Thankful for Maria Duval for the guide in 2005/2006.

December 29, 2006

Dear Maria Duval, I want to thank you for my precise guide for 2005/2006, everything you said in there was true and did happen. The “lucky charm talisman” you included worked for the first 3 months. I won $200, $300, $400, jackpot of $840, jackpot of $500, then there on several occasions of $100, $200 and $300 amounts totalling $7000 over that period. When my luck was in, I could literally feel my luck was turning for a time. Then just as you warned bad influences were interfering and I started to be dogged by these influences and still I am today. Maria Duval, as my friend, I indeed and definitely need your help to change those negatives energies, and bad luck out of my life for good. So I decided to purchase your gifts.

Maria Duval, I have done my homework according to what you have instructed. In the end, I do feel that I have more wisdom too. I am more cheerful and relaxed too, and not as nervy when talking to strangers. Overall, everything in life just seems rosier and now I aim to focus on positive areas in life rather than dwelling on the bad pasts. I know that is the way riches will come to me.

I am so thankful for all these Maria Duval. Praise the Universe and the gifts you sent to me.

May joy and peace be with every one of us all the time.


52 Responses to “Thankful for Maria Duval for the guide in 2005/2006.”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Since Januari I am a euro-millionair thanks to the free talisman you sent me. You changed my life for good.
    I will transfer you a portion of the money to help you keep on doing your mission.

    Yours Truely,


  2. Jackie Says:

    Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for posting your good comments and I really feel happy for you. I gained greatly from Maria’s teaching too. Maybe you can send to me a photo picture of your free talisman so that I can post it here in this blog for others to view. If you also have a blog or site related to Maria Duval or spirituality, we can exchange links. 🙂

    Jackie R.

  3. Barbara Goodman Says:

    How do you get this devise? I got a letter about the sacred ring of prosperity and wishes, with the knock on wood thing. Does this really work? I have read everywhere that its a scam.

  4. Barbara Goodman Says:

    I hope its ok that I asked a question here, (ubove) Just that nobody is answering me. FRUSTRATING!!! People are real quick to answer, when there skeptical, but when I find a site where people feel the same way I do about certain things, no one wants to answer. THANKS A TON!!!

  5. Jackie R. Says:

    No probs at all Barbara. Which “devise” do you mean? The talisman or the yearly guide? By the way, I also received Maria’s letter about ring of prosperity offer, quite interesting but personally I prefer the guides which give me very accurate readings about myself. Any way, Maria always honor the money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you, you can easily get your money back, no sweat.

  6. Ron Says:

    I don’t know about other folks, but my experience with Maria has been positive. For sure, there were some times when she wasn’t 100% “on”, but for the most part I’ve been very satisfied. A couple of times I’ve asked for refunds and she ALWAYS honored them.


  7. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi Ron, I am happy for you 🙂 My experience with her has been very positive too.


  8. Paula Says:

    May 27, 2007
    Over the past 3 years I had responded to at least 7 offers from Maria Duval and paid the money. Nothing positive happened so requested my money back, which I received in fact for 3 of the offers I was paid twice and returned the 2nd set of checks. So I didn’t lose anything but my time.

  9. Kellie Says:

    Sent you money for my sacred ring of prosperity, but have never received it. I hope you are ok maria duval.

  10. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Sorry to hear that. Mails could be lost? I guess you need to get in touch with the Customer Service. Just write a letter to them will do.

    Best wishes

  11. martin Says:

    Iam at a confusing and very unlucky time of my life,I desperatly need your help maria.I have used your services previously.Iff you are a true psychic then you my friend will remember me.Help!

    Yours sincerely

  12. David Says:

    I guess in her realm there are no guarantees. Personally my experience with her has been nothing short of a miracle. I hate to see her getting bad press, but frankly, she’s worth the paltry amount of money she asks for her services.

  13. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi David, I believe in Maria too. She has made my life better certainly 🙂

    Wish you all the very best!

  14. Jackie R. Says:

    Dear martin,

    Thanks for leaving a comment here at my blog. Unfortunately I am not Maria Duval hence I’m not able to help you a lot. However, I think you can contact Maria by writing a letter to customer service with your problem.


