“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one”

E Hubbard

My point is, it’s perfectly okay to be wrong, there is no need to fear about it. If you have that fear in your mind, you will not step out of the house door and you may regret that when you are older. I can understand many people’s mentality as “playing safe”, and ultimately it depends on what you are looking for in life.

I understand we are living in a world that does not have much allowance for any slip ups. Most of the times, the stakes are high. And people may not forgive you that easily if you have made any honest mistake. That’s why people like to play safe and regret in old age for not actively pursuing their dreams when they were young.

Mistakes happen and we can learn from it. It depends if we “want” to learn from them or make them again, I have made so many mistakes and I decided to read up on solutions to make sure that those mistakes don’t happen again.


Initiative thoughts to improve yourself is useless unless there is concrete action carried out by you to execute the plans of the thought. ACTION is a MUST.

I’m sure you know the Law of Attraction. Without this action, this law is not going to manifest on you. Well, one good tip to steer yourself in the right course is to learn to have a generous heart by giving a bit of yourself to the society regularly.

How? Of course, donating money is a common and easy way out. There are charities around in your country which really need your help. You may like to check more into these charities before donating just to be sure your money is indeed going out to the needy ones.

Other than money, you can of course donate used clothes, appliances or food to charities. Imagine the joy in the face of the desolate kid when he/she receives your donated items. Isn’t that the best joy in the world?

Besides donating, you can help elderly people to cross the road when you see them or give up your seats when you see a elderly grandmother in a public train or bus. I guess that just comes as natural to any person in a civilized world.

No matter how you are giving back to the society, you are in fact building up your positive “vibes” in your own life. It reflects good on your soul spiritually.

So learn to give without expecting anything in return. But you will receive folds in return. This is the indisputable law of the universe and is a hard-coded truth.

So, what type of giving from the heart makes your day?

Keen to be a Psychic?

July 13, 2007

Psychic ability is inherent in all of us and just like learning any other skill, it requires practice. Anyone can do it and like everything, there will be more failures than successes while some may be more successful due to natural talents.

If you think you have that raw natural talents to be a psychic, you just need some degree of practice and learning with the correct teachers. After some fine-tuning, you will be ready to read the minds of others. Never fear about the failure because it can’t be 100% accurate!

Of course you can’t be a good psychic if you don’t meditate. Do it everyday as meditation will connect your inner self intimately to the spiritual world. So remember to put in some quiet time of your own.

Be aware of any images, impressions, visions, or feelings you experience during meditation and, if you do receive an image or get a feeling about something, pursue it. It’s surprising how many people are satisfied with just little snippets of information when there is usually so much more to be had. Keep a journal of all your experiences and feelings and soon you will find that much of what you think and feel is actually answers to your questions.

Lastly of course, pay attention to your own intuition. Don’t dismiss what your inner voice light for it may save you! As you practise and meditate more and more, you’ll find that your intuition will grow stronger.

Remember that your state of mind is your most important asset in developing your psychic ability. You must believe that it is within your grasp and the more you desire to enhance your skills the more likely you will be to tap into your inner and higher being. Becoming a psychic requires patience and practice. If you are dedicated and patient you will succeed.

British scientists say there is convincing evidence that a significant proportion of the population possess psychic powers.

The British Association for the Advancement of Science was told an increasing number of experiments support the theory of a human “sixth sense” – an ability which may have its roots in our past, when the ability to sense the presence of a predator was a matter of life or death.

The view that people are capable of paranormal feats, such as premonitions, telepathy, and out-of-body experiences, is supported by new research by the Institute of Psychiatry, which suggests the human mind may exist outside the body like an invisible magnetic field.

The research is being led by Dr Peter Fenwick, a neuro-psychiatrist at London University, who has just completed a survey of heart patients claiming to have had “near-death experiences” after their hearts had stopped beating.

“There is now convincing evidence to challenge the current theory that consciousness can only exist inside the brain – and if you can have consciousness without associated brain function, that is enormously important for our understanding of the mind,” he said.

For his latest research, 60 patients at Southampton General Hospital’s coronary care unit were interviewed after heart attacks had left them temporarily brain-dead. Seven reported near-death experiences – defined by characteristic features such as a feeling of leaving your body, going through a tunnel and entering an area of “love, bliss and consciousness”.

“The significance of this is that after a cardiac arrest you lose consciousness within eight seconds; within 11 seconds the brain’s rhythms become flat, and within 18 seconds there is no possibility of the brain creating a model of the world – so the brain is down,” said Dr Fenwick.

“Yet whenever we asked people when their near-death experiences occurred, they said it was during unconsciousness. If that’s true, their experience was occurring when there was no blood flowing through the brain – and consciousness would appear to exist outside the brain.”

