More than just normal sleep…

November 19, 2008

SleepHaving a good sleep is essential for good health and vitality which can improve the chances of success in life for you. A good sleep means a restful 8 hour of peaceful sleep. As this world gets busier, more and more people are not sleeping regularly, and this can lead to a harmful cycle.

I always try to get a good 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes it is not possible, so next day I’d feel like I am floating in the air that kind of feeling. Some of my friends barely sleep, maybe just 3 to 4 hours per night, and they rely on smoking and coffee to drive them on. This is really bad lifestyle.

I heard of a saying “wealth comes with sleep.” How true it is, although it may sound too simplistic.

To sum up at this point, there are great deal of personal experiences to show that deep sleep seems to attract success like a magnet attracts iron, and pave way for a return to prosperity by untangling the web of problems.

Clairvoyants have shared that when they sleep deeply, their minds awake on another plane which is linked directly to the Universal Source of energy. But after waking up, the mind can’t remember anything about the journey into the astral world.

I believe this is what dream is all about. This could be the explanation, that our mind wanders to another plane, during which the sleeper feels like he is being guided, possibly by an angel who will return some messages to him.

Before I end, to have a good sleep, do not watch TV or eat in the bed before you sleep. Turn off all the lights so that it is dark. This helps our brain frequency to slow down to sleeping states easier, and, do not eat a couple of hours before you sleep.

May you sleep to a luckier life.


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