Learn to give generously

July 16, 2007

Initiative thoughts to improve yourself is useless unless there is concrete action carried out by you to execute the plans of the thought. ACTION is a MUST.

I’m sure you know the Law of Attraction. Without this action, this law is not going to manifest on you. Well, one good tip to steer yourself in the right course is to learn to have a generous heart by giving a bit of yourself to the society regularly.

How? Of course, donating money is a common and easy way out. There are charities around in your country which really need your help. You may like to check more into these charities before donating just to be sure your money is indeed going out to the needy ones.

Other than money, you can of course donate used clothes, appliances or food to charities. Imagine the joy in the face of the desolate kid when he/she receives your donated items. Isn’t that the best joy in the world?

Besides donating, you can help elderly people to cross the road when you see them or give up your seats when you see a elderly grandmother in a public train or bus. I guess that just comes as natural to any person in a civilized world.

No matter how you are giving back to the society, you are in fact building up your positive “vibes” in your own life. It reflects good on your soul spiritually.

So learn to give without expecting anything in return. But you will receive folds in return. This is the indisputable law of the universe and is a hard-coded truth.

So, what type of giving from the heart makes your day?

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