My definition of SUCCESS

September 9, 2008

People normally associate success with lots of fame, wealth and power. If this is the case, then 90% of the people on earth would be disqualified instantly. But the truth is that I think success is really subjective.

As no one is perfect and knows all in everything, it is important that we take to the tasks in front with our very best. So to me, success happens to me when I know I have done to the best of my capability, with no sense of guilty feeling, within the constraints and knowledge at my side. That is success to me. It does not have to be defined by how much wealth you make.

For example, I have achieved several successes in my life! Like learning how to swim freestyle after overcoming the fear of water at age 18, getting my degree at age 24, saving my first 100K by age 29 and scaling a 12,000ft mountain two years ago! These are series of successes each and everyone of us can measure and relate too. Now don’t you feel your life is fuller now? So as you can see, successes come to everyone when we put in right amount of effort. Only the scales of success are different to people.

Yes, personal effort and sacrifices need to be put in. To get a degree, you need to put in some time to understand the subject, to break the record for 1,500m run, you need to train hard, and to serve up a delicious Italian meal, you need lots of experimentations plus practices. Most importantly though, one must have the right thinking that one can do it. That is the prerequisite to success. That never give up spirit.

The exciting thing about the human potential is that we can all continue to learn to be better in our chosen activities. This allows us all to achieve increasing levels of success as our thinking improves and our actions help us go beyond original targets and set higher ones.

I am writing this post so that it can serve as an inspiration to those who may be struggling in life and view the world as a giant merciless machines ready to gobble them up. Yes I have experienced that lowest point in life but I pick myself up! Treat every new day as a bonus to yourself.

Perform to our best efforts, we can be sure that we can achieve the success we have defined for ourselves.

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