Fear in an Insane World

September 24, 2006

A Course in Miracles speaks of the “detour into fear” which is also the “separation.” This world is truly a world of fear, but it is only False Expectation Appearing Real – it is a lie and the father of lies. There are many fears around every corner in the “real” world, but there is nothing that can truly protect you. It is not a safe place. No amount of money can provide enough protection against the diseases, wars, and natural causes of injuries and death. We are taught at an early age to be afraid of strangers, ghosts, and monsters in the closet. The ego would have you believe that fear is a way of life, that you have to be careful of who you meet, where you go, of protecting your identity, of protecting your children, yourself, and your loved ones from thousands of ways that they can be attacked. Your homes, cars, and lives have to be insured against accidents of every kin because of the “dangers” inherent in this fearful, insane world. The prudent person does have insurance, of course; it is required in some instances, but it should not be purchased out of fear. Trust in God, but lock your car – not out of fear, but in order to not provide temptation.

The holy person – that is, the person aware of their true identity as one with God – needs no protection; his protection lies in his defenselessness. His defenselessness, his innocence, provides a blanket of safety unparalleled in this world. All attack is initiated by the fear of attack. No one attacks the person who goes with God before, around, and within him. He does not appear on their radar screen because his energy vibrations neither reacts to nor attracts their energy of fear and guilt.

Fear no evil, for God is with you; waking and sleeping, at work and at play, the love of God enfolds you. So walk in the Light, safe and secure as you hold the hand of Christ as your teacher, your guide, and your elder brother.

About the Author Rev Bud Moris
I have been studying and teaching A COurse in Miracels for over 25 years. My wife and I have a Course study group and we teach a workshop entitled “Introduction to A COurse in Miracles.” I was ordained in the Cathedral of LIght in Carrollton, Tx, have completed the Practioner Courses in the Church of Religious Science. I have published three books, including A Course in Miracles in a Nutshell. Email miracles4u2@cox.net, website http:


Maria Duval testimony 3

September 23, 2006

Thank you for your ever present assistance in my life. I now realise that your predictions were correct and I was wrong. I now want a prediction for the New Year.
A.C. from Kent.

Maria Duval testimony 2

September 21, 2006

Dear Maria Duval, I followed your instructions so far I have won 2 x £10.00 on the Lottery and £17,027 on the Football Pools I’ve never had so much money in my life. I’ve been able to pay all my outstanding bank loans and other bills and finish off my mortgage. I’m going on holiday for the first time in six years with a little left over. Thanks
M. A. from Wales.

Maria Duval testimony

September 12, 2006

Dear Maria Duval, Thank you very much, today I received an envelope with a lucky draw advising I had won £250.00. Everything has been going very well this last month, I now feel more confident and positive, and this is the icing on the cake. I now feel certain that all that is happening is due to your intervention and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I realise writing this letter is rather pointless, as you always seem to know what is going on in my life anyway, better than myself. Thanking you once again, my dear friend, as I know you are a true friend

S.R. from Dundee.

Sorry to be late about writing to you informing you about the positive signs I have experienced ever since I took up your offer. It has really been pleasant. I am quite good in internet stuff therefore I took my own initiative to set up this wordpress blog with the main topic about you Maria Duval. I would like to thank you for your great psychic ability on me and I also want to thank you for your concern about my well being. My outlook on life has certainly changed to the positive side now generally.

However, sometimes I do feel about the bad influence as you have warned me before and now I started to feel to be dogged by these negative influences. That is why I defintely need your help to work on that in the future because I have faith in your healings.

I am glad to know you, Mdm Maria Duval.


Help for my Mom

September 3, 2006

My mom has been dogged by some negative energies and bad luck recently. I hope you Mdm Maria Duval can help her with your gifts and ability. I have already told my mom about you and she is awaiting your letter and gifts of opportunities with eagerness.

Jackie R.