  15. ma.theresa caliboso Says:

    hi… im the one who lucky get the golden square and i hope it’s true

    pls maria duval i have many dreams i wish you will replied me.tnx

  16. Z.M. Says:

    Dear Maria Duval,
    I’m glad I feel better now. Because of supporting of my daughter, my brother and my sister inlaws. But sometimes if I’m sad and down I just memorizing all the formulas you gave to me. Thank you and I won $300.00 dollar in casino the first time. Thank again for helping me. I hope I’m going to win again.
    Your’s Truly

  17. Kristin Says:

    All the cultures from around the world believe in need of psychic protection, thus everywhere we look we will see people wearing or carrying protectors, lucky charms, crystals, Christian crosses, pendants, the blue eye, horse shoe for luck, the lucky elephant, moonstones, St Christopher medallion are just a few examples of the sort of psychic protection we can have to improve our presence, once again believing and our attitude plays a major role, so says Maria Duval.

  18. Jackie R. Says:

    My dear Maria,

    I took a trip to Atlantic City, to try my luck. I played the State and won $1,000.00. As a result, I am sending you a small token of my appreciation. A check in the amount of $50. Please take it! As my luck changes & I win, I will continue to send you more. I am eternally grateful for your help! It has been many many months since I had won anything @ the Casino.

    Frances M.

  19. Jackie R. Says:

    Dearest Maria,
    I just wanted to write to you to let you know how much I appreciate all your materials (Books ) and your obvious concern for my problems. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the ‘‘inner’’ help you have and are sending to me. I am wearing the Egyptian pendant you sent me and feel you very close.
    I am so excited about our up coming Special Telepathic Meetings and will follow all your instructions well! I haven’t given up on me yet, I just hope you won’t either! I’m really starting to get serious about developing myself, I feel like I’m worth it! I know its all inside me if I can just get by my own barriers. Any good that comes of doing this (money) (knowledge) would be great, but I think the most wonderful thing would be to be able to share and give to others.
    Thank you for ‘‘standing’’ by me. I at least have one true friend, in this world
    I’m sending a check of $20.00 for more of your ‘‘magical’’ cologne if this is not enough, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Blessing & Best Wishes

  20. Jackie R. Says:

    Dearest Maria Duval,

    First please take me heartfelt ‘‘thank you’’ for all the help you have extended on my behalf. I deeply appreciate it.
    Monday, on the full moon, we started together the 72 Day Spiritual Protection Program and I use the ‘Ankh’ now day and night. I already felt the first day very calm and peaceful, and it was the same on the second day. Today has just started and I feel just as peaceful.
    You also have me on a program to prepare for the ‘Connection with my Guiding Star’ and the Alignment of the Chakras. This is a lot of work – my days are almost too short to do it all! I try my best.
    Today I received your letter with the Predictions for the 66 days and I wish to thank you very much for them. I shall keep them in mind, keep working as I should and think it will suffice to clear away the last remnants of negative vibrations.
    I DO have already the Great Book of Secrets as well as your Lucky Pentacle. I have used it for several months now and shall continue to use it as a basic help. Thank you very much, but I don’t need it again! And thank you for the predictions which, as you write, are free and a gift to me, which I deeply appreciate.

    With much appreciation and the hope of continuing working together,
    I am, fondly yours,


  21. G.G. Says:

    Hi Maria,
    Yes it’s G.G. finally writing to you. Wow! You predicted I was going to win Feb. 2/07. Well, I did! Thank you so much. I have not been able to write to you or even do my ‘‘seances’’, I did about 3 and I did feel power in my hands. I enjoy reading your letters, save them all, even 2003 & 2004 ones….

    …..On my way home from work I had three dollars. I thought 1 regular card and 1 Jackpot card (which was $2.00 a card and I miraculously won $3,000.00 all by myself. I was raising 5 children at the time (small) and boy my prayers were answered.

    I always pray when there is a full moon. But you are such a gifted person and I read and re-read everything you send and I just love how much you care about me and I’m sorry I neglected to report to you.

    Since December I have won – $500.00 – $500.00. You predicted Feb. 2 – I would win – I already told you but see, I forgot to tell you I also got 5 numbers at of 7 twice on a Super ‘‘7’’ ticket. No luck yet on the lottery numbers, but it will happen.

