Sharing, trust and gratitude are three spiritual aspects regarding money

May 15, 2008

One of the most previous life lesson I learn from clairvoyant Maria Duval is that money is a form of spiritual energy that flows around. So to maintain your life to be debt free, I need to learn the spiritual side of it as well. So i understand there are three main spiritual aspects regarding money: sharing, trust and gratitude.

When I mention these aspects, some people will gasp, “oh no, not all these stuff again!” People would rather believe in the cutthroat behavior of us than listening to someone preaching about showing gratitude to things around. I have to say here, be grateful of what you have, and stop complaining!

Why is gratitude important?

Many people around this country are poor. They struggle from paycheck to paycheck. They are the silent majority yet they work hard just to ensure they heads are above the water. Rather than adopting a bad attitude to it, look at it from another angle.

Yes, your pockets may seem to be filled with holes. Nonetheless, be grateful! Instead of whining, put your time and effort on making money to live a debt-free lifestyle. Many successful people started nothing in life too.

Remember to share what you have in life, no matter how meager it is. I always heard people saying I am so poor so how’s it possible I can help others? Without sharing, there is really no spiritual force acting on you and bring back good things to your life.


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