Adopt a winner’s mindset – thinking positively

March 18, 2008

I like to write about positive attitude – especially so I’m feeling sort of dejected and self doubts begin to creep in. Blogging here is my cure to overcome such feeling. I find I can find positive energy through this method, hence the title of this blog.

Think of it, do you wish to be in a company of positive or negative people? Positive people radiate self-assurance, confidence and sureness while negative people make you feel jittery through their mindless banter. I’m not talking about cautiousness. It’s good to have cautiousness, just that some people are just simply spreading fear, assumptions and jitter around. This is what I mean by negative people.

Having an optimistic mental state is a fundamental ingredient for attaining success in every aspect of your life. Your disposition destines how you approach your life and is reflected in your career, business ventures, sporting accomplishments and relationships.

That’s why winners have the firm desire in them to achieve what they aim for and they push for that aim with self conditioning together with lots of right thinking that it can be done. That provides the basic impetus to drive them forward. Do not believe? Just go to any bookstore and pick up a book that writes about winners and successful people and you’ll know!

A positive attitude promotes an idealistic outlook on life. You will feel more cheerful, healthier and more energetic. Often when people have a negative attitude they become consummately centered on their problems and are unable to see the opportunities that are staring them in the face. Once you educate your mind to automatically adopt a positive attitude your difficulties will not be as momentous and you will be able to handle them with ease.


6 Responses to “Adopt a winner’s mindset – thinking positively”

  1. michdupont Says:

    i totally agree with you about positive thinking. And it is something Maria Duval often mentions and teaches. i suggest people try small changes at a time. instead of saying “i’ve not done this before”; say “it’s a chance to learn something new”. instead of saying “there’s not enough time”, say positively “let me re-think my priorities and make time!”… slowly and surely, we will be on the road to live positively!

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Hi michdupont, I absolutely agree with you.

    It’s nice to come across someone as positive as you, because, they aren’t many out there as I deal with ppl all the time in my job, and most of them sucks in attitude..i wish you all the best in life with lots of prosperity and happiness.

    Jackie R.

  3. Kyliehue1983 Says:

    I’ve been reading a book on positive thinking after corresponding with maria duval on a number of things.

    The author mentioned a very interesting thing about positivity which I keep close to my heart. She said “Nike’s got something right when they say ‘Just Do It!'” Superficially it sounds duh and kinda gimmicky. But when you think about it – it has deep profound meanings.

    It means that if you are in 2 minds about something, just pick the option that makes the most sense and Just Do It without thinking too much about the what if’s. Even if the process is painful or even if you don’t succeed in the end you end up so much stronger for it.

    Not so long ago some friends of mine wanted to try sky diving when there was a festival in town. The fear-of-heights (whaddyu call that???) phobia told me NO!!!! But I disengaged myself, walked up and registered and when I was in the ‘copter I closed my eyes, blanked my mind and jumped into the deep nothingness. Now I have conquered that phobia (what isit again?? heightophobia???) and it will never again be my personal hell.

    Now I feel so confident about life in general because I think that was a life-changing experience. I had told myself that if I survived I will go on to do great things. Not there yet but a lot of things are working for me now which I think is more than just luck. I think its something to do with creating your own luck through positive thinking.

    So I owe it all to this awesome woman called maria duval who first got me off my bum and got me moving in the right direction.

    So Just Do It Lah!

  4. Jackie R. Says:

    Dear Kylie

    Thank you so much for giving us such an insightful comment and make this serious topic more lightening through your own unique point of view.

    I agree with your view of doing it with a gutsy effort because too often, we are all defeated even before we start. But i guess that’s why successful people are in minority because majority of us just think without action yet the successful people think and DO IT!

    Hope you have a enriching spiritual moments “telepathy” with Maria Duval. I have too.

    Best of luck!
    Jackie R.

    PS: by the way, the fear of height is called “acrophobia”. I learn that today too.

  5. nicole Says:


  6. Jackie R. Says:

    No time frame can be used to answer your question. It will be fast if you harbor good thoughts. Thoughts are our mental building blocks. When things happen, tell yourself things happen for a reason, do not straight away think that all hopes are lost.

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