses energy, that includes the air we breath and lights that shine on us. The table and chair that I used to type this post are made of energy too. Even science has proven that your thoughts are energy too. Thoughts can be expressed as ‘vibrational energies’. All matters have energies, therefore, all vibrates, which are determined by the state they are in. This is beginning to sound like a physics lesson…

You emanate bad energy when your thoughts are negative or impure. If your thoughts are negative and full of impurities, the vibrational energy your thought gives of will attract similar negative vibrational energies from the outside. This is Law of Attraction in working. Therefore, when you tune your vibrational energy to one of abundance, success, or whatever it is that you want to attract, you’ll attract that into your life. Those people who doubt Maria Duval’s authenticity should be banished for writing her works off as something shambolic. Remember, acting as negative will not bring you any successes in life.

As such, if you know the full principles of how the vibrational energies of your thoughts work, you can utilise it to attrack lucks and successes into your live. Remember your thought is like a magnet, you attract what you have in your mind. Hence wouldn’t it be foolish for you not to act or think positively? You have only yourself to blame if things don’t turn out well for being so negative all along.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today I would like to share my good news with you. Recently I contacted Maria Duval in order to help me make a wish come true. She gave me the numbers an talisman. And already an few weeks later some things became reality: A court case was deceided in my favor and I received a $10,000.00 cheque; but that was not all, I further got $717.80 as a back-payment from social security, and another $250.00 are coming my way. I know that the psychic power of Maria Duval has helped those things to materialize. This is my way of thanking her and letting others know that there is hope. Now my wife and I are able to pay some outstanding bills and most important, pay for tutoring classes for our grandchildren. Our oldest grandaughter was this way also able to go on a class trip to Athens, Greece. There are many blessings and I’m convinced that this is just the beginning.
Once again: Thank you Maria Duval.
With regards from New York City,
Felix and Christel A.
P.S. + $500.00 +$500.00 + $500.00 and is still coming: $580.00 more.

Whenever I talk to my friends, my family members, or any normal associates about matters or just seeking their opinions, I realize that 90% of of people are negative in nature. I can really understand because I used to be that a couple of years back. It got so bad that many of the views I expressed then were downright disheartening and didn’t do any good to the morals of the people I associated with. And I felt exhilarated about it because I felt I managed to convince these people to have the same view as me. It also made me feel like I was a champion for their causes, expert analyst of the issues and condemn whatever policies my ex-company came out with, and I did make a lot of friends as a result because birds of the same colors fly together!

Later, through a life changing experience. I realized my folly about having negative attitude about almost anything. Instead of living a happy life, I was wallowing in despair and angst. Live was really not that sweet and health did not do well either. It was not a nice experience to talk about really.

The trouble with being negative about life and all the mistakes you have made is that it tends to be a slippery slope so much in as more negative things start to happen which makes you more negative and depressed. The difference with people who are positive about life is that when they make a mistake they do not dwell on it, they just chalk it down to experience and move on, plus they learn how to do better next time, and the more they learn by their mistakes the more successful they become in their everyday life, and are more mentally able to cope with all of life’s challenges. Also they always prefer to view issues with a positive thought eg let say’s you are struck by a flat tyre, instead of cursing your bad luck and why you seem to get it often, you can twist your thinking around and say thanks to Lord for having a spare tyre for you.

If you adopt positive attitude, not only will you be happier, your productivity actually increases too. Your health improves too!

A recent 2005 testimony from Gisela H, Germany. I am so glad to hear her story. Wish Gisela all the best in life!

Dear Maria!

Today I feel the urge to write you a few personal lines.

Even though nothing has happened up to now, I would like to thank you very much for your trouble and assistance, particularly for the book with the special collection of secret teachings. It is so wonderfully written and so vividly described that I felt joy whilst reading it. Even though I should have learnt all that sort of thing a long time ago, I still find it very, very difficult to feel or listen to inspiration or intuition. The same applies to visualisation. Yet I’m a painter and paint people, animals and objects, from my imagination. I have my second sight. Why doesn’t it work for this purpose? At least I know now that it’s down to me. I am secretly hoping that the Goddess Lakshmi can do something for me. I’ve put the photo in the bedroom next to the Knights Templar box.

But I’ve been doing much better since I’ve know you, dear Maria Duval, and I’ve found my inner balance again. I hear the birds sing again and see the flowers bloom again. Yet the sun still doesn’t have the right lustre, although the rays warm me, and all this is thanks to you, dear Maria. Your dear letters are so full of hope and kind that I can’t help loving them. And although my lucky star seems to have gone out, it did bring me you, dear Maria. So it does still twinkle through the veil now and again. It also gave me eight days on Tenerife with wonderful people – the spiritual healer Antonio –we spent divine hours with meditation and rituals on magical Teide and for the first time I felt the force that ran through me, I felt that I was linked with God and Earth. Now I need to contradict myself: something has happened – I have become much freer and I can even smile and be silly.

