Live a fruitful life

October 7, 2009

Life can be stagnant and boring at times. Energy could be low and life may seem listless.

Don’t you envy some people’s rich and colorful life? Compared to you, they seem to get better returns as they explore new activities, travel to exotic countries for holiday or trying out the new bar in town.

That’s right. I guess things won’t happen on its own. You as the master of your destiny needs to make it change. One has to make their life change by doing something to sort it out and put it more in line with what they really want. Maria Duval tells me it is never too late for me to expand my knowledge and experiences.

A friend of mine who is happily married for around 5 years and is now a stay home mom to take care of her 3 year old kid recently told me that she is not happy at all, despite what people perceive her to be.

There is nothing wrong with looking after the home and children, but the mind and what one wants out of life cannot be ignored forever. A time will ultimately come when she will decide how she wants more out of life.
Maria says it is important for all in this situation to remember that it is never too late to live one’s life.


On a healthy diet

September 24, 2009

Eating the right kind of food is essential as our bodies need the right kind of energy to embark on physical work as well as for mental acuity. There must have enough nutrition and lots of vitamins. Junk food while they are tasty, should be avoided as much as possible.

Challenge yourself to complete a week of healthy diet – lots of vegetable, nuts, fibers and proteins. Reduce on the amount of roasted or grilled meat as too much of it can result in cancerous substances in our bodies.

Having a healthy diet really gives a good effect to the person who perform it. One of the good effects of it is that it helps our body to avoid sickness. So when you eat good, you good great too!

Yes, it is a very disciplined process when you are on a healthy diet route. Taste may be bland and lack of that “full” feeling. It is totally understandable. However, after 1 or 2 weeks, you may feel a difference.

At this time when there is a controversial health care bill to be rubber stamped, why not we take own responsibility to keep ourselves healthier? I certainly do not want to be a burden to the rest of the nation.

Plan person

September 9, 2009

On Labor Day, a blaringly loud sound nearly pierced by eardrum while I was in deep slumber early morning. I jumped up from my cosy bed and stared at the picture hanged at my wall.

It’s already 9am. Time to get ready for the day’s activity. I got up, grab a shower, brush my teeth, and did a short meditation from Maria Duval’s guidebook. Felt so much better and composed after that.

Yes, that’s my routine almost everyday. It really makes some sense to my daily life. I like things to be ticking like clockwork, according to plans. I am a plan person.

Time is such a funny yet profound element in our life. Every passing second, what we are in become history, and we are living into the future. In a blink of an eye, we are approaching Thanksgiving soon.

Time is an illusion to me of what will happen and happened.

Precious water

August 3, 2009

Water is very precious to us. How convenient it is when we just turn on our taps and clean water gushes out of the tube. Water is our life-giving chemical compound. However, it seems like many people are taking advantage of it by wasting it endlessly in their daily routine.

When you watch the news channels, i am sure you have come across some countries which are suffering long drought. Imagine how life will be like if we don’t have water for one day! These poor souls probably have not seen water for weeks!

I read that when water travels in our body, it brings along lots of chemicals and nutrients with the flow. That is why it is so important to our functioning brain if we are to remain alert and in good concentration. We need water to carry nutrients to our brains so that it’s working well. Hence, you can say water is the primary brain booster!

Maria Duva’s guide to healthy living says that if we want our energy-levels to be consistently high, we need to drink enough water. What is enough? That depends on your own body. But drinking a glass of water, or herbal tea every hour is a good idea!

As a person who is leads an active lifestyle, the first thing that i make sure is that 2 liters of water bottle is fully filled up before I go out!

Summer sun

June 4, 2009

Some friends just love the summer sun and heat. They think the feeling is just awesome. Summer months are the best time of the year for them. People head for the beaches, so in terms of tourism, it probably gets mor hectic this season when the flights could be rather full. In this economic uncertainty, the amount of retail and tourist revenues generated could be beneficial to kickstart the stagnating economy…

However, I just don’t enjoy it. The heat just gets my skin oily easily and pimples break out anytime too. It’s really bad i mean. My two favorite seasons are spring and autumn, because its nice cool and mild weather. I just don’t understand how people can enjoy being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. When the heat gets too much, i’d rather hide in my room with the air conditioner on.

Thanks for allowing me to express…

I find this blog very productive for me to express how I feel. It could be better than expressing my thoughts to my closer ones sometimes. Yes I know it is one way most of the time, however, the trickle of comments received mean so much to me, as it shows people are coming consistently to this simple blog.

Change is good

May 11, 2009

Aren’t you happy that the spring is here? No matter how your life is, it ought to be the best time of the year when snow is melting and temperature gets really comfortable.

Nothing means me happier sitting at my balcony watching the birds and squirrels frolicking from branches to branches. It makes me feel the joy of life and being alive.

Next, I spent last Friday packing, shifting and unpacking my to my new sitting position. People congratulated me, saying i cream of the lot. As that’s a position that looks out to the lake and the forest at the far back of the building and is located at a corner which deems it as strategic to observe the office movement… Thanks Maria Duval for this blessings. You had said something good was coming to my life “next month” in your work. I guess that’s is it.

But that does not mean i’d have the time to sit there enjoying the view. Loads are getting heavier as there are some changes. I am simply happy for two things – my own cosy working position, and to continue my stint with a company who is growing.

Change is good. Change is inevitable. For now, change is security.

Bridal Shower

April 16, 2009

Away from the serious topic this time. Not spirituality, Maria Duval or self-improvement this time round.

A good buddy of mine, so good that i call her my “sister” is getting married….i am so happy for her in fact. Finally she found a guy that she likes after so many futile relationships. Now minus a few weeks and counting. The sister’s wedding festivities are approaching, fast and furious.

I have promised her me and the rest of the gang will put up the best behavior. And not to usurp her moment of glory on that day 🙂 In another 3 weeks we will have the Bridal Shower and i just wonder who was the first person who came up with all these funny traditions? I volunteer to do the dishes and help out ni the baking of cakes. So, for the love of all that is dignified, give me a king-sized break.

Well, open for more suggestions for this party from you guys!

Ohh, Maria Duval, wish you will be there that day 🙂