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February 8, 2010

Hi friends, it has been coming to three months since the last update. Time flies and it is now 2010. I was away and totally lost the mood to update this blog. Recently I stumbled across this blog Maria Duvalthat displays many testimonies about the goodness of Maria Duval in transforming their lives. Obviously, Maria Duval does influence a lot of people positively. I am aware of some negative publicity Maria is having all the time. I hope people who feel they are short changed can seek redress by requesting for a money back.


Maria in Japan?

November 5, 2009

I have found a few new photos of Maria Duval at Picasaweb at http://picasaweb.google.com. Apparently Maria was in Japan recently October 2009 and this will refute the claims that she is not real. This comes as a surprise as I find her information rather limited and I hope she will step up her public appearance, but I understand she must be a very busy lady as she needs to help so many people to improve their lives.

Maria Duval

Maria Duval Picture

October 13, 2009

A picture of Maria Duval in Moscow, Russia, November 2008.
Maria Duval in Moscow
After Maria Duval had determined the star sign of the woman she opened up the map, lay the photo on top of it and took out her hanging lamp. She held this directly above the map and the hanging lamp began to move back and forth. Then the hanging lamp began to spin in ever decreasing circles above a specific place, not far from Gassin… If Maria Duval hadn’t done anything the young woman would have died of starvation and distress.

Home, if not properly cared or managed, can become a nightmare of clutter and junks! Worse if you have a home office. Hence, proper organization tips have to be exercised if one were to triumph over the domestic debris.

Let say you have a lot of files and papers at your room, how are you going to manage them?

Generally, this is just chores to be managed and not that difficult, although it may be tiring. You have to get it started immediately and do not procrastinate.

Do not clutter, as what Maria Duval advises.

Let say you have a home office, with those piles of invoices and drawings, the best to get them organized is to start organizing how you file your papers, as this will really save you a lot of precious space and improve the overall tidiness.

Personally I like space to be neat and tidy. Files and papers are inevitable and I believe it is more about how i feel about the space than about how the space really looks. So when there are important letters, I will file them. If not, I will shred them. I just hate papers lying around aimlessly.

It is also helpful if you have a filing structure. For example I have several giant files sub divided into small folders for different categories of the papers, like bills, bank statements, letters, or receipts. Once you have set it up, remember to tell yourself not to throw the papers around after reading them. Use the files you have set up. In this way you will have a habit. If you have important notices that need action, I suggest you get a board and use stationary pins to pin them to the board. In this way you will not forget to follow up. After you have finished acting on it, then you file them.

Common sense, isn’t it? You will be shocked to know how many ppl throw their papers around!

Another home item that messes up the home tidiness is the electrical wires. What I do is I buy cable coils to arrange them together so that they can be placed snugly together. There is no solution to this unless everything is wireless!

The most important tip to make you home free from clutter is of course, do not bring home stuff that you do not need. I think many people just do not understand this and fall prey easily by buying stuff on a spur of a moment. After the emotion has cooled down, the item will be discarded to a corner and clutter builds up over time.

So remember to shop for things that you need. You save space, save money and save yourself from clutters too!

Let energy flow smoothly in your house.

More about Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto is the farthest planet away from the Sun in Solar System. It is a very small piece of rock and in 2007, it was “demoted” from the class of Planet. For convenience sake, we still call it a planet. Although Pluto is small, it is highly influential in astrology.

Psychic Maria Duval says Pluto represents the deepest realm of affairs, at the lowest of the unexplored pitch dark sea trenches. In early 2008, this little planet travels into the zodiac of Capricorn, until year 2023. I have written in the linked post earlier about the possible significances of this phenomenon. Today I will write more about it.

Interestingly, this celestial combination means that there will be a vertical movement of Pluto in the “Mountain Goat”. In a sense, this is highly spiritual, provided it moves upwards. As a result, there is something to do with “will” and “power”, and have huge potential of regenerative effect on the masses.

It is slow celestial movement that why it needs so many years to get out as Pluto i read is freaking slow moving body. Capricorn, on the other hand, is a cautious sign. It emphasizes in goals, targets and objectives, hence expect a lot of reforms and social impacts in the world.

A great point to take note is political leaders are heavily linked to Capricorn. This applies to governments, people with power and status. Good and bad things can happen in this period, both to the extremes, meaning can be highly harmonious or destructive! It has power and influence also on money, sex, abuse, so do expect a lot of incidents to happen due to these and selfish reasons. My view is, we are in for a tumultuous era and a time of social and political reforms.

Maria Duval predicts a general growth of consciousness will happen that culminates with the combination of Capricorn with Pluto. The astrological events can challenge the status-quo of those who hold unequal power. Ultimately, we are referring to power unequal to their Soul’s development. So, for the individual, so for a nation. We are in for a great time 😛

Pluto in Capricorn

Astrologically, we are in Pluto in Capricorn.

