Face your new week with vigor

November 23, 2008

Another new working week is beginning soon and people may be grumbling why weekend passes so speedily and we have to go back to the office to face grouchy faces of the bosses or getting that important business report done. Deep inside us, we are unwilling.

Does heading to work on Monday morning getting you down? I think in this trying times, we should be blessed when we are still in a job because many bigger corporations are reportedly trying to slim down their manpower. This is what our new government next Jan is promising to work on. To reinvigorate our economy so that we can be strong again.

For this moment, if you are facing difficulty motivating yourself in work, try spending some times in the morning, eg, during traveling times, to remind yourself of all the appreciative parts of the job you are holding now. It doesn’t matter high highly or lowly the job you have. For this time, ignore the daily, in your face stress and tell yourself how wonderful it is to get that paycheck and how many things you are learning about yourself and others. I believe that showing gratitude will lead you to greater things later in life. I believe in equality of this Universe for everyone.

So from this mood of gratitude, firmly focus and visualize your Monday. How you want it to go. Be positive about it. Complete it with a big smile and a big pat from your boss for a job well done. Visualization is important in this part, for it concerns your success and failure. Great sportsmen forever use this technique to outline the successes they want. So learn from them. It’s a proven way to go if you want personal success.

Don’t let your knowledge of past difficulties get in your way. Just play with knowing things are as great as you can imagine. Then watch what happens.


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