Keen to be a Psychic?

July 13, 2007

Psychic ability is inherent in all of us and just like learning any other skill, it requires practice. Anyone can do it and like everything, there will be more failures than successes while some may be more successful due to natural talents.

If you think you have that raw natural talents to be a psychic, you just need some degree of practice and learning with the correct teachers. After some fine-tuning, you will be ready to read the minds of others. Never fear about the failure because it can’t be 100% accurate!

Of course you can’t be a good psychic if you don’t meditate. Do it everyday as meditation will connect your inner self intimately to the spiritual world. So remember to put in some quiet time of your own.

Be aware of any images, impressions, visions, or feelings you experience during meditation and, if you do receive an image or get a feeling about something, pursue it. It’s surprising how many people are satisfied with just little snippets of information when there is usually so much more to be had. Keep a journal of all your experiences and feelings and soon you will find that much of what you think and feel is actually answers to your questions.

Lastly of course, pay attention to your own intuition. Don’t dismiss what your inner voice light for it may save you! As you practise and meditate more and more, you’ll find that your intuition will grow stronger.

Remember that your state of mind is your most important asset in developing your psychic ability. You must believe that it is within your grasp and the more you desire to enhance your skills the more likely you will be to tap into your inner and higher being. Becoming a psychic requires patience and practice. If you are dedicated and patient you will succeed.


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