Now for something else. Dear Maria Duval, I want to give you something that is from me alone, this small book of poems and pictures. I wrote it for my husband when he was still alive to thank him for all the love and goodness and so much trust he gave me. The same goes for you, Maria, I hope you find some joy in it. It was my first attempt on a PC, unfortunately with some errors. Now it’s broken and I have to make do with the old one that tends to capitalise everything up front. Maybe the Goddess Lakshmi will help sometime when my lucky star twinkles again.

With greetings from all my heart

Erkerode, 27.07.2005

Gisela H.

We need to take care of the health of our spirits. This has been forgotten by most people who mostly care about physical health. If you follow Maria Duval’s guidances, your spiritual health will grow stronger because her instructions are based on improving your spirituality and attracting positive energies to your inner self.

Do you agree that we all have spirits? All living things have a spirit because that’s the thing that sustains their lives. Many times when we are faced with situation where we have to make an important decision, we are in fact discussing the problem with our spirits. That’s the instinct you are talking about. Or you are so touched that you cried suddenly, that’s your spirit too.

Further more, like our physical health, we need to strengthen our spiritual health through exercises. There are many spiritual products in the market and Maria Duval’s services are one that I have benefited a lot. I am continuing practising what I have learned from her. And I always discover new treasures.

I find that people are too easy to find fault and complain instead of expressing gratitude.

It is so simple to complain about simple things in life that we come across often. Take for example, we complain that the food in the restaurant is cold when it is perfectly fine to be eaten. Or when we go travels, we complain that the schedules aren’t totally according to the plan. Have you imagined what sort of image you have shown to other people when you go about being a hard-to-pleased? I have known of a person who swears by his life, colleagues and even family members when things are not in his favor.

Well, I am not saying it is not right to complain. If you complain in the right way, it is actually beneficial and is a constructive feedback to improve the service you are complaining about. Yes, complain in the right direction. Recently I wrote an email to a local transport company about a foul smell emanating from the departing area. It has been there for so many days yet no one is taking any actions. Such situation warrants a complain yet no one is making it. I immediately wrote in that afternoon after getting pissed off. 3 days later, the transport company replied to me feeling apologetic and explained to me that that foul smell was due to a rotting rat carcass and I get the impression I am the only one to tell them from the way the letter was written. I shuddered at the air I have breathed in there.

We all know that life isn’t perfect and that it isn’t going to go smoothly. We all get upset sometimes when we hit a stumbling block, and being reasonable when we’re upset isn’t always easy, but it is possible. My own view when we get upset easily is because we are not paying attention to the appreciative things in life. I’m not talking about events like winning the lottery, but about the little day-to-day sources of joy and laughter.

How about saying how beautiful life is when you hear your neighbor’s roosters screaming at 5am instead of feeling upset that it disturbed your sleep? How about saying how great the food tastes when it comes instead of focusing on the slightly longer waiting time? If you feel upset by the time, you are giving yourself a travesty because the food tastes distinctly poorer I can bet when it is perfectly wonderful. It all linked to being positive, as is what this blog is striving focus on. Being positive and make positive energies in life!

People who are happy, positive and grateful to the great Creator in life certainly leads a better life! If you the type of gets upset easily, complains a lot and being belligerent, it really doesn’t help you psychologically and medically too as research has proved that happier and positive people produce endorphine that is hugely beneficial in your overall well being.

I know I have no say in how you lead your life but how I want my life to be is totally within your choice. For me, I want a happy and positive life as what Maria Duval has mentioned

It’s a fast paced world today. Going to any big cities around the world and you can feel the pulse of activity is so strong, thousands of people are always in a hurry yet they co-exist together in complete solitude. Never have I seen meaningful eye contact or some friendly smiles to people around you. But there is one thing that you can do to change that.

That is through positive humor and through laughs. This will give a common platform for people to connect. All of us whether young or old, have come natural capacity for humor.

Every person has remnants of childlike behavior in us because everyone’s been through it. It’s just that through the years of growing up, we are always reminded or tuned that we must act or behave like grown ups, that is why the ‘inner child’ of us has already been crushed and almost no chance to re-appear. So many people are filled with sadness, anger, and frustration that those emotions seem to take over. However, if you can put a humorous spin on events, your heart and spirit will soar.

Smiling to a stranger, saying “hi” to someone who takes the same lift as you are, being patient with the person in front of you in a store queue, all these simple acts are easy ways to make connections and spread positive humor to others, transcending any existing or perceived brrier and paving the way for a meaningful relationship, hence leading to a better world.