Face your new week with vigor

November 23, 2008

Another new working week is beginning soon and people may be grumbling why weekend passes so speedily and we have to go back to the office to face grouchy faces of the bosses or getting that important business report done. Deep inside us, we are unwilling.

Does heading to work on Monday morning getting you down? I think in this trying times, we should be blessed when we are still in a job because many bigger corporations are reportedly trying to slim down their manpower. This is what our new government next Jan is promising to work on. To reinvigorate our economy so that we can be strong again.

For this moment, if you are facing difficulty motivating yourself in work, try spending some times in the morning, eg, during traveling times, to remind yourself of all the appreciative parts of the job you are holding now. It doesn’t matter high highly or lowly the job you have. For this time, ignore the daily, in your face stress and tell yourself how wonderful it is to get that paycheck and how many things you are learning about yourself and others. I believe that showing gratitude will lead you to greater things later in life. I believe in equality of this Universe for everyone.

So from this mood of gratitude, firmly focus and visualize your Monday. How you want it to go. Be positive about it. Complete it with a big smile and a big pat from your boss for a job well done. Visualization is important in this part, for it concerns your success and failure. Great sportsmen forever use this technique to outline the successes they want. So learn from them. It’s a proven way to go if you want personal success.

Don’t let your knowledge of past difficulties get in your way. Just play with knowing things are as great as you can imagine. Then watch what happens.


SleepHaving a good sleep is essential for good health and vitality which can improve the chances of success in life for you. A good sleep means a restful 8 hour of peaceful sleep. As this world gets busier, more and more people are not sleeping regularly, and this can lead to a harmful cycle.

I always try to get a good 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes it is not possible, so next day I’d feel like I am floating in the air that kind of feeling. Some of my friends barely sleep, maybe just 3 to 4 hours per night, and they rely on smoking and coffee to drive them on. This is really bad lifestyle.

I heard of a saying “wealth comes with sleep.” How true it is, although it may sound too simplistic.

To sum up at this point, there are great deal of personal experiences to show that deep sleep seems to attract success like a magnet attracts iron, and pave way for a return to prosperity by untangling the web of problems.

Clairvoyants have shared that when they sleep deeply, their minds awake on another plane which is linked directly to the Universal Source of energy. But after waking up, the mind can’t remember anything about the journey into the astral world.

I believe this is what dream is all about. This could be the explanation, that our mind wanders to another plane, during which the sleeper feels like he is being guided, possibly by an angel who will return some messages to him.

Before I end, to have a good sleep, do not watch TV or eat in the bed before you sleep. Turn off all the lights so that it is dark. This helps our brain frequency to slow down to sleeping states easier, and, do not eat a couple of hours before you sleep.

May you sleep to a luckier life.

The Magic in that Amulet

November 18, 2008

Magic amulets have long been associated with many different traditions and are symbols of power that can can be worn with you wherever you go.

Why is magic amulet powerful?

Maria Duval says the energies contained within various different amulets can surround your body whenever you wear them, thus providing you a constant source of these energies. Amulets are especially prevalent in wicca, the occult, and witchcraft.

In rituals and spell work amulets can be used as a tool or as symbolic symbols to amplify your energies. They can either be used just for your rituals and spells as sacred objects, or they can be used, cleansed, then worn around your neck once again.

Many amulets already come pre-charged and energized. Other amulets need to be charged and energized by you. Either way however, you can charge your magical amulets quite easily with the proper steps.

Magical Amulet that involve protection are perhaps the most powerful ones you can obtain. There are many different types of protection amulets however, when worn, these amulets can help prevent negativity and dark entities from being drawn to you and attacking or draining your energies.

Before using a magic amulet, it needs to be charged so that it will identify with your energy. In order to do this effectively, take the amulet and wait to perform a full moon ritual. For details, you may seek help from Maria Duval. The best time is around 2am-4am and on a Friday night.

Like all things, after certain period of usage, magic amulet needs to be cleansed too. A good and effective amulet cleansing method is this. Light some sage incense or a sage smudge stick and wave the amulet through the smoke a number of times. You can say a prayer as you perform this if you wish. The sage smoke will cleanse and renew your amulet.

Remember that magical amulets only are as good as how the owner treats it. If you want them to work properly and to help you bring that of which you seek, you need to care for it and in the end, it will bring you a constant source of strong energies for that of which you desire.

Solar Plexus and firmer mid

November 17, 2008

To heal or harmonize your Solar Plexus Chakra, this will be a very good exercise for you to practise/ By doing so, your Solar Plexus chakra will strengthen,open, heal, and balance. As the name implies, this chakra is found in mid abdomen area. Having a harmonious solar plexus chakra will cultivate a strong character and willpower.

Here what you need to do:

1.) Start this practice by lying with face up.

