Emotions from the past

February 27, 2009

Since running this blog, I have to contemplate what to write all the time. Yes I regard this as responsibility to myself and to do my part to clear up her name somehow. Therefore, I have to always think and look for inspirations as my theme is more about spirituality and paranormal. It is not an easy topic to write about.

Hence, every morning I wake up wondering what I should be writing about that would bring light, cheers and love into our increasingly bottled up lives.

Suddenly, this cold morning when I woke up, as I was brushing my teeth, an fleeting idea came by and I remembered a discussion I had a few days ago with a wonderful friend of mine. We were chatting really serious topic about about past lives or reincarnations and how bad events that happened in our previous lives can still come back to take its told on us in this lifetime.

Bad emotions, incidents and mental traumas leave imprints in our subconscious and these carry us through to the next life time. They come back to haunt us and conflict us in the next life, and our spiritual goal is to resolve our karmic mistakes and emerge from the dark chapters of past lives stronger and lighter each time we are reborn.

Clear answers may not come to us just yet, and they certainly won’t come to us without dedicated work to finding them. We may not even be destined to find the answers at this time. However, there is one thing we can always remember in the grip of karmic confusion: whatever we fear the most had already happened.

Fears are resonances from the past that distort the present. Meditate when you feel you are blocked; see what past life fears prevent you from being fulfilled in this life.


Many people have wondered from time to time what exactly meditation is. There are many different answers to that question. At its core, though, meditation is the act of clearing the mind of distractions to achieve an internal goal. The process is incredibly personal and will change for each person based on their personal notions of meditation. A simple explanation of meditation could be the act of focusing ones energies inwardly, to promote growth.

It may be helpful for those just starting out with meditation to consider the origins of the word. Meditation comes to us from the Latin words meditari – to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind – and mederi – to heal. The original Sanskrit word for meditation was medha – wisdom. Combining these definitions, you can reach the conclusion that meditation means to use one’s mind to heal (mind and/or body) and gain wisdom.

The practice of meditating is not new. It has been a common element in most of the world’s religions in various forms since the birth of religion. As such, much of its history has been devoted to the realm of the spiritual. Buddhists in particular, have embraced meditation as a way of gaining enlightenment.

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When anxiety attacks…

February 22, 2009

In this stressful time, many of us who suffer financial losses might have suffered a great deal of emotional upheavals due to rapid shrinking of personal fortunes or assets. In the worst case, the sole breadwinner of the family being asked to leave due to company downsizing. This certainly creates a lot of anxieties about yourself, family and future. Already we have heard of many family tragedies occured due to these few reasons.

So if say you have been under the negative shroud of anxiety attack for some period of time, probably, seeking professional help via councilors or therapists is the best possible way. And most likely taken all the medication that your body and mind can stand only to find your self at the same horrible place you started at!

Having anxiety and anxiety attacks is an emotionally traumatic experience that only those who have had it understand, all the drugs and medications in the world will not cure your anxiety problems either, because they do not treat the reason behind the anxiety, they just block the symptoms temporarily.

To fight such emotional distress, there are numerous methods to relieve the intensity of such panic attack. Like some forms of meditation, acupuncture, aromatherapy, as well as plenty of herbal remedies!

The crux lies in knowing which one is good for you and how you are going to use it to the best of your benefits. As such, a bit of trial and error might be needed, and this is helpful especially when you know it can never be fully eradicated from you life unless there is a radical shift in mind control and thinking.

Personally I did encounter some anxiety problems a few years back when my parents were on the verge of breaking up. I must say it was traumatic especially for someone young that time. Although I feel fine now, I know that they are still there, but thankfully also to Maria Duval and some spiritual practices like yoga, now I’m easily able to control them so that I carry on with things as normal. Yes, no one realizes that at all..

Contract of yourself

February 18, 2009

We are all creative beings with seemingly limitless possibilities. We have the right tools to come out with whatever inventions to help us in our lives. The best of the best surely will get the accolades and awards, but look at them, they are not much different from the rest. The thing that is different is that they feel responsible for themselves and their own lives.

Yes this is basically a contract you write for yourself. This is powerful because it essentially drives you on and it makes you more bonded to what you have promised in the words. You won’t try to breach this agreement as that would mean a failure to fulfill this assignment.