It could be argued that their experiences occurred in the few seconds between brain functions being restored and the return of consciousness. But recent research on a patient in the United States, where traces of electrical activity in the brain were closely monitored, suggested this was not the case.

“That study and other evidence points to the mind and brain not being identical, and it seems that the mind may operate in part outside the brain as a sort of field which works in the same way as a TV receiver receives programmes through the airwaves,” said Dr Fenwick.

“The main question we are trying to answer is does the brain-identity theory really hold – and the next step is to find more people who experience leaving their bodies and put symbols on the ceiling or walls of the ward to see if they are able to detect them.”

Dr Fenwick said the idea of the mind existing outside the body helped to explain the growing weight of scientific evidence pointing to genuine psychic powers.

For example, US trials showed women trying to become pregnant by in-vitro fertilisation were twice as likely to conceive if they were “prayed for” by a group of people hundreds of miles away who had never met them.

Source: Scotsman.com

You and me, we are all ONE in the highest spiritual realm. So what does that mean?

We are different from each other now because we are at this physical level of existence where you are you and I am I as we are all physical beings with difference characters, personality and shapes.

To understand this concept of “Oneness”, we must go further than this physical level into some spiritual realm where we are all basically linked. Maria Duval and many spiritual teachers have said that there is always a Superior Being in all humans, our Soul, that resides in our physical bodies thus sometimes if we are intuitive, we can really hear our Soul talking to us and giving us directions. The Soul in us is superior and can never go wrong. We have chosen to disregard our Soul in this modern complex world where materialism, logic, rational and technologies reign. And we have forgotten we have such a wonderful and powerful mate with us all the time.

The presence of the Soul is what makes humans different from other living things on this world. Humans are physical beings with Intelligence. We are able to ask questions like “Who am I?”, “What am I here for?” and others soul-searching questions which are unique in this universe.

This very fact our existence takes us beyond the one dimension concept of physicality because these thoughts that are the driver of our experiences are not physical. Thoughts are non-physical and therefore we are at the very least a two-dimensional being, physical and non-physical. We have a physical body that experiences and we have a non-physical aspect that receives and gives out thoughts.

Spiritual Direction

July 5, 2007

You are spiritual by nature which means that your inborn capacity to live within the meaning of human experience and participate in the development of consciousness is a process waiting to form over time. The depth, the extent to which this capacity forms, depends upon you. Spiritual illumination comes with honest effort — do not expect it to drop out of the sky or come in a special, hand-delivered envelope.

Where to start? The desire to grow in wisdom and understanding is a first step. At birth as you are trying to make sense of the everyday world, your spiritual awareness takes the opportunity to grow as meaning forms. Insight will evolve as you grow within a willingness to explore questions and change personal attitudes.

From your early days until the present, the ordinary world has offered endless opportunities to mature in a process of discovery leading to deeper insight into the mystery of Life. Because these experiences occur every day in the context of personal history, your interpretation of them plays a big part in the direction you take. Exploring the emotional history of your life can reveal the unresolved issues that might be delaying, distorting or misdirecting your natural desire to grow in Spirit. Problems, pain, human suffering of all kinds will strengthen your interior life if these are grounded in the attitude of personal accountability. Without honest self-evaluation, your spiritual path can seem to go around in circles.

You may choose a specific belief system within a religion to guide you, and you may rely upon your insight and personal experiences to deepen your spiritual journey. You may seek out life lessons found in literature, art, music, philosophy. There are many religions, many teachers, many spiritual disciplines to inspire, guide, inform your spiritual journey – all are vehicles to carry your process of developing awareness leading to your inner Wisdom. But finally the most important spiritual tools to take on you spiritual journey will be your attitude of interest, your openness to discovery, your willingness to discard fixed interpretations. These will allow you to choose the appropriate path as you direct yourself forward.

Trusting the emerging process of inner wisdom and its schedule for insight and inspiration was a 25 year project completed now as Our Journey to the Sky – A Guide to the process of Spiritual Formation. During this extended period, Mary K DeLurgio led hundreds of personal journal keeping, self exploration workshops and classes.

Finally I’m back!

July 4, 2007

So sorry for the weeks of absence.

Another blog of mine under the same username but another url was suspended by wordpress for violation of their terms. Therefore I was not able to log in to jrodgers.wordpress.com at all even though I can access it and I can see the comments coming in. Just that I was not able to login to moderate or reply.

I have already deleted all the posts that violated the terms of wordpress and I think I’ll give up on that blog totally.

I am very delighted to get back the access on Independence Day. Thanks Mark from wordpress for his kind help. Positive thinking got me through all the frustrations! 🙂