Maria Duval predicted that Pluto turned back into Capricorn on January 26th 2008 and will remain there until March 24th, 2023, on which date it will into the star sign of Aquarius. But due to offset position of 2 degrees, this scenario will mean it will be back for a few months (from around June 08 to November 08) in the star sign of Sagittarius.

Astrologer Maria Duval and many of her associates regard this period as crucial as there could be some big events and changes which may happen on Earth.

Pluto in Sagittarius constellation and global terrorism

911 event is an example of a surge of religious extremism and global terrorism. This is because this is the passage of Pluto through the Fire sign of Sagittarius. The strange thing about Pluto is that it can bring good news and bad news. The good thing is that in 1996 when Pluto entered Sagittarius, the world entered a new age of global telecommunications in the form of Internet.

So Maria Duval asks what would happen in this coming age of Pluto in Capricorn? …

She has provided some glimpses.

First of all, world finances could be plunged into shock due to a lowly trader at French bank Société Générale had in fact lost this company 5 billion euros thanks to ‘an elaborate portfolio of fictitious transactions’.

Pluto in Capricorn and the end of capitalism

This Earth sign and its planet Saturn correspond to “everything that is hard and everything that lasts”.
In this case, the Law, the property market (Saturn= stone), the authorities and the banking institutions, not to forget the education system.

And that’s just the start, since we know that the Plutonian metamorphosis is set to continue through to 2023!

As far as the property market is concerned, the crisis is well and truly underway in the US, with the sub-prime (risky loans) crisis, with banks having granted mortgages at variable rates without concerning themselves with the possible insolvency of its debtors, and the escalating world oil and food prices.

Of course, other Western countries – including France – run the risk of going down the same path and this may lead, sooner or later to a world economic recession. This may be the case, but it doesn’t mean we need necessarily fear cataclysmic upheaval. We should, rather, be studying the positive consequences of the Plutonian mutation into Capricorn.

It is now clear that the stock exchange system has spun out of control, even if all the specialists agree that the ‘crashes’ of the past can be more easily avoided than before. But, for some years now, the signs have become more and more blatant, and people are starting to work out just how it is that the banks have so much money.

They are increasingly coming to the realization that this money is virtual, that speculation is not only unfair but also ever more dangerous for the world economy. Isn’t it unfair that a mere trader can earn millions of Euros in a single day while so little is done to help the poor?

On May 17th, 1792, the New York stock exchange came into being when 24 brokers decided to apply a uniform rate of commission to all sales of stock. ‘Wall Street’, the largest financial market in the world, was born!

If we look at the astral chart corresponding to that day, we see that Pluto was polarized against the Sun-Mercury duo in Taurus, and the Moon, allied to Saturn, was opposing Jupiter-Neptune.

In other words: the fight was on!

The divide between the rich and the poor gets wider year after year, with African countries suffering increasingly from famine, the impact of global warming becoming ever more costly and the invention of so-called climate refugees!

Conclusion: the time has well and truly come to reform the world of finance. And it’s Pluto that will drive this change over the coming fifteen years. Capitalism is, quite clearly, living its last few years, at least in its current form, since it is damaging the economic stability of the planet.

Pluto is, rightly, called “The Great Upholder of the Law”: it takes the lid of intrigues, plots, embezzlements, frauds, injustices and scams. So this major clean-up may see in a new era of greater transparency in banking, new rules governing stock exchanges and most importantly: a fairer and more balanced distribution of wealth.

At the same time, however, all excesses are possible. So we have to expect a long-term accommodation crisis, an economic recession and extremely tense relations between world governments. Since the cyclical indices are set to hit their lowest point in 2017, we may assume that hope will return from that crucial year onwards, setting things back on a more even keel and laying the foundations of a new world from 2023 (truly the start of the Age of Aquarius?).

Of course, everything depends not only on the free will of humanity as a whole, but also on the free will of each individual!

We mustn’t forget that every drop of the Ocean contributes, in its own, unique way.

The end of the year 2008 will reveal whether the definitive ingress of Pluto in Capricorn will coincide with these changes, for better or for worse!

Above are psychic Maria Duval’s broad prediction in the Pluto of Capricorn age, which we are in now.

I’m not Maria Duval

March 16, 2008

Having a blog that receives comments is one of the happiest things a blogger could ever have. Those good and suggestive comments can help the blogger to improve while those encouraging comments keep the blogger going when the wave is rough. This blog does receive some interesting comments all the while. Not a lot, but just enough coming in to know I’m not alone there. 🙂 Thank you for all your comments!

Unfortunately, some friends have thought I’m Mdm Maria Duval, and I would like to point out that I’m NOT Maria Duval. My name is Jackie Rodgers and I, like you, am just another common person who has found Maria Duval’s psychic and clairvoyant services to be beneficial in my life so far. That’s why I blog about her as well as to share what I have learned from her.

Some of the comments I received include those customer service issues which I’m not really able to assist you friends. We can discuss general topics like spirituality and life development but I can’t forward any of your feedback to Maria Duval.

So sorry…