Have the right focus

November 13, 2008

Maria Duval says that Law of attraction is what you focus on on your mind. Your focus is like a ray of intense sunlight concentrated under a magnifying glass. This does not matter if your focus is good or bad, positive or negative. This ray of intense light will go two ways, one that goes to the Universe and then brings something back to you. So when you intently focus on something, you are bringing it directly back to you in some form, and it is desirable that you define the form you wish it to come back, because it will only make it easier for “it” to do its job.

Sadly most people focus on negative part like life is bad, not enough money or how you dislike your current job or how you dislike that guy over the street. I admit I do have this kind of negative thoughts, but i really do my best to readjust. That is why if someone always says no money and cursing over it, he’s really broke for life, unless he can adjust the mindset.

So my trick is to focus on the opposite of your negative thought in your mind. This somehow shifts the focus a wee bit. For example, if you think you have no money, think about the time when you have the money..I am sure there is a one. It brings back the feel good factor and strive you on.

Yes, focus on the now; focus on the positive within the past. If you think you have no positive, find something nice in life to focus on, like you are healthy, you are still young, you have a supportive family etc…Imagine you have the ability to change and shift your focus to positive feelings in your past.

Also, instead of setting your focus on chaos of the world, focus on the brighter side of it, like peaceful demonstrations or rally to support a movement..Keep your focus on the positive side of your situation and the positive will be realized through the Law of Attraction.

You can certainly adjust your life better with only this small shift in your focus and mindset. The Universe will surely take note of your effort and through the Law of Attraction will bring you what you focus upon.


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