start learning and living once again

March 25, 2008

I am a person who firmly believes that skills we have are acquired through learning and practising, not born. It has always been my belief who I started to work.

maria duval learning

I remember a course in which a few of our friends signed up for that. Yeah, it was a beginner’s course to web design just last year. We were so enthusiastic about it and we paid the money for the 5 day course. However, at the actual day, only 2 of us turned up. One of them said her daughter was sicked, one of them said she wanted to pull out as she has “lost interest” but will try to “ask for refund”. The last one said her schedule was not convenient somehow. She was the richest among all so losing a bit of money was not a problem.

The two of us were flabbergasted but that was not the point. Of course I was proud to say I went through the course successfully and I felt that was the money very well-spent and I learned a lot.

So I believe you have good examples of people giving up even before it started. There are just too many examples. So what do you think of it?

My mom is an excellent cook, and she has that never stop learning attitude. Even today, at age 68, she’s still learning new recipes and improvising. She even has a wish, to publish her own cookbook!

There is never an end to all one can do ………

Start living again


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