A powerful gesture

November 12, 2008

Forgiveness is a very powerful gesture.

When we were young and we made a mistake, parents would told us to offer a sincere apology to our little friend. We would happily say we are sorry and ask to be forgiven. In the end, my junior school friend duly accepted and forgave me. We were friends again, and one of them is still my friend today.

Yes we should duly forgive if we can. Let’s not build up years of acrimony by hating your nemesis for as long as you want. Because you are hurting yourself deep inside.

When we do this, we are able to bear witness to the miraculous life and power that we give to our own being.

You will suddenly come to realize that what you first thought you had a good understanding about is more involved than you first thought. As you put the concepts into action you will see many miraculous changes in your health and life and especially in your awareness of the universe and your spiritual self.

The miracles that will be entering your life will reward you, but you will have to try and come to terms with these as well and put them in proper perspective. You will find that your struggle to understand will eventually yield to acceptance and a more passive understanding at a highly spiritual level….


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