    Thank you for caring and sharing your ‘‘gifts’’ with me. May God bless you Maria.


  22. D. Staunton Says:

    Recently I betted on Maria Duval’s so called “lucky” numbers and it turned out to be a decent surprise. I won 1,000$ and was happy even though the amount was not enormous. I sent back $50 as appreciation to Maria and will save the rest of the winning money for Christmas shopping later next month.

  23. Dina Says:

    Dear Maria, I want to thank you for guiding me to revisit what’s really important in life and helping me to connect spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. I know one day I will be rich abundantly and always grateful for your help.


  24. MISHA Says:


  25. Jackie R. Says:

    Why did you say that Misha? Do you have any bad experience? Maria Duval is not scam at all. I know what’s going on about her reputation, and as psychic industry is very competitive, i think she has some business enemies who intend to smear her name.

  26. haley Says:

    Hello. My Friend just recieved the RE_ring in the mail today. Maria Duval said that her check would not be cashed for 30 days. She gives you a trial period. I really dont think that this would be a scam with a trial period. But, I guess we will have to wait and see. I hope that she is real and that she can really help my friend out. She has had a really hard life and this would tear her to pieces if it were not true.

  27. Jackie R. Says:

    Dear Haley,

    I am sure it will work out well for you if you believe in her and have faith. This is not a scam definitely, and i got my refunds a few times successfully. Maria Duval, i read, has been a psychic since she was very young.


  28. rachel Says:

    hi, i have recevieved a letter in the mail from maria durval,she said 17 postive events are going to happen to me, I tuly belive they will, im a postive person i belive in the secret,faith is a big thing. I dont understand why so many people have to be so negtive about her, these are the people that dont get postive things happen as they dont belive in it. I will report to u about them when it happens thanks.
    how do we get in touch with maria duval?

  29. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I like your positive attitude, and yes, faith is an important element in anything we do. People are generally negative, and I don’t understand why people dislike her that much, because she honors her refund promise. If things don’t work out, i always ask for a refund and Maria gives back my money. To contact Maria Duval, please write to the address stated in your letter. This is how i write to her.

    Merry Christmas &Happy New Year!

  30. Meka Says:

    I recieved a letter from Maria and would like to know if she’s real before I mail $35 out. I hope that she real because her words throught the letter sounds very true.

  31. Luigi Says:

    Hi, i just wanted to say that i’ve recieved the letter and i feel very tempted to do it! I really hope it’s not a scam

  32. Luigi Says:

    Thank you Jackie…ok i’ll do it! I barely have any money to spare but i’ll do it! 🙂

  33. rose roma Says:

    hey maria, could you please let me know if your address is correct 1285 baring blvd 409 sparks nevada 89434 thank you rose

  34. Gaynor Says:

    Dear Maria Duval,

    Please accept my apology for taking so long to answer you, and thank you so much for your gift. It has really shone me through the darkness i experienced late last year. In the end it was all fine! Thankss. Before that i caught a nasty virus which left me bedridden for nearly 1 mth! I was terrible. Your powerful statue had dispelled the negative waves from my house and even brought me a little bit of luck because i won a dcent prize of $2300. This is the first time i won something in lottery. Money to me is a bonus, the most important is that i have good health and mindset now 🙂 Thanks you so much Maria!


  35. Enrique Says:

    Soy un vecino en Oropesa del mar (Castellon) en la España, tengo 30 años y le estoy muy agradecido a Maria Duval. Ella ha conseguido para mi que ganara 30.000 euros pues consegui realizar la venta de mi negocio que me tenia angustiado y obtuve la suma de 30.000 euros por la venta tal y como me pronosticó Maria Duval que obtendria esa suma de dinero en poco tiempo y asi sucedió ahora he pedido a Maria Duval que me ayude en recibir otra cantidad de dinero que ella ha visto para mi que voy a obtener en poco tiempo, en cuanto reciba sus documentos y obtenga la suma de dinero que ella me ha pronosticado que voy a recibir prometo con toda mi confianza y todo mi corazón que voy a entregar una parte de esa suma de dinero a Maria Duval pues ella es grandiosa para mi y me ayuda a conseguir mi felicidad. Muchas Gracias por la ayuda que me estas dando Maria Duval.

