Wonder why it happens

November 4, 2008

You can say I am an introspective person. I always wondered why things happen that way. Was it pre-destined. Friends say I have a Buddhist outlook towards life.

Yesterday I was sicked. Pre election blues? Maybe.

I actually had diarrhea (how to spell?) and stomach cramps. It was quite bad and I had to be on medical leave and resting at home. As I thought while sneezing it off, I concluded that this ailment was all due to my own doing. I had eaten quite a lot of junk food last few days and somehow the body reacted.

Then when I was resting at home, my plight made me thought of those chronic illness sufferers. Those bed stricken souls in hospital struggling for a breath. I thought, what incident had made them suffer this kind of major illnesses? Did they treat their body with care? Did they lead a healthy lifestyle?

From this, the thought led to others, like poverty and affairs of the world. Every affair that happens today is due to the choices we selected years ago. Yes, we are responsible to the future and maybe even the world to those influential people.

There is a thought behind everything we do. There is a motivation for that. Be careful how you think as your life is shaped by your thoughts.

The mind is where seeds are planted. What comes out of your mind depends on the kind of seeds you have planted earlier. So watch carefully what kind of seeds are planted silently into your mind. Be always conscious of what is happening around.

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