However, there is a need for you to self understand what you hope to receive in return. I feel it is appropriate to list out in terms of spiritual, physical and mental attributes. Make this list as long as you can, and once you have it done, sit down and ask yourself which are the top five you need the most in life.

When you set this list of desires, Maria Duval says it is important to be as explicit as possible, and this means tell yourself the details of your goals. For example, if you want to nice car, write it down it’s model, color, and speed. Or if you want a nice house, write down the address. These particulars will create order in your mind and intensify your desire.

Another part of this personal “contract” is tell yourself what things in your life you currently have that you want to give up. Yes, you need to give before you can receive what you want. The spiritual law of giving always applies. You can’t achieve without giving. Examples of giving could be lowering your standard of living and donate a part of the money to charities instead of spending it on lavish objects. You may have to adopt a new state of mind, which can require much more effort… Meditating on what you want out of life will enable you to decide on what you will give.

So what i just describes in your personal contract – your own personal sit of responsibilities.

Our self esteem

February 16, 2009

Self Esteem is how we feel about ourselves, how much we like and respect ourselves.

It has been said that if we don’t like ourselves it is impossible to really like, much less to love, anyone else. Liking and respecting ourselves is very different from vanity or narcissism, which at their most extreme, can become total self-absorption, selfishness and the inability to consider anyone else’s viewpoint or feelings. To have healthy self esteem, on the other hand, is to be comfortable and confident within ourselves, with who we are as people.

Most people have their self doubts, and may be uncomfortable with some of their personality traits. The good news is that we can change almost any part of our personality if it is important to us and we are prepared to put in the necessary effort. This is actually what self improvement is all about, making positive change toour lives. Making changes requires commitment and can be difficult, but there are many valuable resources available that can provide great advice and guidance.

Self esteem is about how we feel on the inside, and how we feel inside will affect how we feel and act on the outside. Our self esteem determines our personality and character, and how we react to the experiences and challenges we face in our lives. It also affects our relationships and how we interact with everyone we come in contact with. And it certainly affects how successful and happy we are throughout our lives.

Having healthy self esteem is really about feeling comfortable and confident with ourselves as we are, and appreciating ourselves as human beings. Nobody is perfect, and self improvement is an ongoing journey. The very fact that we are making the effort to improve our lives will help us to feel better about ourselves and boost our self esteem and confidence.

Self Improvement Quote of the Day:

‘If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.’ – Source unknown

About The Author Garry Zancanaro is the creator of http://www.SuperSuccessLibrary.com a collection of outstanding and life changing Success and Personal Development Resources, and the founder of http://www.SelfImprovementDirectory.com where you can claim a FREE copy of THINK AND GROW RICH.

The powers of positive thinking are tremendous when it concerns losing weight. If you continue to hold on to negative thoughts, your weight loss efforts could come to a grinding halt. On the other hand, it should come easily to you if you harness the energy from you positive thoughts. Allow me give you an example.

Chances are you consider yourself to be fat; you may even hate yourself for that very reason. Believe it or not, this is the reason why you are unable to lose the weight. Now, reverse that thinking, think yourself to be thin instead. Just suppose the positive affect it can have on your weight loss goals? Your whole outlook and mental attitude can determine your goals. This article reveals the steps to developing a positive mindset and outlined are two key steps that will help you unblock your weight loss barrier.

1. Determining Why You Want To Lose Weight.

Determine the reason why it is you want to lose weight? Are you doing it for yourself, for your health and wellbeing? Is it merely because you are no longer able to endure the snide remarks from work colleagues, maybe you keep getting rejected by the opposite sex, or is it the longing to look like your favorite celebrity?

No reason is the wrong reason to lose weight and whatever your reason, make sure you own it. Compose a complete list stating exactly why you want to lose weight. No matter how big, or how small your reasons are, make sure you jot them all down onto a piece of paper. This is the first step to breakthrough the barrier.

Once you have your list, make a few copies and post them around your house, in your car or anywhere you are likely to see them. The kitchen is an area where you are most likely to break from your healthy eating plan, so make a point of posting a list on your refrigerator and pantry doors to discourage you from breaking from your healthy eating plan. These lists serve to remind you of your goals and the reasons why you wanted to lose weight in the first place.

