Solar Plexus and firmer mid

November 17, 2008

To heal or harmonize your Solar Plexus Chakra, this will be a very good exercise for you to practise/ By doing so, your Solar Plexus chakra will strengthen,open, heal, and balance. As the name implies, this chakra is found in mid abdomen area. Having a harmonious solar plexus chakra will cultivate a strong character and willpower.

Here what you need to do:

1.) Start this practice by lying with face up.

2.) Shift your back of your palm to support your buttock area making sure the palms are touching the floor. This will support your lower back from aches.

3.) Now, elevate your feet to be roughly 6 inches Next, you should raise your feet about six inches on the air with your toes pointed forward.

4.) Next, lift up your head with off the floor. It could be tough here. Look at your raised toes now. There will be tension on your abdomen. Try to control this positive for 10 to 15 seconds and continue to do it for the next few minutes or so, depending on your physical conditions.

5.) While holding it, make sure you have consistent deep breathing through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

After a couple of weeks, you will find your stomach muscles are firmer and stronger. You will even have better diet and digestive system. More power and energy too. People will envy the firmness of your abdomen!

Your perspective of Solar Plexus Chakra will be improving too, even though it is invisible. With it is working harmoniously, you will be more discerning in life and able to look at events in life with balanced outlook.


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