Sometimes you just feel as if you have been to this place before, even though you are visiting that place for the first time..the place seems so comfortable to you and you just sense it’s familiar. Or you met someone for first time, yet it’s like you know the person from somewhere..Recently, I met a vendor. When I opened my office door, that familiar feeling surged me, and I immediately told him about this familiar feeling. He sensed the same thing too, but we couldn’t recall when was that…I not sure too, maybe i knew him in the past life?

That’s a distinct possibility as I believe in such thing called past life. Maria Duval mentioned about past life too, as do many great spiritual men.

Subconsciously, your mind records your past events that happened in your past life and that’s why you find it familiar today. Do you know that our subconscious is part of our spiritual soul and this soul accompanies you from life to life. It may appear absurd and this is the mystery where modern science can’t solve or explain.

Ever heard aboutthe story of a psychiatrist who hypnotized a patient. While in the hypnotic state, past life memories that were stored in the patient’s subconscious mind were awakened and she gave stunning details of her past life experiences.

In Buddhism, there is always the mentioning of past life and how we are like and what place we life or what life we lead today is always linked to our past life. It’s an external cycle of suffering and to break free from this endless cycle, one has to achieve the purest state of enlightenment. This is the core of the idea.

If you have ever wondered about the possibility of past lives, a little research may end any doubts that you may have had.


How a Blind Date Can Increase Your Psychic Abilities

So how can a blind date increase your psychic abilities? It’s probably not what you’re thinking. We’re not talking about having a few drinks with someone you’ve never met before. We’re talking about developing your psychic abilities by deliberating shutting down one or more of your five senses.

Because we are such physical creatures, we have a tendency to use our five senses in everything we do. That’s not a bad idea for driving, walking, or working on the computer, but if you want to increase your psychic or spirit abilities, using your five senses less will help.

That’s where the blind date comes in. A blind date is where you blindfold yourself and have a buddy walk you around on a “date.” Your buddy’s job is to make sure that you’re safe and you don’t walk into anything or fall in a ditch. Your buddy is your guide and will lead you around, keeping you safe and upright.

Your part of this date is to extend your psychic abilities outward as your buddy walks you around. Sense what is around you. Do you sense a large object ahead or just open space? Sense what is behind and above you as well, since your psychic abilities will allow you to see in 360 degrees.

You might want to have your buddy walk you around for a while, in many directions until you no longer have a sense of where you are. Then spin slowly around and extend your spirit perceptions. Tell your buddy what you sense in each direction and have him or her tell you if you’re right.

If you don’t have a buddy to do this with, you can do it by yourself outside. Start in a relatively open space and just move slowly so you don’t get hurt. Give a whole new meaning to the term “blind date,” right?

One of the most previous life lesson I learn from clairvoyant Maria Duval is that money is a form of spiritual energy that flows around. So to maintain your life to be debt free, I need to learn the spiritual side of it as well. So i understand there are three main spiritual aspects regarding money: sharing, trust and gratitude.

When I mention these aspects, some people will gasp, “oh no, not all these stuff again!” People would rather believe in the cutthroat behavior of us than listening to someone preaching about showing gratitude to things around. I have to say here, be grateful of what you have, and stop complaining!

Why is gratitude important?

Many people around this country are poor. They struggle from paycheck to paycheck. They are the silent majority yet they work hard just to ensure they heads are above the water. Rather than adopting a bad attitude to it, look at it from another angle.

Yes, your pockets may seem to be filled with holes. Nonetheless, be grateful! Instead of whining, put your time and effort on making money to live a debt-free lifestyle. Many successful people started nothing in life too.

Remember to share what you have in life, no matter how meager it is. I always heard people saying I am so poor so how’s it possible I can help others? Without sharing, there is really no spiritual force acting on you and bring back good things to your life.

I just love scented candles. The scent emitted is known to improve total mood and the disposition of a person because they contain essential oils. Some how, I am influenced by a couple of friends who are really fervently into this. They regard it as alternative medicine or additional therapy as the mainstream medical practices do not recognize them as serious professional practice.

For example, I am sure you have heard of aromatherapy. This is the use of a richly scented candle to enhance your mood and provision. The scented candles contain essential oils which are known to have calming and curative properties.

And when these scented candles are lighted, your mood would be improved as the scent calm you down through its scent. So a good way to utilise aromatherapy in your life is by burning oils essential on burners with oil to allow the salutary perfume to impregnate a room. There are many different kinds of candles which will “work” on different moods you wish to achieve. My friend who has constant migraine believes that scented candle can relax her and make her head clearer!

If you have a problem of sleep, the candles with perfumes such as jasmine or lavender can help you to slacken and improve your model of sleep. You can appreciate the scented candles aromatherapy all by yourself, or with a associate, or a group. You can use the candles scented while taking a bath instead of employing the light of bathroom.

You can also light several candles scented in your room to sleep while you spend time with your partner. In this way you will have a great time with your loved ones!

How to gather, store and circulate energy (qi, prana, life-force) and being aware of the vibratory nature of our body and mind, are central to any yoga or qigong practice. You may be asking how to achieve this spiritual state? To “acquire” more spiritual energy would imply the creation of a container, of boundaries.

One way is to learn to utilize the energy/intelligence of the pelvic floor, the “base” upon which our entire torso rests. The first step in doing this is simply to let our awareness circulate more freely in the lower belly, and to encourage an opening or widening of the skeletal and muscular structures of the pelvic floor.

Can we actually feel the muscles that flow between our two sitting bones? Can we actually feel the muscles that connect the pubic bone with the coccyx (tailbone)? Each of these sets of muscles is a diaphragm ~ similar in structure to the more well-known “diaphragm” located at the lower edge of our ribcage.

And in the same way that our thoracic (ribcage) diaphragm helps us to breathe more deeply, the diaphragms of the pelvic floor can help us to “breathe” energy: to draw life-force from the surrounding environment into the field of our bodymind. We can begin to activate this mechanism simply by imagining that we’re “breathing” through our sitting-bones (as though they were our “nostrils”).

Another way is to sit quietly in a room where you’re not likely to be disturbed, for the duration of the practice. Now look at one of the walls … and begin to imagine that you are yourself becoming a wall: feel the rigid, impenetrable quality of the wall, and allow those qualities to enter into the very cells of your body. Feel yourself becoming “wall-like” on all sides of your being: not letting anything in or out, hyper-vigilant, rigid, contracted. Maintain this state of being for ten minutes, or so.

Now, turn to face the door of the room. Let go of those qualities of “wall-ness,” and let yourself, instead, begin to adopt ~ into the very cells of your body ~ the qualities of a door. Feel within yourself the capacity to be open, fluid, completely relaxed about comings and goings … completely open to any and all phenomenon that appear within the field of your senses, the field of your experience as a human being. Be completely open. Maintain this state of being for twenty minutes, or so. Notice how you feel.

If we practice this for 60 days, we can become more & more comfortable remaining “open” to the experiences, to the flow of our lives. Also important (at the beginning stages of the practice, in particular) is to notice the choices we have along a whole spectrum (from 100% closed to 100% open) … and to become more & more adept at consciously choosing where we place ourselves, in a given situation, along this spectrum. To ask: what feels “safe” to me, and why? And to become more and more comfortable with this (and all!) paradox …