Plan person

September 9, 2009

On Labor Day, a blaringly loud sound nearly pierced by eardrum while I was in deep slumber early morning. I jumped up from my cosy bed and stared at the picture hanged at my wall.

It’s already 9am. Time to get ready for the day’s activity. I got up, grab a shower, brush my teeth, and did a short meditation from Maria Duval’s guidebook. Felt so much better and composed after that.

Yes, that’s my routine almost everyday. It really makes some sense to my daily life. I like things to be ticking like clockwork, according to plans. I am a plan person.

Time is such a funny yet profound element in our life. Every passing second, what we are in become history, and we are living into the future. In a blink of an eye, we are approaching Thanksgiving soon.

Time is an illusion to me of what will happen and happened.


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