  36. Jordon Says:

    Hello Maria,

    I had received your letter for the ring of Re but have misplaced it. I was wondering if a new letter could be sent to me so that I can order it.

    Thank you

  37. ryan Says:

    listen to me maria…i want all my grandfathers money back you been taking from him for however from your scam..i have now made it a mission to get my granfathers money back from you

    • Jackie R. Says:

      Hi Ryan, I am not Maria Duval but another normal person who found her beneficial. Based on my own personal experience, if you ask for a refund for her service, she’d gladly process it for you without no questions asked. So this is not scam whatsoever. I am sure your grandfather can get his money back if you ask for it. Wish you and your grandpa all the best! 🙂

  38. Ma Petra Says:

    Dear whoever you are,

    I wrote to you asking to verify that a “Canhers (M) Sdn Bhd is collecting money. Letters are sent fortnightly promising moon stones etc etc and I am supposed to follow all instructions..

    Now is this Maria Duval or is it some imposters using her name…

    Can you please clarfy?????

    • Jackie R. Says:

      Sorry Ma Petra, I have no idea about it and hence in no position to clarify anything as I am not Maria Duval as i said many times.

  39. Tara Says:

    Dear Maria, I am very happy to give you my best appraisal to you here. Just wanna inform you i have won $9000 from a casino trip playing poker game. I felt Luck had been at my side as if like a buddy during this gaming session. It was amazing. Things went smoothly like what you had predicted. Once again, thank you for your help, Maria! I will always be grateful to you even if this is just a one time miracle. 🙂

  40. rachel Says:

    hello Maria
    i have recevied lots of letters from u in the mail , one of the things u sent me has been so ture, my life at the moment is not so good, an we just lost every thing we own, so what u said in the letter about us getting money would be nice if it came true to pay back the bank an start fresh again.
    got to keep postive about it all an visionlize we have the money an happyness.

  41. Chong S.T. Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I ordered your Holy Trinity Medallion and you sent to me on time within 2 weeks of order. That really dispelled my fears about you. What you wrote in the letter was actually what I am experiencing now in life. A big dilemma at a busy cross junction. Already I am experiencing some positive changes in my life. I even won a small lottery prize here for RM2,000.00. Cool sum at this uncertain time.

    Thanks. I will continue to put my faith in you.

  42. Grace Rosa Says:

    Dear Maria,

    I have been trying to find a way to contact you for awhile now. A friend of mine had come across an ad in the back of a magazine that sat in the lobby of a doctors office. She told me that it said for her to write down 7 wishes and send them to you. Apparently, after doing so, 3 of those wishes simultaneously did come true.

    I have come across postings here on the internet about how you were just a scam and a fake. I didn’t bother reading them. The question does cross my mind but for the most part, I believe in your abilities. I am a firm believer in the 6th sense that we all have.

    Just like everyone else who comes to you for help, I’m desperate for help! My family could REALLY USE the financial help. So do I. But… I could use help with my health more than anything! As well as help with my love life.

    Can you please help me?

    • Jackie R. Says:

      Dear Grace,

      I am Jackie, the owner of this blog; not Maria Duval 🙂 Yes she’s not a scam definitely.

      Sorry I am not able to advise how to find Maria. Maybe one day she will write to you when she senses you.


  43. claudia Says:

    todas as coisas que ela fala nas cartas normalmente acontecem tirem-me esta duvida

  44. Mitsue Hirose Says:

    please send me any email about Maria Duval.
    I am from Japan and korea.
    Let us become Happy life with her!!!^^


  45. Adina Says:

    Hi, there

  46. JP Says:

    Dear Maria,

    For years I have bought lotteries I have never had such luck in my life. But after I receive your first letter, my luck seems to come as I started to win even a small winning and in last Oct after getting your 2nd letter I bet on the lucky number you gave me and thanks, I won 1st prize in our local draw of RM2500 (I bought small tickets).

    Still want to thank you a lot. At least I am able to pay some of my outstanding bills. I hope for more luck in the future.


    PS: sorry for writing late to you.

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