Mastering self-confidence

September 11, 2008

People want to be self-confident about themselves. Self confidence is said to be the key to success in life but why there are so few self confident people around?

One reason I think of is that it is not something that can be acquired naturally or memorized books about self confidence. But it can be guided with the help of self improvement gurus.

Maria Duval notes that self-confidence is an important aspect of emotional intelligence and is also a strong foundation to a successful life.

There is this myth which is looking good externally is the cure all for lack of self confidence. Therefore, many start go for procedures like cosmetic surgeries, better hairdos, cell regenerations or losing weights. Yes I admit doing through these will make a person feel good and i think that is still not everything to be a self confident person.

I think truly being self confidence comes from being happy, contented and mind filled with good positive thoughts. These are basic ingredients to making the right choices and laying steps for more self confidence. So in short, it’s a habit thing.

How to develop habits for self confidence?
First, there is an important need to grow your self awareness. This means aware of your emotions, reactions and physical body language. When you are sad, panicky, angry, anxious or feeling depressed, you need to be self aware of these negative emotions going through you now. Assert these bad emotions and do trainings to throw them off from you as fast as you can. Force yourself to think positive rather than negative at all times.

The Mind

The mind is an extremely powerful factor in developing self confidence. If you wish to be self confident, there is a need to master your mind and use it for personal good. Negative thoughts are detrimental to your highly adaptive mind, so refrain from it. One who is learning to become self-confident must inculcate in his mind that he has self-esteem and truly believe in it and become the second nature.

Master these traits
Drop “I can’t do this or that” attitude. I remember when I was a shy teen, I used these few words often..ehh…how many times a day?

Stop putting yourself down and think you are not as capable as other people. Get rid of this inferiority complex. With it around, you won’t feel self confident no matter how gorgeous you may be physically. Refrain from “who am i for them to listen to my advice?”

Finally, Maria Duval sums up sweetly that a person who is truly confident about himself is the person who believes in himself. Remember, self confidence is a habit that can be picked up over times as long as one is conscious and aware of your own emotions.


2 Responses to “Mastering self-confidence”

  1. Stella Says:

    Yes, self-confidence is not easy to acquire. I actually admire those confident people because they seem to do anything they want to do. They also seem to have a strong personality. Though I can say that I have self-confidence, I think I still have to gain more of it. I am still in the process of fully gaining my self-confidence and eventually, be like those people I admire.

  2. Jackie R. Says:

    Wish you success in life! 🙂

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