May turn out to be true

March 29, 2007

According the Marie Duval’s prediction, she said I would find a new love in the first half of 2007 and I thought about it while having my breakfast this morning. It has been quite surprising and if the turn of the events in the last couple of weeks were to be the precursor to what it would be in the next few months, I guess Maria Duval’s prediction is turning out to be true. I am still not so sure about it though because I’m apprehensive as I suffered a big letdown in relationship a few years ago and I’d been shying away from it. Will see how it goes and develops on my part and I would not give myself pressure on this issue.

Today a colleague specially took an urgent leave and she really spoiled up my day because I had to take over what she was supposed to be doing for the day! And I had to start all over again to understand the cases she is handling. I think it is really irresponsible of her to throw her stuff to me simply because her dog is giving birth! What a reason! Now the whole office knows about this issue and she’ll be a laughing stock. I just vent my anger and frustration here only. I don’t blame or mad about her.


Inspiring encounter

March 28, 2007

I bumped into an old colleague while I was out for lunch this afternoon. It has been more than 2 yeas since I last met him. He was very surprised to see me too because it had been so unexpected. Refreshing some memories, he is really a person who likes to take the lead and motivate others and is a born leader. Positive and dare to go against the tides yet able to play the game such that management likes him too. Rightly so, I asked him about it and he told me he had been promoted to department manager. It’s not easy to be at the position because it is a very competitive place. Of course I’m happy for him because a person of his caliber should be right at where he belongs.

From him, I somehow realize that as long as we continue to dream and always keep close to our goals, we will achieve it one day. Not many people will fully grasp the meaning and he’s a living example of how it should be done. He certainly inspires me.

Encouraging surprise..

March 27, 2007

Thanks God and Maria Duval’s talisman I actually got my car repaired over the weekend and it cost about $400 over. Of course I feel painful over that as that is worth nearly 2 months of gas for me. The repair took just about over half a day but the surprise to me was that the driver of the front car was there at the car service center waiting. It was he who recommended me to this service center and I am happy with its repair job. While waiting for the repair, we had time to talk and even had lunch together. I think I’m pleasantly surprised by this turn of event. Did Maria Duval predict about this? I’m curious to know at least. I know she tells me at this ime of the year I could have some “encouraging surprises”. I’m not sure if she refers to this. I have this strong happy intuition in me about he and I though. Is he the one?

Yesterday’s morning minor accident really had me running with fear whenever I take the the wheels this evening on the way home. The front was damaged and the blessings are there on me because the car is still humming in normal conditions. I will send the car for the repair over the weekend which shouldn’t take up much time. I really got to say thank you praises to God and Maria Duval’s talisman for their timely miraculous intervention.

I told myself to focus well and checked the mirrors often. Mostly important is do not doze off during the journey. When I reach home, I really give a sigh of relief! To stop my mind ramblings, looks like I need some time to meditate and to slow down the anxiety of my conscious mind.

Just a short update for today! My eyes are tired from staring at the computer screen after a long day looking at it.

Is it a miracle?

March 22, 2007

As the weather is not that conducive for driving recently, I’m always apprehensive about meeting an accident. Maria Duval says if you keep thinking about something in your mind, by attraction of thoughts, that something will happen. How right she has been!

This is because I really met a minor accident on my way to work this morning. Luckily though, it was just a minor one but I had a shocked. I thought I was going to be injured. I guess I have been driving too near to the front car at that times that why I had insufficient reaction time to brake. By God’s grace, my car miraculously just kissed the front car. My front bumper was knocked off to the road and there were some dents and scratches. I had been very lucky I thought. Was it because of the Maria Duval’s lucky charm I’ve been carrying along?

The driver of the front car was a gentleman in his 40s and he was very kind to help me along. It’s rare to meet such people nowadays and he really apologized profusely. Deep inside, I was kind of impressed. Even though my car is insured, he even offered to pay me the repair fee!

The whole stoppage lasted not more than 15 minutes but somehow I feel I may have known a special new friend. It’s really a miracle, isn’t it?

Dear all, it’s a cold Monday and I’m back to office to work. What a busy day because they had some promotion events over the weekend and I’m lucky to miss it lol .. Many people I talk to thought that I am in insurance sales when I told them I work in insurance line. Well, I can understand because it’s just like when you say to people you are working in aviation, they assume you are a pilot! I’m already used to that kind of comments. I’m not in sales force and I’m just a administrative officer supporting the sales team. Sometimes when it is busy, I do need to go down to events to chip in my hours for the team. The good thing is I do get some referral fees if I manage to refer someone to the team. I don’t wish to reveal more information as it is inconvenient.

A few sales staff have approached me to join sales team before because they said I’m a good sales person haha. I should take that as a compliment as I really don’t have any intention to do that. People are just too paranoid to the surrounding and spirituality precisely because they left themselves no room away from their monetary chase as all of them regard materialism as God and they thrive on heated competition. This kind of life is devoid of joie de vivre to me. Do you think I’m too mundane in outlook? I think I’ll meditate on that and reflect upon my value of life again. It’s spiritual time again..

A weekend with my mom.

March 18, 2007

The weather was quite cold and I think it was because of blizzard and snow storm at the Northeast. Nowadays weathers are really unpredictable. Just days ago, we had this report from the NOAA that this is the warmest winter in over one hundred years. There was lack of snow in some European ski resorts and no snow recorded in Tokyo. Yet now we had this mess over here. Well, the weather was cloudy over the weekend and I had to drive extremely carefully for a couple of hours out of town to meet my mom who stays with my auntie. I visit them as much as I can and I love to be there in a more rural setting taking a break from the city life.

My mom is a generally strong but like many old folks, illnesses come and go. Luckily she exercises through a lot of brisk walking and gardening. However, she has been quite sicked since fall last year and I’m worried. By her own strength and positive attitude, her health had become better since last one month and I’m glad for it. She knows I consulted Maria Duval and she too has read something about her although not all of those are positive. Precisely she believed in me (and I’m glad) and wanted to consult Maria Duval herself too to improve on her life which she says is the most precious at her age.

Now she has the letter of Maria Duval analyzing her health prospects this year and I’m happy that Maria Duval says that she would be excellent and there is a lucky period coming up in the second half of the year. Maria Duval also advises her to carry a talisman so that she can attract more positive forces to overcome her inner negative energies that have been residing inside her since last year. This is roughly what Maria Duval says about her and never had I feel happier when I’m with her when I read that.