2. Setting Realistic Goals

You now know why you want to lose weight, therefore it is time to set yourself some realistic goals to work towards. Now in order to set a weight loss goal you need to know how much weight you want to lose. To do this you will need to determine your ideal body weight, and then subtract that figure from your current body weight.

Now that you know your goal you can set yourself a time frame. It is important to be realistic here. If you have a lot of weight to lose you can’t expect to achieve the figure of a supermodel in just a few short weeks. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself will only lead to disappointment, and inevitably your weight loss efforts will come to a grinding halt. For safe and permanent weight loss it is recommended that you lose no more than 1 – 2 pounds per week.

3. Using The Power Of Visualization

Visualization is a very powerful tool that can assist you to work towards your weight loss goals. Every morning before you get up visualize yourself at your desired body weight. Picture your new body, picture yourself wearing a brand new outfit, take notice of how it feels to have lost all of the weight. To assist you with your visualization exercise you may also find pictures of fitness models, celebrities or anyone whom you feel has the body you desire, and then place a picture of your face onto this picture.

The visualization method should not be underestimated as it is a great motivational tool used not only by people wanting to lose weight but also by many of the top athletes and fitness models.

Remember, it is impossible to lose weight overnight. It takes time to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. Be true to yourself because you are losing weight for yourself, no matter what your underlying factors are, you are doing this is for your health and total wellbeing. So be patient and embrace each positive change in your life as it comes.

About the Author
Kelly Yuile writes about the issues of being overweight, dieting and weight loss. Her site All About Weight Loss is dedicated to healthy, safe and effective weight loss.

As we continue expanding our life and exploring new knowledge and wisdoms, we are intend to have a basis in everything we’ve got and anything we do. A basis that gives you the standee of your past, present, and future in sequential details of your life as individual up to social inhabitants. Why does a sorcerer or psychic used by the leaders in ancients wars? Are they effective or not? In present, why do the existence of psychic is continue expanding and embrace by lot of individuals? An existence that gives rule in our life to get a basis and serve as the guidance of our daily living. Sometimes there’s a connotation that plays in our mind, a connotation that run into confusion. I’m confused because of the idle truth of psychic power nor untruth of it.

A confusion that follow a certain curiosity which brought me in the world of psychic. Just like my personality, the introduction of zodiac signs and astrology is quite confusion into all people. Because in the sense that psychic nature is only a playful magical tricks that play the life of every individual. But then, I’m wrong for what I think.

When we talk psychic nature such as astrology and zodiac sign, it has something to do with the general involvement of it to creation of man over nature and nature over matter. It involves also science of astrology that dwells and imposed the connection of astrological matter into our personality or entire aspect of our life.

Astrology is something to do in the cycle and formation of the planets that influence our life in changes of transformation and empowerment. Its a connection of our life to the movement and cycle of solar system which effect our life since the day of our birth. Astrology is unique in applying rules of correspondence between time and space, linking them to human character and history. As an introduction to Astrology, it was begin with the popular Sun Signs found in most horoscopes. Information on the Moon and Rising Signs, which also make up in the personal planets.

Also look here for resources about some of the building blocks of astrology including Ruling Planets, the Elements and the birth chart. Sun signs are commonly known as Zodiac signs which we can find in horoscopes. The Zodiac is made up of 12 different sun signs. Your date of birth determines which one you are. The 12 sun signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. These 12 zodiac signs or sun signs are adopt also to be a name of different constellation in the universe.

You can determine your sun sign by means of your birth date which comprises every date in a sun sign. Zodiac signs as a part of astrology really affects and give meaning to our way of life. They determine your past and future aspects such as in your love life, career, and a precautions for a danger into your life. Daily reading of horoscopes are serve to be the guidance of our daily life. Horoscope is already a nature of our culture to embrace it and apply it in our life. Nothing will happen if we used and rely on astrology and zodiac signs as our guidance of dealing in any aspects in our life.

The Writer Lloydie used to write for Universal Psychic Guild the online psychic sites which offer astrology info, free star signs information, signs of zodiac and more.