Essential Silence

September 8, 2008

Before the age of telecommunications, the world is a place of silence, spirituality and tranquility. There was active communication between the heaven and earth, and when people have problems, they asked for help from the Higher Source. People prayed for better and holier life.

I guess you know it; it is no longer like that now. There is simply too much noise and disturbances in this world today. Invisible waves from the cellphones and wireless networks have replaced the natural frequencies emanated from the nature. With this buzz of the world, people get disappointed easily, due to loneliness of being left out or being thrown off the peace of life. There is little communication with Higher Source too, as most of us are very tied up with life, work and chaos of the world, like subprime issues, how are we going to pay the next credit card bills, or McCain/Obama circus.

Yes, what I am saying is that we need some personal silence as much as we need to use computers today. The purpose of silence is to expand individual consciousness so that the human being can be nourished from a deeper source. With this silence, it is impossible to detect it as external noise has received all of our attentions.

Why silence is needed? It makes us more complete as a creature with soul. It is like a silent river refreshing our inner most spirit and enlivens our minds. Silence translates the language of the soul into a sense of purpose and direction for one’s outer activities so that meaning in all things becomes enhanced, and random gestures or actions become minimized. In this way, silence contributes to the deepening of meaning in life.

This country and society need to evolve into one with higher state of consciousness amidst this fragile world. People need to be more spiritual and conscious of who they really are, not who they have been taught they are or who they imagine themselves to be. Having a moment of silence is essential to the healthy growth of the total being, just like body needs water to sustain.

Face it, life today is getting more and more superficial and materialistic. We are getting away from the deep and profound. There is a need for such balance. Silence is the road toward spiritual growth, we can achieve it via meditation, quiet times, sitting under the dark sky watching the stars, or sitting besides a meandering stream.

Remember, silence reconnects man with his soul and restores the needed balance to life.


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