What is “growing spiritually’?

November 9, 2008

As we evolve our sense of consciousness, we grow spiritually.

When are growing spiritually, our perception of the world should be better and more gentle. Often, during early parts of our spiritual development, we may have very bad experience and that depresses down, and we blame it on our bad luck. We believe we are the victims in the chains of events. I would expect people to very bitter over it. No one wants to be in this kind of situations.

However, once we wise up and grow spiritually, we think deeper and choose better options to counter such bad experiences. We also learn from these bad times and believe we can turn into positive ones.
Instead of playing a victim role when something bad happens, we can reflect and look for the deeper meaning, and try to see our part in how we might have brought such an event on.

Another significant changes in your life when you grow spiritually is that your pride starts to melt away. We become more humble and humane. People that we might have dismissed in the past come to have new meaning for us, because we know that each person might have a potential lesson to teach us. We are more receptive to the surrounding and we drift from self-centeredness to people-centeredness. We start looking for the silver lining in things in terms of our experiences and what we might possibly learn from them.

With these changes, we bring into our life that environmental consciousness and holistic consciousness. We care about our health by eating healthier food and give up smoking or drinking less. Suddenly we want to exercise too. We begin to care more about our environment. A balanced lifestyle becomes the goal, as we see how this further helps us to grow spiritually.

Irregardless of religion, we also begin to believe there is a higher power above us that is empowering and caring. We try to reach it via praying and meditation too. On the whole, growing spiritually makes us a much better person and we view the world as a “new pair of spectacles”.

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