Curing the chakras

November 7, 2008

We all have problems in life. That’s inevitable. Don’t you wish the source of these problems be knitted? That would ideally remove all headaches in life. I know that’s very impossible, maybe you can do it along when you are in seclusion in a faraway place without humans.

When we stress out, we go for a drink, smoking and even drugs. Or we simply switch off totally to the world outside. Maybe prozac would be your best friend now. A magic pill to cure your specific sorrow or woe.

Maria Duval says, we are just not getting down to the root.

Have you heard of chakra? The invisible disc inside our bodies? There are seven of them. Our life problems can be attributed to the malfunctioning of these chakras, they being blocked or unbalanced.
If we do not take care of our unbalanced chakras, a minor issue such as stress could result in us becoming physically ill over time.

Yes, we can do something about it to make these chakras working harmoniously again. Unfortunately most people do not have a proper teacher to guide them through it. Just by using the right methods, you could instantly get a jump start and be on your way to better health and feeling more alive than you may have ever felt in years! I am currently learning from Maria Duval about techniques used to unblock the chakras.

Yes the concept of chakras are very “unwestern”. Chakra concept comes from India. So many people may not fully believe in it. Yet how wise are we to discredit it?

Yes, you can have the power and yes, we can.


One Response to “Curing the chakras”

  1. Brian Says:

    Nice posting. Do you know about these?

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