2.) Shift your back of your palm to support your buttock area making sure the palms are touching the floor. This will support your lower back from aches.

3.) Now, elevate your feet to be roughly 6 inches Next, you should raise your feet about six inches on the air with your toes pointed forward.

4.) Next, lift up your head with off the floor. It could be tough here. Look at your raised toes now. There will be tension on your abdomen. Try to control this positive for 10 to 15 seconds and continue to do it for the next few minutes or so, depending on your physical conditions.

5.) While holding it, make sure you have consistent deep breathing through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

After a couple of weeks, you will find your stomach muscles are firmer and stronger. You will even have better diet and digestive system. More power and energy too. People will envy the firmness of your abdomen!

Your perspective of Solar Plexus Chakra will be improving too, even though it is invisible. With it is working harmoniously, you will be more discerning in life and able to look at events in life with balanced outlook.

Have the right focus

November 13, 2008

Maria Duval says that Law of attraction is what you focus on on your mind. Your focus is like a ray of intense sunlight concentrated under a magnifying glass. This does not matter if your focus is good or bad, positive or negative. This ray of intense light will go two ways, one that goes to the Universe and then brings something back to you. So when you intently focus on something, you are bringing it directly back to you in some form, and it is desirable that you define the form you wish it to come back, because it will only make it easier for “it” to do its job.

Sadly most people focus on negative part like life is bad, not enough money or how you dislike your current job or how you dislike that guy over the street. I admit I do have this kind of negative thoughts, but i really do my best to readjust. That is why if someone always says no money and cursing over it, he’s really broke for life, unless he can adjust the mindset.

So my trick is to focus on the opposite of your negative thought in your mind. This somehow shifts the focus a wee bit. For example, if you think you have no money, think about the time when you have the money..I am sure there is a one. It brings back the feel good factor and strive you on.

Yes, focus on the now; focus on the positive within the past. If you think you have no positive, find something nice in life to focus on, like you are healthy, you are still young, you have a supportive family etc…Imagine you have the ability to change and shift your focus to positive feelings in your past.

Also, instead of setting your focus on chaos of the world, focus on the brighter side of it, like peaceful demonstrations or rally to support a movement..Keep your focus on the positive side of your situation and the positive will be realized through the Law of Attraction.

You can certainly adjust your life better with only this small shift in your focus and mindset. The Universe will surely take note of your effort and through the Law of Attraction will bring you what you focus upon.

A powerful gesture

November 12, 2008

Forgiveness is a very powerful gesture.

When we were young and we made a mistake, parents would told us to offer a sincere apology to our little friend. We would happily say we are sorry and ask to be forgiven. In the end, my junior school friend duly accepted and forgave me. We were friends again, and one of them is still my friend today.

Yes we should duly forgive if we can. Let’s not build up years of acrimony by hating your nemesis for as long as you want. Because you are hurting yourself deep inside.

When we do this, we are able to bear witness to the miraculous life and power that we give to our own being.

You will suddenly come to realize that what you first thought you had a good understanding about is more involved than you first thought. As you put the concepts into action you will see many miraculous changes in your health and life and especially in your awareness of the universe and your spiritual self.

The miracles that will be entering your life will reward you, but you will have to try and come to terms with these as well and put them in proper perspective. You will find that your struggle to understand will eventually yield to acceptance and a more passive understanding at a highly spiritual level….

As we evolve our sense of consciousness, we grow spiritually.

When are growing spiritually, our perception of the world should be better and more gentle. Often, during early parts of our spiritual development, we may have very bad experience and that depresses down, and we blame it on our bad luck. We believe we are the victims in the chains of events. I would expect people to very bitter over it. No one wants to be in this kind of situations.

However, once we wise up and grow spiritually, we think deeper and choose better options to counter such bad experiences. We also learn from these bad times and believe we can turn into positive ones.
Instead of playing a victim role when something bad happens, we can reflect and look for the deeper meaning, and try to see our part in how we might have brought such an event on.

Another significant changes in your life when you grow spiritually is that your pride starts to melt away. We become more humble and humane. People that we might have dismissed in the past come to have new meaning for us, because we know that each person might have a potential lesson to teach us. We are more receptive to the surrounding and we drift from self-centeredness to people-centeredness. We start looking for the silver lining in things in terms of our experiences and what we might possibly learn from them.

With these changes, we bring into our life that environmental consciousness and holistic consciousness. We care about our health by eating healthier food and give up smoking or drinking less. Suddenly we want to exercise too. We begin to care more about our environment. A balanced lifestyle becomes the goal, as we see how this further helps us to grow spiritually.

Irregardless of religion, we also begin to believe there is a higher power above us that is empowering and caring. We try to reach it via praying and meditation too. On the whole, growing spiritually makes us a much better person and we view the world as a “new pair of spectacles”.