Wind and Water

September 7, 2008

Why is fengshui so popular nowadays? It comes from an eastern concept of balance, so why it is that in today, even the skeptical westerners are believing in this ancient Chinese way of balancing in harmony with the surrounding?

If you believe that every object gives out energy, chances that in some corners, these energies are going to “collide”, and this is a bad sign to have. This is negative. So in short, fengshui is all about men trying to live harmoniously with the environment and gathering positive forces to improve the overall wellness in life.

Men are the same essentially, if you take away race and languages. Hence fengshui to me makes sense to anyone of us, no matter where you are from. It is a practice for better living that transcends beyond the human divides.

Thus today, fengshui has an important role when there is a new building to be constructed, a new business agreement to be signed to a baby to be named. The concept is applicable to nearly every aspect of life thus there is huge business opportunities in this area. Any outcome in life can be explained with fengshui.

One thing that it owes to is that fengshui is intuitive in nature and is practical. Sometimes people simply dismiss it as pure superstition, as craps, like how come a person’s life improved just by looking at some dates or timings, or some weird looking animal statues.

For me, I personally believe in fengshui. While I may not be very particular as to where I shall have a mirror or I need to place a pot of goldfish at that dark corner of the hall, generally I take into the consideration of aligning my bed to the right fengshui direction.

There are still many things to learn here and if you are keen, you can always refer to many books about this topic in the bookshops or internet.


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