We are beyond the physical level of existence

July 8, 2007

You and me, we are all ONE in the highest spiritual realm. So what does that mean?

We are different from each other now because we are at this physical level of existence where you are you and I am I as we are all physical beings with difference characters, personality and shapes.

To understand this concept of “Oneness”, we must go further than this physical level into some spiritual realm where we are all basically linked. Maria Duval and many spiritual teachers have said that there is always a Superior Being in all humans, our Soul, that resides in our physical bodies thus sometimes if we are intuitive, we can really hear our Soul talking to us and giving us directions. The Soul in us is superior and can never go wrong. We have chosen to disregard our Soul in this modern complex world where materialism, logic, rational and technologies reign. And we have forgotten we have such a wonderful and powerful mate with us all the time.

The presence of the Soul is what makes humans different from other living things on this world. Humans are physical beings with Intelligence. We are able to ask questions like “Who am I?”, “What am I here for?” and others soul-searching questions which are unique in this universe.

This very fact our existence takes us beyond the one dimension concept of physicality because these thoughts that are the driver of our experiences are not physical. Thoughts are non-physical and therefore we are at the very least a two-dimensional being, physical and non-physical. We have a physical body that experiences and we have a non-physical aspect that receives and gives out thoughts.


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